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Detesta lavorare e ama la bella vita.

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Ha pubblicato I hate music, Roma k. Thomas Laureyssens of MAP-it After a first experience of participatory map in the previous edition of Babel, leads the residents of Metropoliz to explore the space of the squat. With the help of Thomas they can express and view their considerations on a map through a set of icons stickers, overcoming all the difficulties of communication in a heterogeneous group. The reflections of this workshop, as already happened in the first MAP-November it will be compiled into a summary map that can be used as a guideline for future interventions.

The workshop will be in May 18 h Can we evoke interesting social interactions among people in public space by adding interactive interventions? Can the users of public space be made more conscious about the state of the urban space they passively or actively engage in? After an introduction the technology, projects are developed by group collaboration.

La politica internazionale di Donald Trump, la Ue, l’Italia

The last day we install and test the prototypes on location. Designers, street artists, architects, DIY-fanatics, technologists, performers… who are not afraid of some hands-on building, hacking or urban performance. For instance: Old speakers, toys that make noise, other interesting objects to take apart or re-use, spraypaint,…. Its up to the participant to decide which type of boundaries to look for. These can be social, aesthetic, conceptual, architectural…Participants are challenged to look to the city in a creative but critical way. Urban ReWorkShow Laboratory is a group of architecture students who intend to study and to intervene in those urban areas often forgotten and denied to the citizens, the goal is to encourage the re-appropriation through laboratory design and construction, aiming for a reactivation of space expressed in terms of collective participation and communicated through a new spectacular scenery.

Through collaboration with community and social centers, which act every day in these critical situations, it is possible to develop alternative responses to those not provided by the official circuit of Land Management. The methodology of the group is to start from the analysis of the specific characteristics of the place and then realize the answers in a shared process of reconfiguration and redevelopment through AutoRemounter and sustainable design, seen especially in textural and economic terms.

independent biennale of critical housing

The hope is to offer good conditions of living and sharing the urban environment and at the same time sensitizing the community to participate and a conscious use of the places where we live and relate. Introduction by Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka Warbear. When the campaign proves futile I enter a magical animated world where I observe and am greeted by colorful and flamboyant wildlife.

Dedicated to friend Sam Lopes. The Bride of Palestine is a traditional Palestinian reference to the ancient port city of Jaffa. As the loving caregiver to the tree, both Raafat and the olive tree as symbol for the Palestinian village are two figures who have never left the place.

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In this video she uses words that to me, go across culture and are related to Aborginal Culture, and come from years of old, converted Anusian religion Anushim are crypto-Jews forced to convert in Portugal and Spain who escaped to be early settlers of New France. So much of the content is to render and recodify a sense of who the woman is. At the end of the video I fall in the water, I collapse, I fail in the water, to be a woman who can reproduce, can reproduce either Jewishness or Aboriginalness, on foreign territory.

The image of her storytelling is interwoven with imagery of Hattab dressed as a mermaid on the shore of Al-Manshiyeh, the northern Palestinian neighbourhood that borders the sea and Tel Aviv. Locals report that the police felt compelled? Una storia del potere in Europa. Popoli, marcati, stati.

La politica internazionale di Donald Trump, la Ue, l’Italia | MarxVentuno Edizioni

Prologo de Jacques Santer. Epilogo de Marcelino Oreja Aguirre. Cassano Franco. Il pensiero meridiano.


Cassano Franco, Danilo Zolo. Rivista italiana di scienze politiche. Rivista quadrimestrale. Dainotto Roberto. Europe in theory. Dumoulin Olivier. Maria Matilde Benzoni, Brunello Vigezzi. Hazard Paul. Hume David. Moral, political and literary. Green, T. Lowe Lisa. The Intimacies of Four Continents. Source and sentiments. Embodying meaning and emotion. Melion, B. Mason Peter. Representations of the Exotic. Ortelius Abraham. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. Pagden Anthony. Peoples and Empires.

Europeans and the Rest of the World, from Antiquity to the Present. Prosperi Adriano. Ripa Cesare.

Numéros à paraître

Verga Marcello. Wintle Michael. The Image of Europe.