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Title: 01,17 - BG - In the scope: the education for democratic citizenship.

Wiedner Gymnasium / Sir Karl Popper Schule

Civic education has long traditions in the Bulgarian educational system since it has been introduced for the first. Nowadays citizenship education has an integral and interdisciplinary character,. The policy of the Ministry of education and science and the considerable efforts in view of.

Innovative approaches for citizenship learning and. The participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the huge amount of. Examples of good national and international practices will be given. The participants will alos be invited to share. One of the focuses of the program will be to present the numerous activities. The study visit will begin with a number of presentations on the educational system in Germany and will focus on.

Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Ingrid Johansen. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Cirius. Title: 01,19 - DK - General Studies of education systems structure, methods linked to developing skills for. The visit will include meetings with the local municipal school authority in Skive and the regional teachers. Also visits to schools and debate with students, teachers and principals. How are terms as. Besides visits and speaks there will be time set off for.

Objective: To give participants an insight into the Danish education system and to the efforts concerning. Objectif: Optimiser l'utilisation des ressources. Rendre l'apprentissage attrayant. The Arion visit will provide exchanges about:-Modalities of the implementation of the technical training,-. The programme will include :- Visits. Rendre l'apprentissage attrayant.. Accueil des tout-. Echanges avec les enseignants et rencontres avec. Contents of teaching and their variations. Reception of the youngest kids 2,3 years old. School visits, exchanges with the teachers, meetings.

Comparison between the different European educational. Guides speaking both languages. Possible language support in Italian. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Jan Enersvedt. The study visit takes plan in the Sunnhordland region in the western part of Norway — beautifully situated between. The participants will learn about the Norwegian. The programme. The schoolvisits will. The visitors will meet pupils and teachers enjoying parts of their schoolday in the nature,. Meeting and discussing topical subjects with teachers and. The programme also includes a visit to the regional teachers training.


Objectives: Improving education and training for teachers by making the vbest use of resouces. Self evaluation. Public and private expenditure on education. The Norwegian school system has undergone many changes over the last 10 years, with emphasis on. Through visits to primary and secondary. Objectives: Give information about the Norwegian school system and how schools and education authorities.

Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Camilla Winter. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Boras stad. Title: 01,24 - SE - Everyone should achieve the goals. A general study of the swedish education system with central points of: the swedish education system — a. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Zuzana Freibergova.

Studijni pobyt je urcen pro vychovne a profesni poradce, kteri se staraji o deti a mladez. Studiuni a profesni. Hlavnim cilem studijni navstevy je seznamit. Ucastnici budou mit moznost navstivit ruzne instituce vychovneho a profesniho. Objectives: To introduce guidance activities within the educational system and labour market in the Czech.

Educational and career guidance is a tool that increasingly plays an important role within the educational system. Main aim od the study. Participants will have chance to visit. We will study Vocational Education in the different European countries and its relationship with Qualifications.

Activities: working sessions and debates. Visits to Vocational Schools with time opportunity of talking with their. Das Ziel des Kurses ist, das Unterrichtssystem und die Praxis von Ungarn vorzustellen und sie mit den. Die Teilnehmern gewinnen in die gesellschaftlichen und. Sie lernen die Struktur-, Verwaltungs- und. Finanzierungsprobleme des heutigen ungarischen Unterrichtswesens und die in den leitenden Mitgliedsstaaten der. Objective: Improving education and training for teachers and trainers.

The participants will get a closer look at the social, economical and political determining factors of our. We will. The participants will be presented with the most important. They will also be presented. Visiting our schools and. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Ms. Agnieszka Mikina, Ms.

Lilianna Budkowska. Title: 01,28 - POL - School faces new challenges of economy — enterprise culture in Polish education system. Uczestnicy wizyty poznaja polski system oswiaty oraz zalozenia wdrazanej reformy. Zapoznaja sie z systemem. Beda mieli. Tematyka spotkan bedzie skoncentrowana wokol nastepujacych zagadnien:.

Objectives: Review of various school actions aiming in preparing pupils and students to new chalenges of present.

Meaning of "Begabtenförderung" in the German dictionary

The participants will be informed of the Polish educational system and assumptions of implementing school. They will be acquainted with the system of teacher trainig in entrpreneurship, school curriculums and. Visits in schools. Meetings wiil focus on: new role of school in the face of challenges in present. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: R Strong. Title: 01,29 - GB - Literacy Strategies and their relevance to young people.

As a successful authority praised in recent inspection, we will highlight some of our educational experiences. There will be a clear focus on the skills of Reading and Writing English and visits. French, German, Spanish. Literacy strategies will be explored with local experts and visits to the Literacy Base. There will be an ICT element considering the impact of such initiatives as Successmaker and their. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Rectorat de Versailles.

Organiser Email: 3, Boulevard de Lesseps. During the. This introduction will go together with explanations regarding the way that. Who are the students that follow these trainings, how and why do they make up their mind? What are the terms of admission in these trainings? What about professional integration? The schedule of this. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Joachim Seibt. Title: 02,02 - DE - Zertifikate, Leistungsbeurteilung und —feststellung in den unterschiedlichen Schulstufen. Leistungsfeststellung und der Leistungsbeurteilung anzusehen. Die aus den Leistungsfeststellungsverfahren.

Dabei soll es sowohl um die Handhabbarkeit wie auch um die rechtlichen. Rahmenbedingungen gehen. Ein besonderer thematischer Schwerpunkt kann - bei entsprechender Interessenlage -. Hierbei liegt der Schwerpunkt darauf, um welche. Im Bereich der. The participants in this visit are invited to inform themselves about the various ways of the establishment and.

The demands resulting from the establishment of performance have. This will. Special emphasis could be put on the additional. In this case there would. Objectives developments in schools and in provision for adults; Performance and results in the mother. Report tongue, foreign language and mathematics up to the end of compulsory education. There will be visits to a variety of education providers to experience the teaching of English as well as some. Within the five days there will also be a clear focus on the.

Literacy strategies will be explored with local experts and visits to the. Literacy Base will be included. Significantly there will be an ICT element considering the impact of such initiatives. Reference will be made. Education Department, the schools and the parents. It is proposed that the links between Reading, Writing, Taking. Organiser Email: Science, Marlborough St. Throughout the week, particiapnts will visit primary, secondary and third level institutions where particiapnts will. Nr of places: 20 Min required: Purpose : to give the group the opportunity to discuss the various solutions.

Methods : meetings and visits : computer platform for primary schools- teaching network Magret in. Ouvrir l'environnement. La Chambre de. Web page: i. We consider it essential to broaden the training environment to appeal to job. Work carried out with the use of new Information. Technology is of course an additional improvement to the education and training of the teaching staff and. Information and Communication Technologies.

The type of activities proposed during the visit are presented in. With regard to translations during the visit, the professional presentations. All written presentations using IT. German speakers will also be present during the visits. The aim of this visit is to enable the participants to appreciate the importance of ICT in whole school. A special emphasis will be given to the pedagogical issues of teaching and learning through ICT and. Consideration will also be given to. Participants will have the. The Visit will Include:?

15 August- 22 August Ozark, Missouri, USA | The Pengelly USA Roadtrip

Meetings with school improvement. Visits to both primary and secondary schools including those with technology. Observations of teaching and learning in the classroom,? The opportunity to see the contribution of. Colloques avec des conseillers et des. Visits to:. Visits to secondary education schools and class observation.

Visits to universities working on multimedia. Educational School Network. Meetings with experts and discussions. This study visit takes place in Thessaliniki,. Direct access through the international airport. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Peter Gossage. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Peter Gossage. Delegates will be asked to share exemplars from their own experience and debate and research ICT in Schools. UK scools will be visited. The visit will be timed to coincide with the annual BETT exhibition.

Wissenschaftlicher Tätigkeiten

This will enable. This will provide excellent opportunities for. The last day. Hans Brosse and Mr. Frank Smit. In the week we will focus on the use of ICT in primary and secondary education in the. Participants will be informed about the efforts made in the three countries to. Throughout the week, participants will visit the ministry of education,.

There, participants will. Language support in French and. Frankreich im Jahre getestet wurde. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Odd Bue. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Kvadraturen skolesenter. The organiser has long experience with special education and laid on education and has also a resource center for. It is one of six national so called demonstration schools, and the activities during the course will. The integration of handicapped children is. The use of. ODL is another important part of the proposed activities. The organiser will collaborate closely with the national.

Objective: eaching and learning with the use of ICT as a pedagogical tool and the cooperation with regional and. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Rectorat de Bordeaux. Il est. Approches : Les organisateurs proposent aux participants de travailler, avec des. Ils comprendront le programme,. Facing a flood of information and pictures from television, children find it more and more difficult to build. They must be given the tools to. The objective is to consider the French approach to the interaction. With the help of media professionals, participants will get an overview of contemporay european professional.

Activities: talks,. Translation will be provided for debates, workshops and school. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Wilfried Nagl. Vorstellung der praktischen. Arbeit und Erfahrung in Notebook-Klassen in elektronischen Lernumgebungen. Vorstellung und Diskussion von. Presentation of the practical. Presentation and discussion. Presentation and. School visits will be organised to offer the opportunity to exchange. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Spiridonescu Constantin. Obiective: Identificarea mijloacelor si instrumentelor de evaluare in vederea realizarii de programme comune de.

Prezentarea programelor de formare continua a cadrelor didactice in utilizare TIC; Intruniri. Site web: www. ICT, followed by discussions with teachers and pupils. Participants will learn about and see some innovative UK. ICT in their countries. NB: Participants should have a good knowledge of written and spoken English, as. Title: 04,15 - IT - Introduzione delle nuove tecnologie dell'informazione nel settore dell'istruzione - Introduction.

Webschool is an application which offers. Other data of the. Title: 04,16 - RO - Virtual school in mountain area. Obiective: Sa dezbatem impreuna conceptul de calitate in educatie si importanta acesteia; Sa oferim o imagine.

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Neagra, Brasov fiind un oras situat in Transilvania, intr-o renumita zona turistica. O lista electronica de discutii. AIMS: To discuss about the concept of quality in education and its importance; To offer a thorough and reliable. School visits will allow participants to talk to school managers about New Opportunities Funding. Training programme financed by the National Lottery, which increased the expertise of Classroom teachers in the.

Objectives are: To get general information about different educational systems; to study how modern ICT is. The goal of this visit is to study how modern ICT is incorporated in education. We want to give participants an introduction about Computer Literacy programme in Slovenian schools which. The visit will be organised in.

The week will focus on the pedagogical use of. ICT in primary and secondary school in Slovenia. The participants will have the opportunity to observe some. There will be time for discussions,. Violetta Szwabowicz. Title: 05,01 - POL - Aims and tasks of inclusive learning. Report and training; models for encouraging them to pursue formal qualifications. Spotkania z uczniami i pracownikami Zespolu Szkol Integracyjnych w Legnicy — krajowego lidera integracji,.

Objective: -Exchanging experiences in inclusive learning. Integracyjnych w Legnicy which is the national leader in inclusive education, presentation of rules and. Ksiaz Castle-one of the biggest castles of this type in Europe-Zlotoryja-where washing of gold is organized. Language support in German. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Martina Pilling. The program of the study visit will give examples of the various solutions the local education authority can offer. Objective: To point out the different organisational, methodical and pedagogical ways of working that schools can.

Title: 05,03 - HU - The system of Hungarian education for the handicapped. Where education for the handicapped is within the Hungarian school system. Great individuals of Hungarian. The conditions of educating the weak-sighted and blind, the deaf and the mentally. Vocational training of children with learning difficulties in practice. Visiting a group of autists.

The difficulties and results of integrating children with. The efficiency of early development and attending children in the compulsory. Tour around the county Szabolcs Bereg. Web page: linrt. Die Bedingungen der Schulung von. Die praktische Praesentirerung der.

Fachbildung vom - beim Lernen behinderten - Jugendlichen. Beschauung einer Gruppe von Autisten. Die Schwierigkeiten und Ergebnisse in der. Die Wirksamkeit der zeitigen Erzeugung und die. Versorgung der Bildungspflicht. The course will look at the application of various strategies in North Ayrshire in support of the Scottish.

Executives' national priority, inclusion and equality. In particular. In addition, participants will also study the elaborated curriculum used in North. Ayrshire and the various mechanisms in place for managing inclusion. There will be a number of visits to local. Objective: To look at models of inclusion in relation to young people with additional support needs To examine. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Robert Novakovits. Title: 05,05 - AT - School development in special education. Ziel des Aufenthaltes ist es, Methoden von Diagnostik,.

The centre for Special Educational Needs in Stegersbach provides help for about 60 students with Special. Educational Needs in 15 different primary and secondary schools in a rural area. There should be a comparison with. Un service de traduction sera mis en place tout au long. The objective is to exchange ideas and experiences and enlarge knowledge of people. The activities proposed throughout this week will be as follows :- visits of nursery,.

A translating service will be available all week long. Web page: ia Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Maria Riener. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Bezirksschulrat Bludenz. The Center for Special Needs Education can be compared with a revolving platform which meets the individual. Practical experiences on the present way of education special needs children , presentation and analysis.

Title: 05,09 - NL - Integration of handicapped children. Objectives: Getting familiar with the Dutch educational system and the Dutch policy regarding handicapped and. During the week innovations will be. Various schools and other educat. Language support in French and German. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Frau E. Im Zentrum steht das Modell. Abgerundet wird das. The participants will be introduced to a variety of teaching methods for the different kinds of schools for pupils.

The model of the individual development plan IEP was created at the university. A visit to the well-known castles and gardens of Sanssouci and Cecilienhof and the opportunity to. Title: 05,11 - ES - Education and training for the mentally handicapped: how to integrate them into our labour. Deseamos aprovechar esta oportunidad que se nos brinda para encontrar. This Arion visit will focus on providing information and practical experiences to the participants with the present.

These pupils are placed on a Basic Educational. Compulsory School in a Special Educational Center and then they could continue their education in a especial. Employment Center and an Occupational training Center. Getting to know State and Private Enterprises which. The course will include workshops to exchange information among the participants on different. Institutionss with innovative approaches will be visited: a Special. Action to exchange information and practical experiences. Communication between Madrid and Puertollano is.

Ewa Szmaglinska. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Kolegium Nauczycielskie. Uczestnicy zapoznaja sie z modelem systemu opieki, wychowania i nauczania dzieci niepelnosprawnych w Polsce,. Na podstawie Kolegium. Nauczycielskiego w Bielsku — Bialej zaprezentuje sie formy i tresci ksztalcenia edukatorow dla potrzeb osrodkow. Objective: -presentation of the Polish system of care and education of disabled children. Bielsko- Biala and Cracow that take care of disabled children of different ages from infants up to adults. On the. Title: 05,13 - SK - System of education of children with special needs in Slovakia.

The process of integration of children with special needs in Slovakia is running from The pupils with special. At present time the children with special needs educated. Language support in. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Dee Peck. The visit will focus on the inclusion of children with special needs, including special educational needs in.

It will look at models of collaborative work across different agencies to support. It is envisaged that the visit will include a balanced programme of Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Regina Giedriene. Changes of juridical base after restoration of Independence. Visiting host schools including pupils with. Meetings with educational. Title: 05,16 - ES - Education of disabled people. Necesidades Educativas Especiales. Visita a. During the Arion Study visit, participants will have the opportunity to know thoroughly the programmes,.

Education Needs: Work sessions about the normative field for the education of students with the use of ICT in. Visits to Special schools and Mainstream schools where. We will also visit a Teacher Training Centre in order to be informed about the.

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  • Reflection on the different models of integration. Information about the Web "Educastur sin barreras" Educastur without barriers included in the Official. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: John Truman. The visit will focus on Warwickshire's approach to the educational inclusion of pupils with special needs and. Through formal presentations, visits to mainstream and special schools and in discussion with.

    Department The education system in Warwickshire and the provision made for all pupils The work of local. Equal opprtunities in education: Attention to diversity. Specific measures for. El objetivo de la visita es. Enriquecimiento Extracurricular para Alumnado superdotado de la Comunidad de Madrid. To make effective the principle of equal opportunities in education involves to put into practice a number of. The aim of the visit is to show the various actions achieved by the Education Department of Madrid.

    Community to take care of gifted students, who have a statement by the Educative and Psychopedagogical. Guidance Service. Visits will be arranged to ordinary schools that have integrated diverse measures for the. Meetings with educational staff, learners and families will be held, as well as working. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Danielle Stone. The visit will focus on social inclusion. Participants will visit schools and projects involving different groups of. There will be some presentations from educational specialists as.

    There will be an opportunity for cultural activities and a day in London. Objective: Strategies for the social Inclusion of children with additional needs, underachieving young people and. During the study visit we will show "educative orientation" experiences in different schools. We will show different. Throughout the week participants will visit primary, secondary, vocational schools and support services.

    Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Dr. John Hunter. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Dept of Education. Title: 06,05 - GB - Engaging marginalised young people: an alternative education approach. The study will provide opportunities to visit and to discuss a number of. The projects. An innovative DVD video recording and. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Clive Billingham. The visit will introduce participants to Leicester, providing information about its recent history, demography and. The main focus will be on how local policy initiatives have impacted on schools, especially primary,.

    Standards in school self-evaluation to develop whole school approaches to race equality.? Persona Dolls - special way of using dolls in. Pathfinder Mighty Zulu Nation project - using theatre troupe to break down barriers between schools and between. European Year of Education through Sport activities - using sport to. There will. There will also be opportunity to visit. Title: 07,01 - NL - Intercultural Education. New tasks and challenges in education will be studied. After a general orientation on the Dutch educational.

    Topics to be studied are: chances for social inclusion, integration and orientation in the Netherlands. The intercultural activities in municipalilties will be. During the visit there will be time for discussion, exchange of. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Cliff Sage. The visit will focus on the education of Gypsy Travellers in Worcestershire and how agencies such as health,. Participants will visit nursery, primary. Opportunities will be made. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Prof. Karel Rydl. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: University of Pardubice. Title: 07,03 - CZ - System of the social educational network.

    Se zmenou politicko-socialniho systemu ve stredni Evrope v Predkladany projekt ma za ukol seznamit ucastniky s regionalnim resenim. Zajemci se seznami se socialne. Centrum zajmu bude navsteva instituci socialne pedagogickeho. Struktura poskytovane pece, system rizeni a. Ucastnici obdrzi studijni a informacni. With the change of the social-political system in the Central Europe in the 90s, there has appeared a need of. The presented project should introduce the participants to the.

    Participants will learn about the social-pedagogical network of the city with. The important issue will cover visits of the institutions with social-. Clinical primary school, Center for Romanies gypsies and nursery school, Asylum. The chosen institutions makes a representative sample supporting social. Expert employees of the relevant institutions will interpret structure of the provided care,.

    Participants will receive information and study material. A part of the study visit will also be a sightseeing tour through Pardubice, meeting.

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    Title: 07,04 - ES - Intercultural Education. Objective: Becoming familiar with our methods and public offers of teaching inmigrant students, from very young. Sharing methods and ways of organising the. Special focus will be placed on sharing and comparing. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Uwe Zimmermann. Niederlanden herausgearbeitet vor dem Hintergrund des jeweils landesspezifischen Bildungssystems. Ein zweiter wesentlicher Aspekt ist die besondere. Wir bewegen uns in dem Raum Aachen, Eupen und Maastricht und werden dort.

    Different didactic approaches to the integration of migrant children will be examined on the background of the. We will visit schools in the "border. Another main aspect is the special geographical situation of the three neighbouring countries sharing a. In the area of Aachen, Eupen and Maastricht we. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Alberto Capria. Durante la visita di studio saranno esaminate alcune delle strategie didattico-educative adottate da alcune.

    Notevole importanza, sotto questo. Istruzione e P. The study visit will examine projects undertaken by various schools in the area aimed at preventing educational. The projects have been through a combination of teaching methods and. However, the overall target has always been the enhancing of students self-confidence and self-.

    In the seminar, participants will be able to compare and contrast their own experience which we hope will. Here in Calabria the projects examined have been realized also thanks. The participants will be educational experts operating. Other data of the organiser: e-mail:. Cursos de.

    To know the alternative ways to promote school success and professional training. Education - Training courses in. The program will include visits to schools, participation in class activities, working. Title: 08,03 - DK - Inclusive pedagogical measures. The island Bornholm is situated in the Baltic Sea. Bornholm is square kilometers and has a population of. It has a new administrative structure - so that 5 municipalities are now merged into one.

    You will be introduced to the challenges and possibilities in the municipal administration. Visit to different types of institutions from kindergarten to continuation school. Also visit. Objective: To introduce participants to the overall frames of the Danish education system and to give insight. Title: - DK - Measures to prevent school failure. Bornholm is an island situated in the Baltic sea. It has square kilometers and around It has. What are the challenges and possibilities in the municipal administration of.

    Bornholm and how is including pedagogic seen from the administrative perspective and from the practical. Visits to schools and institutions - from kindergarten to continuation school. We will also. Objective: To give an overall introduction to the Danish education system and insight into the measures to. The purpose of the study visit is to present the different means at work to fight academic failure at the different. It will allow the introduction to the following actions and structures.

    This study. Fontainebleau forest club. Two bilingual persons will translate from French to Italian and from French to English. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Libor Berny. Organiser Fax: Organiser address: Narodni ustav odborneho vzdelavani. Title: 08,06 - CZ - Prevention of early school-leaving through career guidance. Karierove poradenstvi muze ucinne prispivat k prevenci predcasnych odchodu mladych lidi ze vzdelavani a tim. Ucastnici studijni navstevy si vymeni informace o vyuziti karieroveho poradenstvi pro prevenci predcasneho.

    Seznami se z roli Narodniho ustavu odborneho vzdelavani a s projekty. Career guidance and couselling can contribute efficiently to the prevention of early school-leaving, and thus. The study visit will be of particular interest to career advisors at lower-secondary and. Participants will exchange information in utilization of. They will get acquainted with the role.

    Both the role of teachers and career counsellors and importance of co-operation between schools and. Title: 08,07 - GB - Helping pupils and schools manage behaviour positively and effectively. The aim of the study visit is to share and invite comment. This strong team works to support pupils of all ages. Those at county strategic level with senior. Cohesion, Strengthening the links with working life and research and society at large. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Francesco Provenzano. La visita Arion ha come obiettivo, dunque, la presentazione del Centro, delle.

    La visita si propone anche di confrontare le politiche scolastiche dei diversi Paesi Europei nel campo. Centri Risorse vicini a livello regionale, gli icontri con le figure professionali, scolastiche e sociali, che si occupano. I soggetti coinvolti saranno le scuole sedi di Centri Risorse, le scuole della Rete.

    Le travail du. La Visite Arion a, donc pour objectif la. Organiser Email: Rua Carreira dos Cavalos. Programa Oportunidade da R. Objective: To debate alternative courses for basic education. To assess alternative programs of basic schooling. To debate and assess educational strategies to prevent school failure. Oportunidade: The regional program for the conclusion of compulsory. Other educational strategies to prevent school failure. The program will also include, presentations,.

    Miguel - Azores. Joanna Sobotnik, Mr. Adam Zabiegala. Title: 09,01 - POL - European dimension at school. Wizyta bedzie obejmowac przedstawienie doswiadczen szkol naszego regionu w dziedzinie edukacji europejskiej -. Wizyta bedzie tez uwzgledniac. Udzial w. Mamy nadzieje, ze wizyta. We would like to present in the frame of study visit experiences of schools from our region in the field of. European dimension - Socrates-Comenius projects, examples of good practice, projects in the field of foreign.

    Participants also will be asked to present their experiences in. The visit will be an opportunity to know Silesia,. We hope visit will encourage participants start collaboration. Organiser Phone: Organiser name: Irmtraut Hars. They deal with language learning on the one hand and a variety of endeavours to open minds. Examples are. European profile - a Hessian project. It is intended to visit a selection of schools and lessons in order to give. Hessen can enter into intense exchange of experience and discssion.

    Europa in unterschidelichen Kontexten dienen. Als Beispiele seien genannt: Fremdsprachen als. Begegnungssprachen im ersten Schuljahr, Fremdsprachenunterricht in der Grundschule, Bilingualer Unterricht in. Aufenthalts Schulen und Unterricht besucht werden, um so einen unmittelbaren Eindruck der Arbeit zu vermitteln.

    Participants will have the opportunities to visit classes in primary and secondary education schools. There will be opportunities to meet teachers and dicuss with experts on the meaning and role. Prior Knowledge of Potential Entrepreneurs. Context and Ideology of Entrepreneurship Education in Practice. Entrepreneurship Education at the University of Graz. Can Entrepreneurship be Taught to Vocational Students? Ethical and Moral Considerations on Entrepreneurship Education. Intrapreneur: An Entrepreneur Within a Company.

    Becoming an Entrepreneur — Epilog. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This book provides new insights into the important field of Entrepreneurship Education. They start with mapping out its challenges. They discuss context factors like political regimes affecting entrepreneurial activities, consider goals including moral awareness, introduce ideas of modeling entre- and intrapreneurial competencies, suggest teaching-learning-strategies, discuss evaluation procedures and introduce case studies of entrepreneurship education in different countries for different study levels.

    All in all this book stimulates and supports the challenges of educators, students, and practitioners human resource managers, consultants, principals, teachers, and trainers to introduce into the varying contexts of entrepreneurship education content specific, procedural, causal elements necessary for starting and maintaining an enterprise.

    Learning Professional Education.