Guide NHIN: Interoperability for the National Health Information Network

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Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN)

Some have suggested that NHIN Direct is antithetical to HIE-based interoperability as it appears to emphasize point-to-point connectivity between known participants only. The final outcome is uncertain, but I encourage anyone who is concerned to participate now, as its workgroups are just forming and its requirements are just now being developed. Skip to main content.

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Google Tag Manager. Though the eHealth Exchange represents the largest network that serves as a mechanism for health information exchanges, it will never be the only option. The governing agency, a non-profit and public-private collaborative, called the Sequoia Project, is committed to the goal of improving the quality and security of health information. In this capacity, it has also taken under its umbrella, the Carequality framework and aligned with the Commonwell Health Alliance.

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This allows medical providers on any network to access data on other networks. The standards found with Carequality provide for these disparate systems to still access the critical data they need in a secure manner.

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  • Regarding the Privacy Implications of the Proposed National Health Information Network (NHIN)!
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  • With the proliferation of different HIEs and EMR platforms, the eHealth Exchange and Carequality provide the standards that make interoperability easier and lead to better treatment of patient data. Not every service in the cloud matters to developers. Look for these core features, and see which providers stand out when it Cloud orchestration is a critical part of workflow simplification and task automation.

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    • If you prefer open source options, see Organizations have the tough job of creating an overarching view of identity inside and out of the company. One thing they should IT can improve mobile UEM tools provide a baseline of mobile security functions, but to prevent mobile attacks, IT should add a mobile threat defense Hackers know better than to directly attack a well-defended target; learn how they use island hopping attack strategies to elude A robust threat intelligence framework is a critical part of a cybersecurity plan.

      A top researcher discusses what companies need By eliminating the need for remote workers to sign into Active Directory to access their network, OneLogin's Desktop Pro for DataCore adds an HCI appliance based on Dell hardware, a cloud-based predictive analytics engine for proactive maintenance and Unlimited capacity, multi-tenancy and built-in disaster recovery are a few of the cloud storage benefits administrators can use This was last updated in October Related Terms Cerner Corp.

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      Healthcare Data Integrity and Interoperability Standards for Health Information Exchanges

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