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The first Roberts Commission was a presidentially-appointed commission formed in December , shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, to investigate and report the facts relating to the attack.

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Members of the commission besides Justice Roberts were Adm. William H. Standley , Adm. Joseph M. Reeves , Gen. Frank R. McCoy , and Gen.


Joseph T. The commission was a fact-finding commission, not a court-martial for either Short or Kimmel. Some claimed that the report also concluded that both Japanese diplomats and persons of Japanese ancestry had engaged in widespread espionage leading up to the attack, and used this to justify Japanese American incarceration. However, it was unlikely that these "spies" were Japanese American, as Japanese intelligence agents were distrustful of their American counterparts and preferred to recruit "white persons and Negroes" [2] Despite the fact that the report made no mention of Americans of Japanese ancestry, the media, as well as politicians like California Governor Culbert L.

Olson , nevertheless used it to vilify Japanese Americans and inflame public opinion against them.

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It was created to help the US Army protect works of cultural value in Allied-occupied areas of Europe. The commission also developed inventories of Nazi-appropriated property. The commission took place from to You can read more about our intergenerational approach on our website. The Roberts Academy allows students to learn as they learn best!

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