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As stated above, Rev. This fact is well illustrated in Rev. Each Roman legion carried and was represented by a Zodiac sign. Using this fact as a clue to the Roman identity of this army, Rev. Like the legions, they also wore breastplates of iron. Notice how accurately they are descried in Rev. The 4 auxiliary units were furnished by 4 kings. There were exactly 20, Roman auxiliary troops during the siege of Jerusalem in A. History confirms that 2 witnesses preached visibly for 3. The miraculous powers the 2 witnesses possess is a natural consequence of their identity which is repeatedly implied throughout Rev The 2 witnesses were killed by Titus at the start of the siege of Jerusalem.

At this time the drought in Jerusalem ended and it rained Wars 5. Rev Babylon is actually both cities that became one flesh from an adulterous affair! The beast and the whore of Babylon are not the same. Jerusalem the whore of Babylon is depicted having sex with Rome Babylon when she sits on the beast in Rev The two become one flesh. Rev 17 echoes Ezekiel Caught in adultery with Rome, Jerusalem was stoned by catapults and burned in A. Thus Jerusalem suffered from both Biblical punishments for adultery— stoning Jn and burning Lev Furthermore, the Zealots of Jerusalem dressed like women and acted like prostitutes during the war with Rome.

Wars 4. Throughout Revelation each kingdom is embodied by its king or quintessential human representative. For ex. Likewise, the whore of Babylon is embodied by the famously beautiful and sexually scandalous Queen Berenice, the firstborn daughter of Agrippa I king of Judaea and Samaria. Rev were also fulfilled in the life of Berenice, the human embodiment of adulterous Jerusalem. The spiritual adultery between Jerusalem and Rome is embodied by the adulterous affair between Queen Berenice firstborn princess of Israel and Titus firstborn son of Caesar during and after the Jewish War.

Babylon conquered Jerusalem in the 6 th century B. In Rev God uses the constellations of ancient Babylon to convey the fate of spiritual Babylon. John sees the heavenly bodies as signs, not as deities. In Rev the whore of Babylon sits on the seven-headed beast while sharing a cup of blood. This is the lady Virgo holding the cup Crater sitting atop the many-headed Hydra. The Babylonian constellation Erua was moved down by the Greeks becoming Virgo. The beast of Rev is the 4 th beast of Dan 7. Rev This beast also has the horns of Israel: The whore of Babylon Jerusalem is seated on seven heads Rev this is also where the 10 horns are Rev implying that the ten horns are Jewish the 10 Zealot leaders.

I believe that the 10 horns are also the 10 toes of the statue of Dan 2 which is a mixture of iron and clay. Da Clay represents Israel. Is , Jr After losing the war, all 10 Zealot leaders in some way forcibly surrendered their authority to Rome. I believe the 4 horsemen of Rev 6 are heavenly beings with human counterparts. Wars 3. Vespasian was also aided by 4 generals. Midrash Rabbah Lam 1.

During the 6th seal in A. Thus began the 7 trumpets and Jewish War! Each trumpet is a battle in the Jewish War, and the Romans sounded each attack with a trumpet. Thus each plague also began at the audible sound of a trumpet! Rivers and floods represent foreign armies. History of the Church 3. The 7 trumpets and bowls were fulfilled in basically the same events. The 1 st bowl is the 1 st trumpet; the 2 nd bowl, the 2 nd trumpet and so on.

As Apocalyptic literature, Rev is ancient poetry. Here real events are poetically depicted as plagues of Exodus fulfilling Dt Mountains are cities in the Bible. The fall of Babylon in the 6th century B. Jer , 42 Babylon fell to the Medes and Persians and was not literally flooded. Josephus mentions a comet that ran across the sky for a whole year.

During this massacre, the Romans pushed many Jews into the bloody water where they drowned swallowed water into their lungs. The Roman army plead with Jerusalem to surrender Roman History The symbol of Rome was the eagle which the army held on a pole. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth!

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Histories 1. Histories 2. Armageddon may be Mt. After the storm of v.

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The one used in Rev is the itinerary stade. The hyperbole of Rev is identical to how the Jewish massacre at Bethar in the 2nd century A. In Rev Jesus leads an army of angels in the clouds. Wars 5. Gittin 56b.

Jn ; The Messiah was expected to rule over a sovereign Israel. Israel was a Roman province so if Israel made Jesus king this would trigger a war.

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A war would result in pillaging and destruction of property invariably leaving the rich penniless, also the Temple, the source of their income, could be destroyed. Col ; Rev ; Roman money often depicted Caesar in divine imagery making it quite literally little idols. These wealthy Jews were killed throughout the war by the Zealots Wars 5. Jesus came a few times after His ascension and before A.

Rev , 16; No candidates for the beast, the lawless one or false prophet are known to have died in the fall of Jerusalem in A. However, an event occurred at the death of Vespasian which strikingly resembles the coming of the Lord on Mt. The Millennium is NOT an end time prophecy! The Millennium began in A. A yrs after the fall of Jerusalem in A. This is the yr reign. Biblical scholars have long known that Gog is in Turkey. Interestingly, in A. This implies that the beast is Rome under its two 1 st century dynasties.

If the beast is cast into the Abyss at the death of Nero at the end of the Caesar Dynasty, this implies that it is not cast into the Abyss again until the end of the Flavian Dynasty A. The 2 most significant events of the eschaton are the fall of Jerusalem, the whore of Babylon, A.

The 2 most significant events marking the end of the millennium are the conquest of Palestine by the Turks, Gog, A. This is powerful confirmation of the idea that the beast is Rome under its two first century dynasties as well as the idea that the 1st crusade is the Battle of Gog and Magog.

As stated above the beast and the whore of Babylon are not the same. In fact, if Rome fell in A. When people heard his voice they thought of The Lovin' Spoonful. And the decision to keep on making music in the same name was bound to be a mistake. Songs like "Amazing Air" and "The Prophet" sound like desperate attempts at making something different.

Even the song titles alone are ridiculous. It also has the worst lyrics to ever be featured in a song by the band.

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They're downright embarrassing. Although it's arguably a stronger song, it feels a bit too preachy for my taste. It's almost like they tried to make it seem more important than it really is, and that applies to the album itself. They could've just started a new band, but that probably would've been too hard for them; it's obviously easier to make music with a recognizable name. Instead we're being brought a self-important mess with some humiliating attempts at psychedelic rock thrown into it.

The perfect example of this is the track "War Games". During its long and tedious seven minutes, there isn't a single note of music being played as far as I can tell. This one has Butler's name on it and I hope he regrets it to this very day. What the song consists of is a bunch of sound excerpts from different films.

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I would call it pretentious but I feel that it's not really necessary at this point. I wouldn't say that they're among The Lovin' Spoonful's best. But compared to the rest of the album, they're great. The songs are well-written and feel like solid pop songs. Joe Butler delivers two consistent vocal performances, something that has -- like many other things -- been dearly missed from this album. As stand-alone songs they're not that interesting, though. What could've ended on a high, in reality ended on a depressing low. It's one thing to conclude their career on a bad note, but this is embarrassing at times.

The Lovin' Spoonful ended with "Everything Playing" and that's how it should be. I consider "Revelation: Revolution '69" to be a bad spin-off that't hopefully going to disappear into obscurity. A happy ending would've been nice, of course. Sadly, The Lovin' Spoonful isn't the band to turn to if you want consistent music.

If you're expecting something fantastic you're going to be disappointed, and that's one thing that's actually consistent throughout their discography. There are couple of exceptions in "Daydream" and Everything Playing" check those out if you haven't and they won't disappoint you. But the thing about The Lovin' Spoonful is that they never tried to break any new ground. They wanted to have fun and, maybe, create a couple of hit singles in the process. And they sure did succeed in that department. There's always a nice atmosphere on their albums and that's why I decided to review all of their studio albums.

No, they won't be remembered like the bands mentioned above -- most people don't even know they exist -- but, that's why I like them. You have to discover them and appreciate them for what they were: a couple of musicians and a songwriting genius who somehow got lost in the folk community and ended up on the radio in the late 60's.

This review brings my The Lovin' Spoonful spree to an end. I thank all of you who actually took the time to read these and I hope I've inspired you to take a look at this band.

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  8. Because they do have some lost gems that are worth sifting through some of their albums for. I do recommend that you get a hold of one of their greatest hits collections if you can't stand the inconsistency that comes with The Lovin' Spoonful. It truly is a fantastic song, and perfectly defines what the band is all about. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Christian Walz The Corner. Christian Walz Paint By Numbers. Christian Walz Christian Walz.

    The Lovin' Spoonful Everything Playing. Everything Playing.