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The Good News Bible taught me the power of words, but also stole my youth

Jackson Brodie, 3 by Kate Atkinson. Answered Questions 6.


Do these need to be read in order? Eileen H. I would. I didn't realize this was a series until I read two out of order. Not earth-shaking, but I would have preferred to have begun at the …more I would. Not earth-shaking, but I would have preferred to have begun at the beginning.

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Larry B I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one confused by this book. I read about pages, then returned it to the library. Is this book appropriate for a preteen who loves reading?

Take the Work out of Workflow

Nickelini Depends on the maturity of the preteen. It's definitely an adult read, but there's no graphic anything. Lots and lots of untimely death though. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Ok How did Joanna know about Billy? Did Billy sell a gun to Joanna? Was it the gun that Decker was killed with? If so, how did he get it?

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Was it suicide or was he murdered? What about Bernie I probably have more questions but I don't want to wear out my welcome. Nickelini I can't answer your first questions. Is it hard to understand for any reason? Would your listeners want to hear you read more? Speed is one important consideration when reading the news.

If you read too slowly, viewers may get bored and impatient and consider changing the channel.

Bad for business

If you read too fast, viewers may have a hard time understanding you. Talking too slowly is less common for students learning to read the news, but if this is a problem you can ask the teleprompter operator at your campus station to intentionally go a little faster than you.

Depending on where you grew up, others may perceive an accent. If you learned English as a second language, you may have an accent associated with your first language. While there is no single correct accent for American English, most broadcasters prefer reporters speak with a General American accent most common in the mid-west and on the west coast —or as close to it as you can reasonably get.

Some people already do this, but for those with a strong accent, becoming more linguistically neutral can be difficult. If you find you have a strong accent, you can listen to reporters or anchors who read the national news—those reading to the entire country have to be the most linguistically neutral—and practice speaking like them. It may not be possible to get rid of your accent entirely, but if you can move it closer to General American, you will probably improve your prospects of finding an on-air job.

If you have difficulty shaking a strong accent, you might consider working in an area where that accent is common.

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  • Univision and Telemundo owned by NBC are national networks, with local affiliated stations. The other languages tend to be represented by small, generally local outlets.