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But I'm not doing it alone. Plus, as a part of the Kickstarter, you can help us add a few more exciting creators to our game's repertoire. The core game box set comes with everything that a group of 5 people need to play the game can support more players, but they will need to share dice. The box set includes:. Additionally, as the campaign continues, if we exceed our funding goals, there will be opportunities to add to or improve the components in the base game. More information on that below in the Kickstarter Job section. Want to know how the game plays?

I don't blame you! Or, if audio podcasts are more your thing, you can download an actual play podcast featuring Tifa Robles, Mike Robles, Tara Theoharis, and Alexander Theoharis as they stage the kidnapping of a young noble at a masquerade ball celebrating the Regent's birthday. Everyone that backs the game gains immediate access to PDF files that can be printed out to start playing the game today!

This print-and-play package includes a PDF preview of the player rulebook, a preview of the Judge rulebook, a single scenario, and printable cartel, specialty, and character sheets. All you need to provide is dice and some kind of timer and you can be playing the game immediately.

WoW Outlaw Rogue Review: Class Fantasy, Abilities, Talents, Performance Guide

Backers click here for instructions on downloading the print-and-play. Not only is this a great place to discuss the game with other players, we'll also be popping in from time to time to answer rules questions, talk about design philosophies, and give insights into the game as a whole. The design of the base game components is complete, and the majority of the Player Rulebook, Judge Rulebook, and Cartel Sheets have been edited. Additionally, while some stretch goal content has already been created, some elements for example, any of the scenarios that will be created by authors revealed in the Kickstarter Job section below will start being written as soon as funding is achieved.

That said, playtesting and development continues through the duration of the Kickstarter, and we will be eagerly accepting feedback from anyone who downloads and plays the print-and-play rules. As such, some design tweaks will likely be made to individual game elements, though we don't anticipate any large-scale rules elements changes.

You can be of huge help to us by reading through the rules and playing the game, then sending us your feedback; any opportunity we have to clarify rules or make the game more awesome is an opportunity we want to take advantage of! Daniel Solis has completed a layout and graphic design pass on all game elements, save for any that might be unlocked later through stretch goals.

Once I see that funding has been achieved, I'll start commissioning the art and completing writing or design on any game elements unlocked over the course of the campaign so that they can go to editing as soon as possible. Once all art is in, the final text and art will be laid out, and then files will go off to the manufacturer! The Deluxe Edition of the game comes with all three upgrades listed below, at a discounted price over adding them as upgrades individually.

This upgrade pack comes with several items meant to make your Dusk City Outlaws campaign play easier and more flexible. The campaign pack includes:. We're collaborating with the fine folks at Campaign Coins to produce a set of metal tokens for the game, to be used in place of the punch-out cardboard tokens included in the base game's box. These metal coins are used by players replacing the Influence tokens and Judges replacing Heat tokens alike.

If you're anything like me, one of the first things you do with a new roleplaying game is start figuring out how to create your own material for it. Got an idea for a scenario that you want to put out there for other people to play? Want to create your own cartels? Add new specialties? Hack the game into a completely different setting or system?

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This upgrade gives backers access to digital files used in the creation of the Dusk City Outlaws game, making it easier to produce new material that looks just like the contents of the boxed set. I want you to take this game and make it your own, make your own content for it, share it with others in the community, hack it, and get as much out of it as you can. This pack should help you do so, and help make the material you create look as close to the original game as possible.

Wyrmwood produces some amazing gaming supplies in an array of fine woods, and they've helped produce a design that is vivid and beautiful. This pairing is now available at a reward tier, Agent of the Black Council, which includes these wood components as well as the Deluxe Edition of the game. Here is a description of what they're offering, in their own words:. Wyrmwood hand crafts heirloom quality gaming accessories from the finest materials. We've teamed up to offer you a limited edition Dice Vault and Dice Tray collection.

Both contrast the dark tones of Wenge with inlaid Curly Maple. Custom Dusk City Outlaws engravings on the Dice Vault, as well as the Dice Tray's leather rolling surface make this the ultimate Kickstarter exclusive. Please Note: The wood dice tray and dice vault will ship directly from Wyrmwood Gaming. As such, shipping costs on the Agent of the Black Council level cover two separate shippings: one for the Deluxe Edition of the game, and one for the wood components.

We've got a Job that needs doing, and you're going to help us put together a crew to pull it off. We're going to need a crack team of thieves to pull this one off, and the more resources and backup we have, the bigger the score. Here's how it works: as we get more backers, we're going to add scenarios and setting hacks created by a variety of designers, authors, and creators we've conned into helping us out. If we achieve funding on the project, we're going to use our stretch goals to add more stuff—art, pages, components, etc.

First, we need to assemble our crew. You're going to help us bring together a skilled crew of creative individuals, each one of which is going to add their own touch, via a scenario or setting hack, to the game. The first member of the crew has been revealed: John Rogers , creator of the bad-guys-gone-good TV show Leverage , will be creating a scenario that will be included in the Dusk City Outlaws box set.

John's got a lot of experience in the team-of-criminals-with-an-audacious-scheme genre, and I know he's going to cook up something great for your crew of thieves. In addition to being a great guy and a friend, Saladin is a talented writer with a knack for creative worldbuilding and a diverse vision who will be creating a scenario for the box set. The third member of the crew has been revealed: Susan Morris. I had the good fortune to work with Susan at Wizards of the Coast, where she was an editor on the Forgotten Realms novel line.

Susan is going to contribute a scenario for the box set. The fourth member of the crew has been revealed: Steve Kenson. This setting hack will be delivered digitally to everyone that backs the game at any reward tier! The "fifth" member of the crew has been revealed, and it's a two-for-one: Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Also known by their digital monikers, Gabe and Tycho, Mike and Jerry are the creators of the Penny Arcade webcomic and the creators of the Eyrewood setting, which I've had the fortune to work with them on for the Thornwatch game.

Mike and Jerry will be lending their creativity to the design of a scenario which will go into the box set! Scott's work has obviously been a huge inspiration for the setting of Dusk City Outlaws , and I'm over the moon excited about having him on the crew, writing a scenario that will go into the box set!

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The best part about this Job is that the more resources our crew has at their disposal, the bigger the score is at the end of the Job. Every time we hit a stretch goal in our funding target, we're going to add or improve something that comes with the game, something that everyone who backs the game at the Crew Member level or higher will get. In other words, all stretch goals improve the rewards of every copy of Dusk City Outlaws. Doing so will allow me to shift some of the cartel and setting information over to the Traveler's Guide , freeing up space in the Player Rulebook to include Expanded Campaign Rules.

This deck is used during character creation, giving a third axis of character customization. This deck can been seen in action in the Actual Play videos, as well as in the recent Saving Throw Show livestream. One side of each card will feature full-color art of that character, and the other side will have complete statistics for using that character in the game. This deck makes it easier for the Judge to introduce complications into the game on the fly, choosing interesting enemies from the deck at a glance.

Additionally, this will free up the space in the Judge Rulebook currently slated for enemy statistics, allowing for the inclusion of scenario-building guidelines in the physical product. The new cards added to this deck will add more options for sorcery to the characters, allowing any character the possibility of a slight sorcerous twist to their history and capabilities.

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