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Are you intiminated by medical words that appear to come from a different language? Now there is no reason to fear the world of medicine with "Medical Terminology Decoded" Second Edition. Medical Terminology Decoded takes you on a journey of understanding how to decipher the language of medicine. Chapters are organized to give the reader a simple and quick understanding of basic and complex medical terms. Chapters cover the basics of medical words, prefixes, suffixes, roots, human circulation, skeletal system, the skin, muscular system, gastrointestinal, and more. Don't wait another minute and start grasping the knowledge that can help unlock opportunities that should be yours!

Get your copy today and start understanding the language of medicine. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Alien Agenda: The Return of the Nephilim. There is a strange phenomenon that has been occurring on our planet throughout history.

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Yes, I'm talking about UFO's. I know what you're thinking. Of course, there are some officially recognized acronyms that you should explore as well. There are a few books that have been heavily optimized with the clear goal of not only teaching you the medical terminology, but also making sure you effectively memorize it. The language used is very engaging and even entertaining. The author was able to to turn a serious field like medicine into something fun and interesting to read about.

All the information has been carefully selected and cataloged. The book offers a number of exercises and real examples that will help you train and develop your memory. Words are broken down to their Greek and Latin roots and most examples come with nice visuals. The course can also be downloaded and reviewed offline.

Every lesson contains practical examples and additional information regarding the topic that is being examined.

Medical Terminology Decoded: Understanding The Language of Medicine

The language and tone used in the explanatory text are very light and easy to digest. This course if perfect not only for medicals students, but for hospital personnel and other healthcare workers. You can take the course at your own pace and skip through some sections if you wish. I remember this word association program as well. Had it in high school in ! Now my son is entering college and I am hoping to find it for him.

Learn Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy

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  • 1. What’s Medical Terminology Without the Visuals?.

Deepika says:. The basic meaning of the medical term. Usually indicates a body part. What is a prefix?

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Word part used at the beginning of the word. Describes, modifies, or limits the term. What is a suffix? The word ending. Changes the meaning of the word. ALL medical terms have a suffix. What is the combining vowel?

Decoding Medical Lingo

The vowel that connects word roots together. Usually the letter "O". What is the combining form? The word root plus the combining vowel, used to help pronounce certain words.

Cancer Decoded: Basic Cancer Terms and what they mean

In what order do you "read" a medical term?