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In fact, usage has varied over time. In the past, pronouns were often used asymmetrically I call you vous, but you call me tu , but western Europe increasingly uses pronouns symmetrically If I call you tu, you can call me tu as well.

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In recent years, the polite forms have become less used in some western European countries at least in Spain, Germany and France. That might mean that these languages could eventually change, but in the opposite way from English. So, when English lost thou, it also lost the difference between talking to just one or more people. So, many people would use you with parents, you guys with friends and you lot with kids. When it comes to language, politeness is always there but, in some languages, it is a little more in your face.

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Once again, French, Spanish and German are not actually that complex in making a simple two-way distinction. So why does German have all these different ways of saying the? This is the German case system which spells out the article the differently depending not only on whether it is singular or plural see above , but on its function in a sentence subject, direct object, indirect object, possessor. English has case too actually, but only with pronouns. Once again, English used to be like German but it has lost most of its case system. Articles, demonstrative and adjectives all inflected for case in Old English, so English speakers a few hundred years ago would have found German pretty simple.

German is not alone in having case.

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  7. Many European languages have case and it is also found in many unrelated languages among them Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Dyirbal and many native Australian languages. Symmetry 8. Organizing 9. Memory Matching Attention to detail Word Formation Color balls 2.

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    Vertical match 3. Bingo 4. Odd one out 5. Crossword 6. Complete The Words 7. Rhyming words 8. Letter grid 9.

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    Kids Learning Word Games 8. We do not collect any personal information about kids. In the section to match pictures with the letter they begin with Knife is one of the pictures. Beginning readers are not going to know this difficult spelling.

    Spanish Words, Common Phrases, and Grammar

    Also a Christmas Tree would start with the letter C not the letter X. Those are all common things kids this age should recognize and be able to sound out easily at this age. They are totally in his wheelhouse and keep him occupied for quite a while. I love the fact that even with the free versions the ads are at a minimum. I really like this but, on the complete the word game after every 3 words or so it will not allow my daughter to put in the correct letter. We have to go completely out and back in to resume her game.

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    We just downloaded this game and everything was going fine until we got to the Letter Tiles game. The pictures that are given should be matched to the beginning letter tile. My four year old was very confused when we had to match the Christmas Tree picture to the letter "X". It would also be nice to have the letter sound available when the player touches the letter tile.

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    This could be a really great tool to help teach phonics but I will be uninstalling today. The latest edition of CPT Today, our annual newsletter detailing all the latest news, views and updates in the UK's bus and coach industry, is available for you to view and download from the link below. CPT's in-house political pundit is in action again and predicting the outcome of today's General Election. Andrew took up his post on Monday 16 January. The company, who were not.

    The status, which now has over 25 holders from across the UK, acknowledges the commitment made by Inverness to understand and meet the requirements of coaches, drivers and passengers arriving in the city. The status acknowledges the commitment that the City of Perth has made to understanding the requirements of coaches and welcoming their drivers and passengers to the city centre.

    Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the awards brought together over industry professionals to recognise and celebrate excellence and innovation across the sector. John took up the post on Tuesday 5 May. Nantwich becomes the 22nd holder of this prestigious title - the fifth location in the North West - along with Southport, Chester, Bury and Liverpool.

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    The new charge will apply from 1 January. This year the survey is expected to capture nearly 45, passenger views across England and Scotland. Something very close to our hearts is the issue of Community Transport. You will therefore be interested to see the letter below click on link updating you on the latest developments and also seeking your help to gather more ammunition to continue to fight for the level playing field we all wish to see.