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Podcasts navigate down. Features navigate down. Categories navigate down. Newsletters navigate down. Related Content. There is 'a grave hole in the international response' to violence in Cameroon, IRC says. During a cell inspection forbidden items playing cards and improvised weapons are found and several men from the cell among them Yiu, Micky and Bill, the boss of another triad are brought to ranking warden officer Hung for questioning.

Hong Kong 'Umbrella' protesters sentenced to jail terms

Hung is nicknamed "scarface" by the prisoners due to a characteristic scar. He tries to recruit Yiu as an informant , which he refuses. Following that Hung questions Micky, asking him to let his henchmen search for tools which went missing in the prison work shops serving as makeshift weapons. In return Hung would transfer one of Micky's rivals to a different prison. Since someone needs to be held responsible for the improvised weapons, Micky proposes to claim that Yiu blamed one of Bill's men. Hung accepts the deal and transfers several triad members to another prison as "punishment".

The following night Yiu is dragged into the cell's lavatory by Micky's men and beaten up. Ching attempts to stop them to no avail.

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When one of the guards hears the noise and intervenes, Yiu tells him he just slipped and is left alone for the time being. Yiu's girlfriend visits him in prison and announces to study in England for nine months. Yiu is agitated and asks her to stay in Hong Kong, but is ultimately unable to convince her. Later the day Micky approaches Yiu in the laundry and demands a compensation for the punishment of his triad men. Yiu publicly accuses him of calumny and punches him, which results in a brawl. Yiu keeps his opponents on distance with a sharp piece of broken glass until the guards arrive, but also accidentally hurts Ching with it.

Yiu and Ching are summoned to the prison warden. When asked what started the fight Ching accuses Officer Hung who's also present of having tricked Yiu. The warden promises to have the case investigated and moves both into temporary solitary confinement as punishment.

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Micky is ultimately moved to a different prison and the situation calms down. A year later on New Year's Eve, Ching tells Yiu why he's imprisoned: four years ago he caught his wife prostituting herself, for which he killed her before finally attempting suicide. Their son now lives with the grandmother and regularly visits him in prison. The following summer Micky is transferred back to the prison. After 20 years, prisoners should appear in person before the panel. Aitken, however, knows they face a tough battle.

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The foreman has announced a unanimous verdict of guilty. Mario, the court hears, was born Jan. He was a soldier before coming to Hong Kong in to work.

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His family, a wife and three, children remained behind. But on this, the day of sentencing, he is stern. And that is the sentence on you both. You both go down.

Hong Kong at night: mixology, a jailbird bar and floodlit horse races | Travel | The Guardian

The guard, a good friend, allows Mario to continue filling the A4 loose sheets with his careful cursive handwriting. The tedium and boredom suppresses emotions in inmates; tempers flare but guards move quickly, he writes. He used to sew buttons, a job with ample downtime, but switched after the heart attack to a unit that makes trousers. Less time for writing now, he laments. He writes for himself and others, to newspapers, other inmates, politicians, old friends and, recently, Coconuts HK.

He helps inmates enrolled in courses with assignments, assists the newly incarcerated draft letters of appeal. Many female prisoners write to seek his opinion on how to adjust to prison, or just to tell their stories.

Hong Kong's Joshua Wong on his time in prison

Time flies so fast in my life without knowing it. For 16 years she visited prison every Sunday but, last year, upon the advice of their children, returned to the Philippines, where she now waits for his release. In a recent phone interview, she recalled meeting her husband as a young soldier stationed nearby her home. They married in The first her children learned their father was in prison, she recalled, was when Mario was interviewed for a news report prior to the handover. Next year, Mario is eligible for a special review, a more in-depth assessment of his application for a release date.

Gigi says she has sacrificed much but never given up hope.