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To understand its importance we must see it in its international setting. The revolt of the Sicilian Vespers, which began in Palermo on March 30th, , was an event the repercussions of which were felt throughout the Mediterranean for decades after the rebellion.

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The Sicilian Vespers not merely put an end to the power of the French prince, Charles of Anjou, to act as arbiter of the fortunes of Italy, Greece and the Holy Land; the Vespers also acted as a central problem in the policies of Charles's descendants, the Angevin kings of Naples, distracting them from urgent needs elsewhere in the Mediterranean towards dreams of the re-establishment of their rule in Sicily. The Vespers marked a significant stage in the development of Aragonese and Catalan interests in the west Mediterranean, laying the basis for the eventual union of Sicily with the crown of Aragon, and for the gradual expansion of Catalan commerce in the waters between Spain and Italy.

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Antonioni lived in Ferrara until the end of the s, when — just like Fellini — he eventually moved to Rome to pursue his career as a director: but even so, he remained attached to his hometown for all of his life. Director Michelangelo Antonioni.

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  7. Even though set for the most part in Milan, the film includes a few meaningful scenes that were shot instead in Ferrara, where the love story of the two protagonists begins: thus, Antonioni managed to immortalize on the silver screen some important locations from his young years. In , Antonioni would turn his camera eye to Ferrara and the Po Valley once again for his film Il grido The Cry : in particular, he would stop in the nearby towns of Francolino, Pontelagoscuro, and Mizzana, but also in other locations of Emilia-Romagna such as Ravenna, where he would also set Red Desert and of Veneto that is, just on the other side of the Po.

    Yet there is even more that Antonioni managed to capture: namely, the Ducal Palace overlooking Piazza del Municipio and the Sala Estense theater, but also the Loggiato dei Cappuccini Colonnade of the Capuchins in the enchanting lagoon town of Comacchio, near the Po Delta. Even though Antonioni had to leave Ferrara to become a filmmaker, this is the place he returned to at the end of his career. Since then, his co-citizens have given his name to a local street and plans have been made to re-open a museum celebrating his life and works.

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    Il regista Michelangelo Antonioni nasce a Ferrara il 29 settembre Da allora, i suoi concittadini hanno dato il suo nome ad una strada del posto e sono stati fatti progetti per ri-aprire un museo che ne celebri la vita e le opere. More By Author.

    Charles of Anjou and the Sicilian Vespers

    Finding art and hospitality in Tuscany's ancient Spedali. See More Articles. I think that speaking with an artist is always, always an honor. And for this reason, I was truly delighted and — I must admit — quite excited, by July 2, June 17, Temperatures are on the rise…and so is the urge to grab the flip-flops and head for the nearest beach.