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Our strongest and best performing strategy is one we call Authority Content.

This stage is about batching your content creation, capturing as much quality, in-depth, rich content as you can in the shortest possible time and in the most efficient manner. This stage is about packaging the content together into something valuable that people can easily access. The content is broken into logical chunks, transcribed and SEO optimized. Typically speaking, this will take the form of a highly optimized helpful resource guide on your website.

Not only will this increase your current conversion rate but it will also act as an SEO goldmine Google will love. The final stage is about further sharing your content around the web with the goal to have it seen by as many prospects as possible. This involves optimizing and uploading videos to YouTube, sharing the transcripts on PDF sharing sites, creating press releases, sharing the content via social media and boosting your best performing content.

This stage becomes the secret sauce by creating the perfect combination of SEO and content marketing. Authority Content lives in the sweet spot between the two. In short, we identify some of our best forming content as shared by the previous strategy — this is then promoted through a paid Facebook campaign. We will boost content through dark posts aimed directly to the target market. We cookie anyone who views or engages with the content, building our remarketing list.

This remarketing list is then hit with specific lead magnet offers through 3 networks — Facebook, Adwords Display Network and YouTube. We have found this process to be very cost effective competitive markets. Perhaps our best lead source of all is referral traffic.

Time spent to first and foremost deliver a great product makes it easier for others to talk about you. Like more tips like these? Download our 20 point Authority Website Checklist: www. It might be niche dependent, but based on my own experiences, networking with others in your niche is the best way to get more leads.

For most of , the traffic source that got me the most leads was referral traffic, which was great. Of course, to do it successfully you have to be sincere and you have to really want to get to know these people. Being active in Facebook groups has been great for me too. When you share your insights with people, they end up asking for your help and trusting you. Create free content, answers, and resources. Everybody who comes to my site and buys something from me either did it because of point 1 above, point 2 above, or because they loved my honest, helpful, content.

Talk to people to see if they have any marketing needs for their business. People still like to connect a face or voice with a service to make them feel comfortable with a service purchase. Never burn bridges. That means that in order to increase the number of leads a business generates with their website, they need to work both on their traffic and their conversion rate.

It is important to note as well that since they multiply with each other, if one of these 2 factors performs really poorly, then inevitably, no matter how good the other is, the results will be bad. Create multiple lead magnets and content upgrades that are relevant to the page where the user lands. Run regular contests and giveaways to your audience to give them a reason to join your email list. Yup, cold calling.

Want to set appointments per day with highly-targeted prospects? Cold calling is the way to do it. Rise and Grind — Wake up early, get your blood flowing and your brain working, and knock out an hour or two of cold calling first thing in the morning. My best hours are between a and a local time. So much time was wasted when I should have just picked up the phone and dialed. Set the first meeting, and THEN research your prospect thoroughly.

Anything else is just wasting time you could be using to land your next meeting. It almost always gives the gatekeeper a laugh and a smile, which opens the door just a little bit more for the next time you call. Mail a handwritten thank you card to standout gatekeepers. Send the prospect a helpful article related to their industry. The list goes on and on. You might end up a convert, just like me. As long as you stick with it and commit to busting your butt, these are some of the few actions you can take TODAY to make huge strides toward your loftiest income goals.

The only way to scale your business is to get down to the roots of selling your products or services and having qualified leads help you go just that much further. Make sure that you qualify your leads before interacting with them. Look into your respective market and identify your ideal customer, create a targeted campaign towards that customer and provide them with something valuable that only you would be able to provide.

Free trial, free software, free product and swap their contact information for the opportunity to receive your gift. Now you have a potential customer on the books. Serve your employees. Set a good example for your team members, help them develop their skill sets and harness their ambition for growth towards scaling your business. Quantify their rewards by offering commissions on top of their current salaries. Not only will they innovate to find more leads, but even their personal networks would be up for grabs. Ask your customers for referrals. Word of mouth is still the biggest motivator when it comes to selling products.

Word of something good on the street spreads like wildfire, especially because of the ample amount of social platform we have. Make sure your customer service is exceptional, make sure your service does what it says it does. Make sure your product delivers the results you promise it does and lastly, remember that customers are gold, treat them that way.

The first way to increase leads for business is simply fix PPC advertising campaigns. Negative keywords, not using geolocation and neglecting the correlation between the ad copy and the landing pages ALL destroy your conversions — which means your leads drop. Understand that negative keywords gives you the focus on your primary keywords.

Set the targets for your campaigns to target by the region to target those people. Create ad copy, your 3 second sales pitch, and correlate it with the destination of your ad to get the most strength and best opportunity for lead acquisition from ads. The second way to increase leads for business involves traffic already coming into your website.

A lot of businesses have long, lengthy, crazy book-size forms for potential customers to fill out. Instead, businesses should focus on two things when it comes to lead generation: a phone number or an email. You want a name with each of these, but getting an email means you have a warm lead. Getting a phone number from them means a really warm lead not to mention an SMS marketing point. Whenever you mention your phone number, make it a link or a button that links to your phone number. Getting leads calling, means getting leads converting. The last method for business to increase leads encompasses both of these previous tips.

There are literally a thousand ways you can acquire traffic; social media, SEO, print, email, media buys, radio…the list goes on. Once you have that, you can then ramp up your traffic. Content consists of all the information including meta information on your website, including its level of optimization from an organic search perspective.

Links refer to inbound links to your website from other websites, which act as votes of authority, trust, and relevance for your website, in the eyes of search engines. Social media plays a number of roles in SEO , while largely serving as a content amplifier. Focus on these 3 areas, and your business leads will increase organically — that is, without paying directly for them as with PPC or SEM. By speaking to prospective clients on the phone, you get their contact info, help them out immediately and have a really good chance to invite them for a consultation or visit your place of business.

Unless you sell on the phone, the best way best referring to balancing cost and return is attracting website visitors to an email newsletter. Moreover, emails can be sent almost instantaneously. I pay for the pro version so I can customize it, which I believe helps conversions quite a bit.

The telephone for local business leads and perhaps high-end digital product sales.

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Having run marketing campaigns for lead generation businesses since , the ones that have worked really well for our clients are targeted search campaigns in Adwords and SEO. Here you can see one of the many adwords campaign that worked really well. Content Marketing — If you need a consistent flow of traffic there is almost no option in my opinion that is better than reliably producing quality content that helps your target audience.

In whatever form that takes is less important than the usefulness and consistency of the content. Kidney Transplant Rec. For me, this would be the first place I go to start grabbing leads. By hosting a webinar and being SUPER helpful with the content you share is a very powerful way to get more leads. Video, if done right can be a great place to let people see you and hear from you making it easier for them to trust you. Once you gain trust, it will be MUCH easier to then bring those people in as new leads. Fish in a well stocked pond. The best place to find a lead is to visit the places where your ideal client is already hanging out.

This exposes you to your ideal prospect while simultaneously allowing you to maximize your advertising spend. Seek to be guilty by association. Third party validation expands your list by giving you visibility to a wider audience. Find shining stars in your niche who already have a large following and collaborate with them. Go old school. Connect with groups that either are your target audience, or work directly with your target audience, and then network with them in person. In doing so, they connected with multiple mainstream crafters who had large, established, online followings.

They gave each crafter a gift basket filled with their crafting products and then asked them to share their honest opinions socially. Their products are great, so the opinions were equally great, and the face to face meetings translated into sales-generating, social sharing gold. These are three ways I would go in order to increase the traffic to a website and the number of leads I am getting for a business:.

Have great content to attract people to your website. You need to publish content of value. Have a marketing strategy to get the word out about your quality content to relevant people through social media, popular blogs and websites, and influencers in your field. Without this you will be losing out on the potential of getting large traffic. Here are examples of places where I go to promote my content.

Have a great and relevant offer within your content to entice visitors to signup for your mailing list, take a trial of your software, or buy your product or services. No reason to have any flashy banners, pop-ups and ads like that. Optimise your conversion funnel by aligning relevant offers to individual content pieces to drive new leads.

Test different methods for building your email list through different CTAs. For example, exit popups, inline CTAs, scroll boxes, etc. Focus on driving more organic traffic to individual lead capture landing pages by optimizing them against relevant keywords and improving internal linking to them. Geo-Targeted Landing Pages The first lead generation technique I ever used was creating geo-targeted landing pages. I still use it to this day. Then you need to get geo-relevant backlinks to the page geo-targeted directories, geo-targeted blogs. These pages will rank well if you wrote a strong piece of content and you get enough backlinks.

Bringing me to my next point…. Every company should focus on creating content around a specific keyword. You have to think about how to solve your prospects problems at all stages of the sales funnel. To find keywords and content ideas begin by using the Google Keyword Planner.

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If you are serious about driving a sickening amount of leads to your site, then you need to hustle. At the same time, you need promote your content like a savage. Then, reach out and give incredible value in your emails. That means optimizing your website for more than just search engines, but for conversions. For some reason, a lot of marketers ignore this. A lot of business owners are missing out on one of the most powerful and highest converting source of leads.

With a strong retention program, your company increases the average customer value because you increase the average time your customer remains a customer! You just need to make sure you have a strong retention program in place. Lead nurturing is goes hand in hand with retention, same concept but targeted at different areas of your sales funnel. More and more companies are getting online and fighting for their share of the market. Google Adwords is probably the most prestigious and definitely most common among business owners but can end up being very expensive!

Facebook ads, Bing ads, and other sources often are cheaper and provide a much better return on investment. If you have strong on-the-phone sales skills, then you may want to invest in Pay-Per-Call campaigns with Google Ads. Just make sure to limit your campaign to show only during the hours you can answer, otherwise it is money down the drain! While these are 3 things I can confidently recommend to everyone in business, never underestimate the power of traditional offline methods.

As more people switch their marketing budgets to reflect more of a presence with digital marketing, there will still be opportunities offline. Solicit feedback on social media. Getting people engaged is a great lead generator. Hold demo sessions. For instance, if you are a consumer products company, you can have these at retail and trade shows. Referral programs. Buy lists or use tools like salesforce. You can also partner with organizations that might already have affiliations with the targets. Been traveling the world full-time since in a financially sustainable way.

Engaging with others increases your sphere of influence, and conversely introduces new potential customers to your service. Engaging online can take the form of the following:. Having a website with regular updates and fresh content keeps new people coming in and increases your searchability. Again this can be very effective in developing relationships as well as increasing your web presence. But it also takes a lot of time to read other websites and provide thoughtful comments, so should be approached judiciously.

Smashwords Interview

But in my experience, the strongest online relationships have stemmed from offline connections. In my business, whether it is meeting with editors or colleagues, my in-person connections have fostered the most and best business leads. One of the easiest ways to get leads is by referral, since people will be more willing to become a customer if they know somebody who is already a happy customer. So ask your customers to share your business with other people who might be in need of your services.

A happy customer will gladly do this, but not always of their own accord; sometimes they need a little nudge. The whole Outbound Sales process is about establishing relationships with potential customers, that show initial interest in your product. No calling, no database buying and paying for telemarketing. You generate a customer base by yourself, then you contact the customers and build relationships with those who are worth your time and attention. For us a prospect means a detailed description of a potential customer. Each time we launched new sales campaign with a new target audience, we gathered with our team to conduct an in-depth analysis of our potential customer.

Every day when you generate a sufficient numer of prospects, your task at the end of the day will be to launch a Cold Mail campaign aimed at generating as many leads as possible. This way replaces the method of Cold Calling which is mainly about calling different companies and trying to reach out to a person in charge. For more details about my strategy, click here. Attending industry events is a great way to meet people and put faces to names.

Meeting in person puts an entirely different complexion on any relationship you previously had with the person in question, and puts you in a much stronger position to do business with them. In this online world we find ourselves in, we forget that sometimes the most effective way to do business is to simply pick up the phone and speak to someone. It makes for a more human connection and you can much more quickly ascertain whether the other person is truly interested in doing business with you.

Whatever you do, keep perservering and work hard. I can at least give examples of what works for one of my projects, Dicey Goblin, which is a game related ecommerce site :. One of our best sources of sales is very out of the box, however works wonders for our space — hosting gaming tournaments. Having that face to face time with them, gives them a connection to us personally, which also makes them more likely to purchase from us and talk about us.

Giveaways typically do well for ecommerce sites, however our audience tends to be more frugal than normal. This book is gold. All my years in sales, this book is the one. Purchase the Book Today About the Author For the past 31 years, Art has been a teacher of professional sales and prospecting using the phone.

He provides assistance through customized onsite training workshops, public two-day training seminars, audio, video, and other printed and electronic learning resources. Judy goes over key strategies and points on how you can turn your network into a running, profitable business. Selected Review You know a book is a standout when, while reading, you find yourself constructing a list of people you plan to gift it to. How to Be a Power Connector is a game changer that both inspires and educates the reader to master what I believe to be one of the most undervalued and intimidating aspects of business; networking.

About the Author Judy Robinett has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and corporate leader. Robinett has also served as the CEO of select public and private companies, as well as having various management positions at Fortune companies. This book by Michael J. Maher tells the inspiring story of a real estate agent named Rick Masters who learns how to run a profitable business by focusing on the people, and not on numbers. This is an excellent read for those who put their clients as a priority. About the Author Michael J. Other Books by Michael J.

Long term value

How to Win Friends and Influence People provides timeless insight on how to get people to like you, how to handle different personalities, and other important interpersonal aspects that all sales people should learn to master. The rules are simple and clear. The stories are so easy to read and understandable. It is easy to see why this book has stood the test of time. He developed famous courses around the topics of self-improvement, corporate training, public speaking, salesmanship, and interpersonal skills.

The fact of the matter is is that despite what your profession may be, you are a salesperson in one way or another. However, not everyone knows how to be one. Daniel H. Pink breaks it all down superbly in this new masterpiece. Ratings Amazon: 4. About the Author Daniel H. He has also written five books about business, work, and management that have sold two million copies worldwide and have been translated into 34 languages. Other Books by Daniel H. Are you on the impatient side and want better selling tips and answers given to you without having to read hundreds of pages?

Then Jeffrey Gitomer has written the perfect book for you. The Little Red Book of Selling: This book will provide you selling tips that you can use for not only your immediate career, but for the rest of your life. This book touches on plenty of topics that revolve around selling such as the mental and psychological aspects of communicating with prospects or when closing a deal.

It also includes winning techniques that can help you develop strong relationships with the right people. Big time. This book increased my ability to demonstrate and sell our service dramatically after one read. The total look of your website is excellent, as smartly as the content.

If some one needs to be updated with newest technologies then he must be visit this web site and be up to date every day. I have been using apps to manage my business and they are very effective. It really boils down to getting fresh sales means cold calling, personally going to local businesses and shaking hands, being active on legitimate job boards, and calling local agencies to take on their overflow work.

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This may be a problem with my web browser because I've had this happen before. We will have a hyperlink alternate arrangement between us! I require a specialist on this space to solve my problem. Maybe that is you! Taking a look ahead to peer you. Business owners need to understand COPPA if they wish to stay legal and deal primarily with children. You undoubtedly exceeded our own expectations. Thank you for supplying such warm and helpful, healthy, educational as well as easy tips on this topic to Evelyn.

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Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as wellyou have a great blog here! Again, awesome website! I did a search on the issue and found a good number of folks will go along with with your blog. How frequently you update your site? Take our short quiz and get a custom report based on your unique strengths. Discover the subtle psychological triggers that landed me a job offer from Google Why Ramit. Personal Finance. How to get clients online: 6 ways to find freelance work fast June 27, am Today I'll show you how to get clients using 6 ways that have helped students find, engage and land clients better than ever before.

Utilize the resources below to find those first few. Craigslist Craigslist gets a bad rap…for good reason. One of the biggest sites for friendly meet-ups and networking events. This site aggregates many different types of events happening near you. Many times, these groups will notify you of upcoming events you can hit up.

How to be popular. Use these proven steps to become more charming, make more friends, and learn how to be a social butterfly. How to master conversational skills. From Luisa: I started spending all my free time hanging out where my potential clients were online free Facebook groups and directly engaging with them by sharing valuable content and answering any questions I could about advertising. Are you a graphic designer?

Find a Facebook or subreddit group for small business owners who need your services. Are you a writer for a niche industry? Find online groups for bloggers looking to expand their content media. Referrals Referrals from existing clients are one of the best ways to not only get more clients but also earn more for your services as well. Your old client added more value to your work by recommending you.

Reflect that in a higher rate.

Discover How To Set Up your Contracting Machine #38

More incentive to do good work. This is yet another example of why you want to treat every client that comes your way with respect while going above and beyond to provide them world-class service. You get higher-quality clients. Blow up your income. Did you… Just finish a landing page that generated a ton of qualified leads?

Create an email campaign with a record-high open rate? For example, check out this amazing email I got from a reader a while back. This email is the perfect example of everything that you need to snag a client for three reasons: He showed that he actually knows me. Nothing is going to make a potential client trash your email faster than a boilerplate message. He made me care. He made it easy to say yes. By the time I finished the email, I was clamoring for the phone to call him. Industry-specific job boards A great place to find clients who know exactly what they want and, therefore, are willing to pay top dollar for it are industry-specific job boards.

Same answer. The most important thing is getting your first few clients though. Just enter your info below and get the bonus lesson today. Give me the free bonus lesson: Hustle Your Way to the Top. Share: Facebook Twitter Email. Guides Popular. Popular Articles. Nicole Crimaldi. Cory, thanks so much for this killer info. Really appreciate your sharing it with us. Cheers Dunstan. Hey Ramit: You sure are a brave man.

Best, Tomas. I look forward to hearing from you Dunstan. Haha, now this is good stuff. Nick Subject2. I certainly hope the first guy learned a valuable lesson and his next attempt will go better. Finishing my online portfolio and bidding on projects. My opening line in an email to them: Do you want your 3D projects to stand out? My opening line in an email to them: Learn Guitar in 4 Hours. Vin, good points but the last one. Instead give 4hs for free from a 20hs signup plan? Thanks Ramit. You are helping a big deal here!

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My opening line in an email to them: How to grow your plus sized community and turn your members into customers Oh my gosh Ramit! Make frequent post or responses on fitness forums. Personal Record. I thought of some moonlighting ideas but decided to get back to my current business as it is already currently in practice and probably has the most financial upside 1. They would research here: 1. Seriously though. Clients would purchase a package of my services or choose from la carte options.

Good luck to the commenters with their ideas.