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In his first year as a film composer, Herrmann was nominated for Original Score at the Academy awards for both Kane and The Devil and Daniel Webster which, fluttery as its music is, still boasts loud, diabolical fantasy sounds like songs straight out of Bald Mountain.

Herrmann won his one and only Oscar for Daniel Webster. But perhaps most predictive for Taxi Driver , the opening of Citizen Kane was less about theme and more about brooding musical textures, about a mysterious sense of foreboding.

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Scorsese knew this sound, this deep, rich body of compositional work, and Marty had to have Herrmann on board. In a curious way, Herrmann was the perfect composer for a film about a lonely man. Herrmann was a self-professed isolationist, willing to forgo trends or studio groupthink in favor of his own interests. Bickle was an ugly duckling, an avenging angel on wheels. Scorsese had to have Herrmann conduct music for this sad story. They were kindred spirits, with differences in their catharses. His score is comprised primarily of two functioning contrasts in a brass section mixing with a saxophone theme.

Layered atop the two key components are harps, woodwinds, and even diegetic noises of the city, like a nearby drum kit or the music of a porn theater. Strings would be too polite, too elegant.

This score groans, growls, and sweats. With grace, and deep concern. And given the brass, often quite literally. Like jazz played with smoke and not air. The score serves as an approximation of unhealthy exhalation as Bickle tries to gulp for air before snapping. Enough of the regular people crap. Now Travis bursts, and in essence, so does Herrmann. Herrmann allegedly created the score in only two days. He passed the night of December 24, , the last day he worked on Taxi Driver.

Guy Takes His Taxi Driver To Theme Park Because He’s Never Visited One In His Life

DualSpaceOrphans April 20, Report. As far as I can tell, Mr. Blume's name doesn't appear anywhere else on the package. He is listed as arranger on the first five tracks on the original release. A wonderful release.

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No crack, no noise! Beautifull Vinyl. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Side A is just horrible. MOV pressing is flawless though. The entire package reminds me of why I collect vinyl, why I love film scores, and why I love film. Highly recommended!!!

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They outdid themselves! Reply Notify me 13 Helpful. Yes he's deranged for the most part but he has calm moments in the movie but then has sudden mood swings. The score mirrors those moods and changes perfectly! Reply Notify me 4 Helpful. Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist.

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