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Like everything else in this movie. This should be Hugo's signature movie. Detective Sergeant John Steele is just as cold-headed as the association his last name may give you. No matter what, he always manages to pull a trick out of his sleeve. Whether it is because he just is who he is, or because the tough street investigation has influenced him over the years, he is notorious for his use of methods that are strictly illegal, but that gives the best results. Methods that terrify and manipulate the suspect to give away the wanted information. Methods that treat a person like a dirty rat.

This time, he's on a case that drains him nuts. He thinks their suspect is a serial killer. The more time he spends with the rat, the more he becomes convinced- he KNOWS the guy is guilty for murder. HE knows- and wants Fleming at any cost. But the problem is- he needs proof. Legal evidence. And that's where all the hullabaloo starts. Aside from a tough cop who threatens everyone in his path to conquer his quest, which includes fellow co-workers AND his superiors as well as enemies like some psychopath, Steele is shown to have humanity in at least one scene. Prior is a Senior Constable, but he still has people below him that he allows himself to step on.

The suspect aside, you've got to feel sorry for the lower Probationary Constables. Already there, it says a lot about how terrible the karma is in the police department. But there is an explanation for Prior's behaviour. Chief Inspector Jackson Actor: Paul Sonkkila Steele's and Prior's boss- the first command of the department, leading all investigation.

99. Find Her

He does his best to keep a good profile on the right side of the law, but it isn't easy to maintain order when his best people are threatening their name and career. Jackson is seemingly the most sympathetic character, if any. He remains polite in any situation, and doesn't have the brute or strict apperance of his subordinates. Despite the critic circumstances, he doesn't seem to be able to degrade Steele or bid him farewell in any way!

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Barry Walls Actor: Michael Caton This mysterious, sneaky man with the moustache is on a visit to the Police Head Quarters, and he wants to exchange a couple of words with Steele. It is revealed that he's a newspaper journalist, as he's got the mission to write about one of Steele's inquiries.

Barry Walls works as some kind of link between those in the police department, and will prove to be helpful to Steele. Fleming seems entirely sympathetic: not only is his treatment harsh for a simple car theft investigation but he is unemployed and has recently lost his wife and home. At first, they seem to have little to pin on him, yet go over and over the most mundane details of his life. You know, Steele thinks Fleming is a serial killer. But the trick is to not let the suspect realise what they truly are after, so they make it seem like a car theft.

Fleming isn't the only one being kept an eye on. They fear because of his illegal methods of investigating, already too many of his cases were thrown out by the courts. Secretly, secretly. Having a certain amount of information for cases he's writing about, he hints that the owner of the stolen car is gone missing. Aha- maybe the few clues they have will match better now. Among the evidence gathered are handwritten signatures on verious documents, such as a letter, matching with notes from pieces of paper they found in Fleming's apartment. Detective Prior threatens, intimidates, and cusses out Fleming; while the Sergeant badgers the suspect in a chillingly calculated way and tries to pin a series of murders on him, covering it, of course.

They have very little to go on, as they hold him for 5 hours of questioning without even feeding him. He asks for food several times, but is never given any, only false promises. Fleming then calls for a lawyer. The lady solicitor tells him not to say anything; they will have to either charge you or let you go in a reasonable time.

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Because of the way the Australian legal system operates, she can't stay with him during the interview. If she did, she could become a potential witness for the prosecution on a subpoena. Thus, Fleming is left all alone with the two detectives, and has to find the end of the tunnel by himself.

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The Sergeant immediately drags Wayne Prior with him up onto the outside roof and treats him brutally. It seems that the subordinate detective manages to convince Steele he has nothing to do with the matter. Steele obviously doesn't trust anybody, and in order to function properly as a team, you've got to have trust in your co-workers. They still try to cover it, but Fleming gets their interest by telling them they're not doing it right- the best evidence for murder is the victim's body. When the detectives finally get the suspect to confess, he can't shut up and gives them a number of serial killings he said he did.

If Fleming was given food earlier and then confessed, the car theft would have been reason enough to capture the suspect and with the little evidence they've managed to gether, that would be it. But they believe he's a murderer and want to charge him for that. It appears that the police investigators have tangled themselves into quite a mess, threatening their career further.

As Fleming tells about the murders, flashback sequences are shown. As we know, she's from an unit department investigating the Police's ethics. She brings the video tape to her superior co-worker for further decision. Once proven in the court, it could mean the end of those we know in the Police department. Sergeant Robran Actress: Glynis Angel A subordinate is there to support and help with the investigation, as well as making sure its superior is on the right track on the job. This woman can't seem to get in an agreement with her superior, who always gets the last word. Inspector George Hudson Actor: Peter McCauley Like the Police Sergeant investigates criminals on the streets to gather evidence of their illegal actions in the name of peace and order, the Detective Inspector of the affairs unit investigates investigators for the same purpose- he's what Steele is to Fleming.

An orderly man of the rules with apparently no scruples, who eventually turns out to be no more flawless than the ones below him. As the one who's in charge for investigation whenever there are complaints about police powers being used on the wrong side of the law, he and Sergeant Steele are old aquaintances. Actually, Hudson has been tracking Steele frequently and often, which has led to the belief that he has a vendetta against the Sergeant. Despite always playing a dominant and important part, he's seldom mentioned in reviews. Well, more fun for me! It's refreshing to see Peter taking on a coldly strict role, after having watched him doing adventure and comic relief for quite some time.

Serious is just the surface, however- whether it is the performance of speech, the chemistry or the overall slyness, the actor manages to bring tension to even the dry, harsh character that is George Hudson, which blends perfectly with the role. What matters is that Steele has gone over the line; the whole interview isn't worth a penny for having been driven by everything but fair play.

Well, that's the way George Hudson sees it. Robran thinks Hudson is a little bit too focused on Steele's person, but she can't do much else than trusting his decisions. Fleming sees an opening, and honestly tells the investigators' superior what has been going on. The interview procedure is concluded in disappointment. Still, Steele won't give up, at any cost. He tells Steele and Prior that there's still possible to prove that Mr. Fleming is guilty, IF he can gather enough legal evidence.

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So Steele, Prior and several subordinate policemen are rummaging through the archive of newspapers they took from Fleming's apartment, but when they get back with found proof of evidence, Jackson states it's already too late; decisions are made by the ethics team. There's an immediate moment in which Jackson wants to exchange some words with Steele, but not exactly friendly chit-chat.

Jackson now knows everything the ethics investigators know, and Steele is temporarily replaced by a different Sergeant on the Fleming case. Steele isn't too happy himself- it turns out that their boss has leaked out complaints behind their backs. Poor Jackson- it's not easy to take important decisions with subordinates that are generally skilled, but doesn't operate in the manner of the law. Therefore the suspect is set free! Steele attempts at convincing them that THEY have indeed nailed some great evidence legally by videotaping every single bit of all conversation.

But no. Rulebook'' won't crack- his argument about the law beats Steele's. Further, Hudson announces he'll be interviewing the two investigators. It's interesting to note how Hudson seems to tease Steele on purpose, just to make him expose himself as the corrupt loser he is to Hudson, that is. He calls Barry Walls the journalist with the moustache , tells him he sits on a hot topic, and the two meet secretly.

Steele gives him the interview tape and his inquiry notes to publish to the newspapers, probably hoping to highlight the belief or FACT, according to Steele that Fleming indeed is a killer. It could be the only hope they have to save the department's reputation and career. The roles have changed.

Now the detective Sergeant has to play the role as the suspect. Hudson states Steele's disregards of the law, now captured on tape. Pete is a cop's cop. Jim is a green rookie. Pete's job is to impart to the younger man everything he knows, train him to be a good officer. This is how the two met. Rookie Blues is flash-fiction, an 'origin story' to the Boys in Blue novellas.

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Who's Next? Language: English. Published: November 23, When a young officer is shot at by an unseen threat, he must find the threat; but when this troubling threat uses the officer's brother against him, he must attempt to get to his brother in time before he meets his death. Words: 2, Published: March 24, Words: 3, Published: July 15, This is a short story that introduces amateur detective and blogger Grace Steele and her world to readers.

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Words: 19, Published: April 27, by Gemma Halliday Publishing. How could something as sweet and wholesome as a gingerbread-house contest lead to a murder investigation? Just include the ex-first-lady of Massachusetts, Helen Binney, on the judging panel and require a unanimous decision for the prizes. The other judges are dampening Helen's Christmas spirit, and she's beginning to think that someone involved in the contest is a killer targeting her friends. Words: 8, Language: Dutch.

Published: February 8, Een naakte vrouw, dood geschoten, ligt in een greppel. Politieman Marcel Sturing is als eerste ter plekke. De vrouw blijkt onbekend. Ze wordt niet vermist maar toch is er een misdrijf dat opgelost moet worden. Marcel Sturing gaat op onderzoek. Ook keert hij terug naar de plaats van het misdrijf. Daar liggen opeens opeens witte tulpen, netjes gerangschikt, in de vorm van een verstilde hardloper….

Stillness and Storm by Joseph H. Liaigh Price: Free! Words: 4, Published: April 13, A mysterious rider arrives in the coastal town of Angle River during its winter sleep. Is she just visiting 'the friend of a friend' from the old country or is she "a quiet angel of death with a soft Irish voice" come to tap her victim on the shoulder?

Words: 9, Language: British English.

Published: February 15, by j-views Publishing. John Steele does what the police can't do; what the police won't do. Theft, infidelity, murder, and animal cruelty are just a few of the crimes he has to investigate. It might be easy for him to cross over the line too far if not for his Gramps, the former police chief, keeping him in check. No Signal Price: Free! Words: 25, Language: English. Published: March 30, Private eye, John Steele, just wants to solve cases and keep those around him happy.