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The Arizona band do right by post-hardcore on their immersive new LP, leavening untempered breakdowns with carefully-measured catharsis. A Quiet Divide by Rhian Sheehan. A sublime merger of post-rock solemnity and cinematic grandeur, the composer's first album in five years unfolds as a protean tour-de-force.

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Purchasable with gift card. Abu Dhabi Terminals adds 3 new China-built quay cranes at Khalifa. Video Gallery Photo Gallery Columnists. Basel Express, a cargo ship adrift on the Black Sea, was brought ashore The rescue operation for Basel Express, drifting ship at sea was successfully completed.

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Share Tweet Google Share. Reply this user;. Cargolux ramps up service to Xiamen with BF freighter flights.

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US court denies Atlas pilots' plea to reverse ruling against slowdown. These tags are determined at the creation of the weapon and are usually integral to their construction or function. A weapon's size will also determine how many tags it can have applied to it.

Bulkcarrier "Kyra Panaghia" adrift in Black Sea - ACCIDENTS - SeaNews

Below is a set of base weapons for each size category. Below that is a list of further tags that can be applied, their restrictions, and list of weapons that I have come up with.

Base Melee Weapons. This weapon uses power cells instead of projectile ammo - make all reload rolls with advantage. The weapon is irrevocably destroyed once used. The target must Save on a successful hit or be slowed for 1d6 Rounds.

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Enemies behind cover take no AC bonus when targeted by this weapon. Any artificial or cybernetically-enhanced target must also Save when hit or be stunned for 1d6 Rounds. Armour, unlike weapons, will not have innate tags. However it will still be possible to modify armour to add and remove tags. This tag can be taken multiple times.