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Uncle Edgar is always shown as a harmless peaceful old man, Leonard is shown in the top hat and tails showing his love for the ways things were.

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Madame Albany wears the suit of a Bondage Queen showing her desire for complete control over everything and her believed superiority. Cordelia is in many ways the complete opposite to Madame Albany. She wants people to underestimate her, she loves chaos and the ability to foil best traps and dresses down. The scene in the castle has a very surreal lean to it, not because of the magic element but due to the fact everyone who had been called together are in their everyday garb and this includes a lifeguard in speedos.

The vault has shades of the trophy room in the Thor movies and the fact so many unusual items go unremarked on is great. The final few scenes hurry along at quite a pace with each of the subsequent murders, each dealing with a character that we now know is one of the magic order.

Discussing how strange she found it living a normal life for 8 hours a day while being essentially super-human outside that time. She uses this and her exile as part of her motivation for taking control. This seems an interesting choice considering the views of the characters on both sides of this story. Is there an element of guilt being subconsciously expressed, the order is guilty of a crime and is now being punished, or the more obvious crimes being committed as part of the power grab.

I think some people found that the previous discussions dragged on a bit and the issue-by-issue discussion put them off, so the consensus seemed to be that having a looser format would encourage people to jump in and talk about whatever parts they wanted to talk about. Hoping to read this today, if all goes to plan…so comments to follow - not read previous posts yet.

Coipel also slips a bit of cheeky french slang into this scene with the title of the magazine that he hides.

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For me 12 issues is the sweet spot for a mini, and 6 is too few. That said, Magic Order, to me, feels like an outline for a story more than a story.

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Everything happens so fast, and bits of backstory are glossed over in a page or two when a little more would have gone a long way. I guess that is what the Netflix show is for! I love the opening page to this series. Does this really well again here. The dialogue balloons we do have are to the point and only serve the story. Reader engaged. Job done. We are very quickly reminded how good an artist Coipel is. Like before this page serves more than 1 purpose;.

Nothing annoys me more than reading a comic and the characters are just saying stuff and it does nothing to add to the book. I also think Dan Slott can be guilty of it and it was one of the off putting side of his otherwise epic Spider-Man run. Millar again is not wasting a word or a panel. The reveal that she was inappropriately addressing a kids party with her life story was hilarious. I think this book has a similar attitude as Wanted in some ways.

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The Venetian is a suitably unsettling character design and he gives a bit of edge to the bumping off of multiple members of The Order, which is essentially what makes up most of the second issue. But some amazing scenes and set pieces compensate for that. Each issue has handful of impactful and memorable moments, so where the series lacks depth it makes up for it a bit in terms of spectacle.

After Leonard is executed Cordelia and Regan are discussing their father, Gabriel and what to do next - it occurred to me then that Uncle Edgar was The Venetian, his excuse for not leaving the house seemed a little thin. I hoped I was wrong, I hate guessing these things and I go out my way to avoid doing so because the surprises in stories are the most enjoyable parts. Then the shadowy figure on the opening page to issue 5 confirms betrayal from someone, quickly followed by Louise being taken to the castle to be looked after by Uncle Edgar and it just all became incredibly ominous.

Albany starts talking about Stalag 17 and all of a sudden, and of course extremely appropriately for a magic book, Millar has just pulled off an incredible sleight of hand and misdirection. So well done that it elevates this whole series to the next level. Because you want it to happen so much that you are willing it to, and when it does it feels like relief; That section when we know Gabe or his wife are in immediate danger was really tense and well delivered. The whole way thru the series until the last pages of issue 5 im thinking the character of Gabriel is a bit of a Godsend, he acts as moral and emotional anchor for the series.

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Lucky Dog. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Jessica O'Conner didn't know about beggars, Jessica O'Conner didn't know about beggars, but she certainly wished for a more comfortable mode of transportation than horseback.

When she first arrived in the magical realm, she had adventures galore.