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Roger Quilter Voice. Grieg: Selected Songs for High Voice Edvard Grieg Voice. Mahler: Fourteen Songs including Nine from Gustav Mahler Voice.

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Jules Massenet Voice. Bach: Soprano Arias from Church Cantatas, Johann Sebastian Bach Voice.

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Beethoven: Songs Complete -- 66 songs, mostly Ludwig van Beethoven Voice. Bach: 12 Bass Arias from Church Liszt: Songs, Volume I, Nos. Contact us. Stores Site Search. Need Help?

Gounod: Songs, Volume II, High Voice (French)

Preview Tools. Associated Music Pub. Show 12 24 36 Folksong Arrangements Vol. ME Medium Easy. Three everyday situations are illuminated from a child's perspective in poetic images: a dreamy MA Medium - Advanced. These modern pieces resemble the songs of Benjamin Britten in their use of the voice, In all three pieces, the violoncello represents the very soul of the speaker of these three texts as it moves through many M Medium.

L'elezzione der presidente This album brings Collected Songs, Vol. Two song cycles are included: Another Place, on texts by Mark Strand,