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Hotel Webster.

The Erie Railroad by William A. Greene

Webster, Pa. Nordberg Adzing Machine. Stobo Pa. RC Houses.

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Elkhorn Pa. Train Accident. Coraopolis Pa. Stoops Ferry. Stoops Ferry, Pa. Erie Street Crossing in McKeesport. McKeesport Pa. Hopper Car No. McKees Rocks Pa. Car Mosquito Creek Reservoir. If he needed to stop, Poppy could give the rope a hearty tug no matter where he was on the train.

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As a signaling device to the engineer, Poppy tied a stick at the end of the cord that hung in engine compartment. When Poppy wanted the engineer to stop the train, he'd pull the rope and the stick would jump. His engineer, Hamel, the first engineer on the New York and Erie, simply ignored the device and refused to take orders from Poppy. Several times Hamel even cut down the stick.

Ayers finally lost his temper and when the train came to the next stop, Poppy and Hamel battled it out. Poppy won and his signaling device was never ignored again.

As a result, conductors, not engineers, ruled the rails on American railroads. Toggle navigation.

The New York & Erie Railroad

Starrucca Viaduct, Lanesboro PA. Starrucca Viaduct, Today. The vision of the Society is to make the history of Piermont a common narrative in the village and beyond. This article undertakes to rescue Erie from its critics. Although the case Erie overruled — Swift v. And Brandeis was right to worry about divergence between the law applied in state and federal courts sitting within the same jurisdiction. Most important, Erie announced a constitutional principle of judicial federalism — that federal courts may not make law on their own, even in areas where Congress could legislate.

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This principle forms the intellectual core of modern federalism doctrine, which is primarily concerned with procedural and political limits on national lawmaking. That vision is of more than theoretical import.

Its implications may govern practical controversies ranging from the domestic force of customary international law to the preemptive effect of federal regulatory policies on state tort law.