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Where is that Rob Zombie sample from? Here is a collection of the film and media samples from every Rob Zombie song, along with where the sample is originally from. Have an addition?

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Send us an email or tweet! Podcast episodes listed from most recent to least recent. It gave you pleasure. You were pleased. What Lurks on Channel X? Sinners Inc. You hear? Now get out there and make it look good! Humpp Transylvanian Transmissions Pt. You know it!

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See what it is. I command you! For the academic world dehumanizes us. Some expansive cultures are excited about strange unknown […] times. But before you worry that we've turned into fucking Chicago or something, fear not!

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Can I get an Amen, brutha'!?! And it's only Santo encounters an evil He disguises them as wax figures! Alien midgets invade the Earth! Yes, you read right!

Say Something Nice: HALLOWEEN II (2009)

Can our mighty Mexican heroes stop them? Wide-screen picture looks adequate but not spectacular. Luc Merenda and Donald O'Brien star. Picture quality is mediocre on these. Wide-screen picture! As a bonus each disc features chapters from the seriel "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe"! Some movies are r ated R. Orloff" which borrows heavily from Edgar Allan Poe! Nice wide-screen picture. Anamorphic wide-screen version with French or English language options!

Extras include interviews with Jean Rollin and cast members, plus the original score! That is, until he falls for one woman, much to the dismay of her dangerously jealous husband! Pretty serious for a Steckler film, it tells the story of an escaped inmate played with gusto by Steckler aka Cash Flagg again and the reign of terror he spreads!

Also starring Liz Renay who'd go on to star in John Waters' "Desperate Living" Extras include interview and audio commentary with director Steckler, color inserts, radio spots and photo gallery! There are a few gemstones that make the effort worth my time: grade-Z movies produced with enough love and creativity to elicit fear from Hollywood producers and threaten the stronghold of their monopoly. The quality of grade-Z movies or "grindhouse cinema" or "exploitation films" or "B-movies" reached its absolute peak in the 70's.

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Such cinema and its popularity contributed to creating one of the most resonant phenomena of the 20th century: when Hollywood studios turned to the little guys for inspiration, and mainstream theaters sold tickets to an abundance of the greatest motion pictures ever made. In homage to the movies that created a revolution, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino will release Grindhouse , a back-to-back presentation of exploitation movies, on April 6 of And in homage to that revolutionary event, here's a back-to-back breakdown of two quintessential Grindhouse genres and summaries of some defining movies: the rare gemstones that shine through the mud.

Unlike the sleazy, direct-to-video adolescent sex romps littering New Release shelves of today, 70's sex comedies often presented adolescence as a period of innocence when kids wanted nothing more than sunshine, good times and love. No single film channels this vibe better than The Pom Pom Girls. The movie contains very little plot; football players score with the best girls, kids play pranks on each other and question authority, smoke pot, and enjoy life.

If this sounds familiar, it's because Richard Linklater copied the concept verbatim when he made Dazed and Confused in ' While that movie gave us a sense of what it could have been like to be in high school during the late 70's, The Pom Pom Girls presents a near-perfect image of youth in the sunshine era; it's apparent the kids in the movie enjoy life, on camera and off of it, and their love is genuine. Both movies are about a guy who drives a van and uses it to score chicks, but The Van has a few more memorable characters, quotes and moments than Van Nuys Blvd.

The Van also contains a cross-over character, the bully named Dugan, who returns in Malibu Beach : a little older and a little wiser the second time around, showing us The Progression of An Asshole over time, how his antics come back to haunt him, and how he must stop humping the dreams of youth and progress into adulthood. But fuck adulthood, because "it's worth every treasure on earth to be young at heart," and youth has never been more beautiful than it was in the 70's, so if you need more memories of good times that you never had, check out Revenge of the Cheerleaders , in which life-loving cheerleaders have an orgy with the football team in the locker-room after spiking the lunch lady's stew with marijuana, cocaine and a variety of other substances.

Trash does her striptease around the tombstones (The Return of the Living Dead - 1985)

If you burn out on cheerleaders, there's always Gas Pump Girls , and if you wonder how or why sex comedies were less sleazy in the 70's than they were in later decades, compare Gas Pump Girls to it's 80's remake, The Bikini Carwash Company , and see where love died and emotionless sex took over As a brief interlude to our double breakdown, here's glance at some classic exploitation genres and suggestions for heavenly viewing: In you're into post-apocalyptic flicks, and you've seen The Road Warrior too many times, check out Exterminators in the Year and Warriors of the Wasteland for good gore and action with football pads, spikes and machinery.

If you like cheesy entertainment and want the most ridiculous of the post apocalypse, go for America and Warrior of the Lost World. They're effin woggos! And if you ever wanted to become a vigilante but were too intelligent to get involved in law-enforcement, Young Warriors and Street Law will fill your void. And if you feel you still haven't reached the hottest seat in hell, and you seek the most depraved, degraded, fucked-up shit ever, you will need to see Emanuelle in America , Blue Movie and Nekromantik 2. If those movies don't satisfy your urge to taint everything, call me; we'll hang out.

Next up: Zombie and other Italian horrors Thanks to Italian filmmakers, people who loved George Romero's Dawn of the Dead can find about 3 dozen cheap rip-offs if they look hard enough. Of all the zombie movies produced in Italy in response Romero's masterpiece, none has been distributed more thoroughly than Lucio Fulci's magnificent Zombie. The movie pays homage to early zombie movies of the 30's, 40's and 50's, taking place on a deserted island where a mad doctor conducts experiments.

Unlike early zombie movies, however, Fulci's Zombie is loaded with gore, style, and some of the creepiest music and zombies ever projected into a theater.