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Being a bit more of purist, I'm going to break the 28 rides in the third season into five categories: height, length, inversions, wood and a catchall I'm calling unique and obscure. I'll include a full schedule at the end with a ride-by-ride breakdown by episode along with broadcast dates and times. A stellar lineup of new wooden coasters is by far the highlight of the third season of "Coaster Wars," which features three of the latest looping wooden coasters, long the Holy Grail of ride enthusiasts.

Debuting in , Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City was the first of the new breed of wooden loopers and is clearly the class of "Coaster Wars" season three. Voted the second best new ride of by Amusement Today, the Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas underwent a massive renovation that turned the wooden coaster into a looping hybrid coaster.

The remade ride with a steel track on wood supports features a barrel roll inversion and a series of beyond-vertical banked turns.

Ride Tall, Hang High (The Outlaws Series Book 1)

The hybrid wood-steel Medusa Steel Coaster is scheduled to open this summer with a trio of zero-g rolls. The show features the old ride and does not mention the upcoming changes, which should be complete by the broadcast. Built in , the oldest ride in this category is still the king. The foot second drop on Phantom's Revenge at Pennsylvania's Kennywood is still one of the tallest in the world. The fan favorite has been ranked in the top 15 of Amusement Today's steel coaster poll since Billed as the tallest, fastest and longest winged coaster with the highest inversion of any coaster in the world, the foot-tall Gatekeeper flies over Cedar Point's front entrance as the new icon of the Ohio amusement park.

Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain was briefly recognized as having the longest drop feet and fastest speed 85 mph of any closed-circuit roller coaster in the world when it debuted in A few months later, those titles both transferred to Cedar Point's Millennium Force, widely considered to be one of the best coasters in the world. Goliath still remains one of my favorite rides at the Roller Coaster Capital of the World.

Unlike the trajectory of most coasters, the out-and-back hyper has steadily climbed in the Amusement Today poll to reach the top The 4,foot-long steel coaster features 10 hills ranging in height from to 43 feet. The Full Throttle launch coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain features the world's tallest vertical loop feet , with riders traversing the loop twice - once on the inside and again on the outside over a top hat element.

Reaching 70 mph, the ride includes three launches - two forward and one backward out of a special effects tunnel. The Wodan Timbur at Germany's Europa Park is among the tallest feet and fastest 62 mph wooden coasters in the world. Themed to Norse mythology, the coaster queue features fire, mist and water effects while the indoor sections of the ride include projection mapping, smoke screens and moving ceilings. The extremely long coaster has fallen out of favor in recent years as theme parks cram more elements into smaller packages — which saves space and cuts costs. It should come as no surprise then that none of the rides in this category are ranked in the top 50 of the Amusement Today and Mitch Hawker polls.

That said, the third season of "Coaster Wars" does feature the world's longest coaster — the 8,foot-long Steel Dragon at Japan's Nagashima Spa Land. Nagashima Spa Land is also home to the third longest wooden coaster the world: the 5,foot-long White Cyclone , one of only four wooden coasters in Japan. The out-and-back White Cyclone is also one of the fastest 63 mph and tallest feet wooden coasters in the world.

Ride Tall, Hang High (The Outlaws Series Book 1)

Louis is one of the longest 5, feet and fastest 66 mph wooden coasters in the world with one of the longest drops feet. Most of the coasters in this category hail from more than a decade ago when record-setting rides featured six, seven or even eight inversions. Today, the record holders all boast inversions in the double digits. Unfortunately, none of those looping leviathans are featured in season three of "Coaster Wars. The twin leaders in this category both hail from two decades ago: the Kumba 7 inversions at Florida's Busch Gardens with a rare vertical loop around the lift hill and the Raptor 6 inversions at Ohio's Cedar Point which set records when it opened as the world's tallest, fastest and longest inverted roller coaster.

Next up are a pair of Superman-themed floorless coasters each featuring zero-g roll, cobra roll and interlocking corkscrew elements: Superman Krypton 6 inversions at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Superman: Ride of Steel 7 inversions at Spain's Parque Warner Madrid. The Fahrenheit vertical lift hill coaster at Pennsylvania's Hersheypark features a beyond vertical degree first drop and 6 inversions, including a cobra roll, double corkscrew and a Norwegian loop. Rounding out the category is a unique coaster at an obscure Guatemala theme park that easily could have landed in our next and final category.

But with 8 inversions and a rare triple heart-line roll, the Avalancha at Xetulul theme park features more inversions than all but a handful of coasters in the world. Cheetah Hunt isn't particularly tall feet , long 4, feet or have many inversions 1. It even has a terrible name. But that doesn't stop it from being a truly unique ride.


The triple launch coaster at Florida's Busch Gardens features a distinctive figure 8 element at the top of first hill and a themed queue that includes a cheetah exhibit. It was also Amusement Today's second best new ride of The tilt coaster features a horizontal platform at the top of the lift hill that tips forward 90 degrees before releasing the train into a tunnel.

In , Six Flags St. Louis flipped the trains around to launch riders backward on the rechristened Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast. The change pumped new life into an already innovative shuttle coaster with a vertical spike track terminus and a foot-tall inside top hat element.

With trains that hang below the track, Ednor L'Attaque inverted coaster at Canada's La Ronde theme park features five inversions, including a sidewinder and double inline twist. The twice-relocated ride built atop a lake is named for a fictional sea monster Ronde spelled backwards.

The mistress sent word at once to the Federal officers in Independence that four new girls would be at her house that night. It was after dark when Jesse James and the other guerrillas rode up to the house, and dismounting, crept up and peered in at the windows. Twelve Federal officers were in there with the women.

No guards or sentinels were out. The Federals felt secure. All the company was in one room, five women and twelve men. A cheery fire blazed and crackled on the hearth of the old-fashioned fire place. Jesse James, with five men went to one window. Bill Gregg, with five men, went to another. Each of the nine guerrillas in the darkness outside selected his man.

At a signal that had been agreed upon there was the crack of nine revolvers that sounded like the discharge of a single gun. The glass, slivered in a thousand bits, crashed, and nine of the Federal soldiers fell dead at that first volley. The remaining three fell dead an instant later. The guerrillas mounted and rode away. Did any of them change your perception of the ever-controversial Jesse James? Let us know in the comments! Of course, every article about this guy always leaves out the single most important thing about him.

He was a hot-headed half-wit that screwed up many of the jobs by shooting innocents and self-promoting himself. They brought their little brothers along for muscle—and then some writer fell in love with Jesse and made him famous. Jesse nearly got them caught or killed many times and Cole tried to kick him out of the gang many times. Frank finally got tired of defending him, and they broke up the gang.

The reunited for the nightmare at Northfield, and while the Youngers sat in jail, Frank retired. Then Jesse tried to finally lead his own gang, failed miserably, and got killed by one of his recruits. Not a hero, not a Robin Hood, and not a leader. Jesse James is a hollywood figure. The most notorious outlaw was none other than Kid Curry. DC and Lynn are correct! Con men rely upon them all the time. Who am I to say? Thanks for sharing your expertise, Eric. Your book sounds like a fascinating read. If you have a confirmed picture of the James Gang then please send it to editorial whizzpast.

Does that count?

Thanks for the offer, but my plate is full, preparing the next volume of Jesse James family history for publication, writing a couple of lectures for this month, prepping a 2 day seminar upcoming, a putting together a Jesse James family reunion in Kansas City. As for a gang photo, none exists. What kind of fools do you think the James are? Why would a fugitive from the law have a photo taken and then distribute it.

As for a history degree, those who can put it to work usefully have its benefit. Those who squander it promoting undocumented theses, unsubstantiated fantasies, and fake photos and history not only discard their own integrity, but also the integrity of the college degree. Hopefully, all that hard work will help lessen the errors in the first volume, which so upset Virginia J. One picture had all the people pictured completely wrong.

And many more errors occur during the book. Though It was interesting to find about my other relatives, I just hope the facts are more accurate than were done on my immediate family.

Terrible shame. I think the press just liked the sound of their names. Very true, it makes me sick when I hear the term Jesse James gang. Jesse was a sociopath who murdered several innocent people. Cole Younger and brother Frank were the glue that held the gang together. These men would never take orders from an unproven 18 year old.

The Jesse James legend was built by self promotion and a drunken newspaper writer. Jesse left his widow and children destitute, his so called legacy is based on made up stories and outright lies. James was not some finger-pointing, overtly careful leader of the gang. He was a small, rodent of a man who got lucky not to die unceremoniously many times…. Dc is correct. The picture is not of the gang and using it took away any credibility this article has. One of which is the title photo. I kept looking for more info about Mr.

Mueller and found him in the Minnesota census and he had been a resident for 23 years, making his move to MN