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Feeling Angry

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Soon after, the American Red Cross recruited Joy to write two self-help books for kids with related educational materials that addressed the subjects of Human Dignity as put forth in International Humanitarian Law and Peaceful Conflict Resolution as put forth in the Geneva Conventions. In , the materials developed for Amnesty International, the United Nations, and the American Red Cross were updated and incorporated into a single edutainment program called Kids for Global Peace.

The program features animated characters called The Junkroom Band and includes an interactive website, 36 two-minute music and dance television interstitials that combine live action with animation , three electronic comic books, and three teachers guides that teach kids about Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Peaceful Conflict Resolution. According to Scholastic Corporation , "Joy Berry knows kids. Joy Berry's realistic understanding of kids and her pragmatic approach to educating and empowering them began with a childhood vow to one day " Fourteen years later, armed with a California Lifetime Teaching Credential and 10 years of experience as a child caregiver, recreation director, camp counselor, and teacher aide, Joy Berry began a public school teaching career in which she taught the second, third, fourth, and fifth grades.

She supplemented her teacher's salary by establishing and maintaining high quality after-school and summer programs.

Let's Talk About Being Good Read by Joy Berry

She also created a highly acclaimed preschool and daycare center. Several years later, she created a second preschool and daycare center that grew into one of the top three infant-through-early elementary private schools in Southern California.


Joy Berry's experience as a teacher and school administrator led her to conclude that in addition to academic subjects, children need to learn living skills. When she discovered that these materials were non-existent, she began filling the void by creating and developing self-help materials that speak directly to children. In the 30 years Joy Berry has been an educator and author, she has been the best promoter of her products. She has successfully pitched buyers on behalf of her publishers, presented successfully at major sales conferences and industry meetings, and has been featured in several highly successful media tours.

In addition, Joy Berry has spoken at education conventions such as American Library Association , National Education Association , National Association for the Education of Children, and National Parent Teacher Association and has been a consultant and script doctor for almost every major studio as well as other entities that produce media for kids. The Joy Berry Classics collection of books is divided into seven series which are designed to address childhood issues at every age.

All books feature free downloads , which includes but is not limited to : Tips for Parents, Read Along Soundtracks, and Original Music. Very young children often develop irresponsible behavior when they are not encouraged to assume responsibility for their actions and reactions. Parents often foster irresponsible behavior by perceiving children as helpless and incapable of assuming responsibility for their lives. These books accomplish this by helping children understand and handle appropriately the people and experiences that they encounter in their everyday lives.

This inner turmoil can manifest in unacceptable behavior that can be troublesome to parents as well as children. The purpose of the LTA books is to educate young children regarding their emotions as well as the emotionally charged situations they encounter so that they can understand and handle these emotions and situations in positive instead of negative ways.

The normal egocentricity of young children often leads to misbehavior that evokes unwanted responses from others.


These unwanted responses can lead to a destructive cycle of negative action and reaction. The purpose of the HMBG books is to help break the cycle of negative action and reaction. This is accomplished by each book defining a misbehavior; explaining the cause of the misbehavior; discussing the negative effects of the misbehavior; and offering suggestions for replacing the misbehavior with acceptable behavior.

Children are often ill-equipped to assume responsibility. Failure to function responsibly can result in a lack of meaning and productivity that can lead to dissatisfaction and regret. The purpose of the LS books is to teach children the information and skills they need to live intelligent, responsible lives.