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King also describes how, while in this state, he felt a tremendous compassion for the Mother Earth, which inspired him more than ever to be of service — all the more able to be of service, of course, for having had this elevated experience.

MUSICAL LANDSCAPES – view from the keyboard, Pt 2

There comes a stage when, at once, the consciousness of the individual soars to mighty heights, unlimited, unbounded by mind. High into the realms of Intuition, of Divine Inspiration it goeth. Through Space, where time stands quite still, non-existent, immobile. Cosmic Consciousness, like the flower of God, breaks from a bud into full, lasting bloom…. The next step — the sixth of The Nine Freedoms — is Ascension. An Ascended Master may change his or her body from time to time, but would do so consciously — without going through old age or childhood.

And they would, it would seem, not have to do this anything like as often as we do. The Ascended Master Saint Goo-Ling, for example, has been in the same physical body for some years. To attain this Freedom, the Master has to not only have experienced cosmic consciousness, but be able to enter this state at will, which, we are told, is very much more demanding. Ascension cannot be gained by the average person in one life; it takes many lives of sustained spiritual effort — but, nevertheless, however distant it may seem, it is, Mars Sector 6 informs us, the birthright of us all to one day reach this mighty spiritual goal.

Ascended Masters do not need to remain on this planet at all — but they choose to do so, working mainly behind the scenes as it were, in order to help the rest of suffering humanity. This is the seventh of The Nine Freedoms.

Enlightenment: Behind The Scenes by Marc Leavitt

Once an individual has learnt all the lessons that reincarnation upon Earth can teach them, if they do not remain on Earth as an Ascended Master, then they begin life as a Cosmic Master on another planet. It should be noted, however, that this does not of course mean that all Cosmic Masters originate from Earth. Next time you see someone asleep on a train in the middle of the afternoon, tap them on the shoulder and ask what instrument they play.

You may be surprised at the answer. A couple of fairly random things sent in by our Projects Manager Megan Russell. Second up is some fine china — of course! It was bought by violinist Helen Kruger at the market in Kings Lynn when we did our family concert at the Corn Exchange there a few weeks back. I study the invitation pinned to the OAE notice board at Glyndebourne. She stares in disbelief. Don Giovanni? We can hear that there are people walking above our heads, and from far away comes the sound of singing, but I admit that our perspective on proceedings is limited.

That alarming thumping directly overhead in act 2 for example turns out to be Leporello hopping across the stage with his legs tied together. No need to worry. Around children joined the OAE, and when we say joined, we really mean it — they helped swell the ranks of the Orchestra to unprecedented proportions! I of course love working at all OAE concerts, but for me the Night Shift is something quite special, even if they are at least 10 times harder work — especially in a non-traditional concert venue such as Village Underground no fixed stage, lights, music stands, seats, air-con, changing rooms — you get the picture.

The children in Kings Lynn were there as composers, performers, and audience. OAE Projects Manager Megan Russell is a keen photographer and took some great pictures from the Luxembourg and Paris legs of the tour — here are a selection:. Not only was it Sir Simon, which always brings a frisson of excitement, but we had a sold-out Royal Festival Hall, which while fantastic, is always a little stressful. We also had a plethora of different receptions going on around the venue for the various people who had supported our Silver Appeal and for our sponsors, Commerzbank.

At the last moment though, an additional complication was thrown into the mix. The day before the concert our Intern, Georgina, received a mysterious call from someone needing to make special arrangements for a VIP.

What is Chamber Music?

They had previously been in contact with our Projects Director, Ceri, but she was now in the air en route to Dublin. So Georgina took down all the details and requests of the mysterious VIP without actually knowing who it was. As soon as Ceri landed Georgina called her. It was indeed the Queen of Pop Madonna. To use teen speak, everyone was a bit OMG. Violinist Susie Carpenter-Jacobs sent us this blog from mid-way through our tour with Sir Simon Rattle the other week:.

Tell us what you are looking for. Friday 3 March Early breakfast and back to Durham Johnston school for the first concert.

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Read More. A close shave for Figaro Fri 12 Aug Boris of course got put in Business Class on the 11am… It was going to be tight — 4pm arrival, minimum 2hr coach trip and 7pm curtain up.

Minister of Enlightenment

The man who cam. Many have already been subjected to on the spot interviews and know how I usually pounce in rehearsal breaks, but Kings Place where we often rehearse allows plenty of hiding places, not so a packed Eurostar carriage… Getting to know the players better was something I got stuck into straight away. March 31, Recent Posts. February 12, Featured Posts. Behind the Scenes of a Spiritist Center.

Enlightenment: Behind the Scenes

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TJ Jackson. The Messengers.

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