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Each entry provides a synoptic, bibliographic guide to the key literature and most useful online resources in the area of research. This resource provides authoritative and up-to-date guidance to the best literature in the field and will reflect the impact on political science of major political transformations in the world and of methodological advances. This resource provides authoritative guidance in the field of sociology.

This online reference tool combines the features of a high-level encyclopedia and those of a traditional bibliography. This resource provides ready access to key primary source texts and a range of other electronic resources in the area of Victorian literature. Covering European and Mediterranean civilization from the 4th to the 15th centuries, this resource focuses of the Medieval period including a combination of several disciplines from history to literature, from art to archaeology, from religion to gender studies. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography provides access to an illustrated collection of more than 55, specially written biographies of people who shaped Britain's past, from the fourth century BC to the year excluding living people.

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Focuses on the British Isles, empire and Commonwealth. This full text resource presents the second and in-progress third editions of the largest and most authoritative resource regarding the English language. Full pronunciation, meanings and etymologies of over half a million words are presented, with their evolution traced through 2. Collections of review essays in various fields that evaluate current thinking on a topic, and make an original argument about the future direction of the debate. The full text from the edition has been reproduced including notes, bibliographies, further readings, illustrations and musical examples.

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Researchers Alumni Public. Human conduct reflects the components of who we are—our bodies, our minds, and our social worlds. Unraveling each of these domains—the biology, psychology, and sociology of crime—reveals a myriad of potential sources of criminality. Discerning which factors are more or less important and then detailing how they interact with one another requires much research and creative thought.

It is decisively global. And it reflects the paradoxical reality of modern life, including legal life: the sameness at the heart of difference It is also one of the last remaining such nations to practice capital punishment This encyclopedia is a timely and necessary publication for anyone wishing to understand why confinement has become so commonplace in the United States. The encyclopedia is designed to provide reference material and an introduction to historical and contemporary race and crime topics. It supports study, research, and instruction by presenting brief overviews and references to more in-depth presentations in other published sources.

This volume will give undergraduate and graduate students, laypersons, professionals, researchers, and scholars access to information on race and crime topics that heretofore has been difficult to find in one place.

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Such a volume will provide users with state-of-the-art knowledge on the topic. Sage Handbook of Criminological Theory Criminology is the body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon. It includes within its scope the process of making laws, of breaking laws and reacting to the breaking of laws. It offers more than other bibliography initiatives on- and offline by providing expert commentary to help students and scholars find, negotiate, and assess the large amount of information readily available to them.

It facilitates research in a way that other guides cannot by providing direct links to online library catalogs and other online resources. Organizing the resource around discrete subject entries will allow for quick and easy navigation that users expect when working on screen". Each subject module includes a full set of entries covering a range of topics from general overviews to highly-specialized themes.

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Bibliographies are browseable by subject area and keyword searchable". Bibliographies are browseable by subject area and keyword searchable. Bibliographies are browsable by subject area and keyword searchable". Law Complete searchable texts of the Oxford handbooks in law. Each OHO handbook offers "thorough introductions to topics and a critical survey of the current state of scholarship in a particular field of study, creating an original conception of the field and setting the agenda for new research.

The articles review the key issues and major debates, and provide an original argument for how those debates might evolve Oxford Handbooks Online. Wright ISBN: Oxford bibliographies online.