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He has established his own musical school in which he teaches,More about the instrument but he also performs a lot. The diatonic accordion is an instrument, with which mainly popular folk music has been played, but nowThe diatonic button accordion is a member of the aerophone fam- appears with people like Nejc, who due to their knowledge and ex-ily or air musical instruments. It consists of three components, i. Did you know? With players, they composed the largest orchestra in the world. He enjoyed word painting in the style of the madrigal, yet he couldAn unusual musical instrument, neither a flute nor a whistle, was write the simple Ecce quomodo moritur justus later used by Georgefound embedded near the remains of a 50, — 60,year-old Frideric Handel in his funeral anthem The Ways of Zion Do Mourn.

The natural shape of the chosen left thighbone and its size important patron of music on Slovenian territory.

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He had at hisand artificial repurposing is ergonomically sound and adapted for home a quite new — for the time — keyboard instrument: a virginal. Therefore, it cannot be random. The instrument was popular in Europe during the late Renaissance This incredible find is at least 10, years older and significantly more functional than all other previously known Palaeo- lithic flutes in Europe made from bird bones by the first anatomically modern humans.

That is why we can no longer simply speak of a flute, but rather of amusical instrument of a special kind, one that profoundly changedour views of the Neanderthal, who went extinct 30, years ago. This famous discovery was made during excavations in His outputwas both sacred and secular, and hugely prolific: over workshave been attributed to him. His most notable work is the six-part Opus Musicum , a collection of motets that would eventually cover the li- turgical needs of the entire ecclesiastical year.

But Auersperg wrote his name into the It was an aristocratic establishment and one of the annual duties ofhistory of music as an inspiration to one of the greatest composers, the members was to celebrate the feast day of St Cecilia.

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Its activi-Cipriano de Rore. Musicians did not perform just foreign composi- century. The institution influenced their style orientation andHe was an enthusiastic supporter of church music and folk singing.

The 19th century was particularly impor- tant in Slovenia for the consolidation ofThe Institutionalisation of Music the national consciousness. Academia Philharmonicorum, following the model of similar soci-eties in nearby Italy. And event more important than the music were the texts, which were supposed to fill the listeners, particularly the numerous ama- Founded in , the Philharmonic Acad- teur singers, with national pride. Therefore, this period witnessed emy is the oldest European association the blossoming of choral signing.

At the turn of the century the Slo- outside the Roman and Anglo-Saxon re- venian Music Society played an important role in the flourishing of gions. Slovenian music. The important composers of that period include Janez Krstnik Novak, a representative of Slovenian classicism, and the brothers Alojz, Gustav, and Benjamin Ipavec. A number of Czech compos- ers working in Slovenia during this period also had a profound influence on Slovenian music history. Of particular note is Anton Foerster, who in wrote the first Slovenian national opera, a charming work entitled The Nightingale of Gorenjska.

These now constitute an importantbasis and source of inspiration for contemporaryperformers and participants in folk music revival. At the beginning of the 90s, Slovenia discovered Magnifico, who wearing a Dionysian garb on his debut album called Od srca do srca From Heart To Heart , transformed simple folk songs to modern pop, substanti- ated with techno rhythms, rock guitar riffs and guttural vocals of the female vocal group Katice.

Renewed interest in folk music, which con- tained both searching for more authentic forms of musical expression as well as a more cosmopolitan approach to musical heritage, coincided with the search for identity in the newly created country. In the late 70s and early 80s music, especially among young audiences, and gave quite success-a small group of musicians and avant-garde collectives took over ful concerts abroad.

Onthe other hand, the first conscious move towards a more authentic During the last decade, from the periphery in particular, new folksound stemmed from Istria. Group Istranova prompted a renewed bands are appearing that favor local dialects and build on the eclec-interest for Istrian music in the early 80s and thus caused a local folk tic selection of local folk and global music aesthetics. Those mu-sicians shape their vision of folk music on the basis of multigenre Slovenian poet Milan Dekleva said that memories tremble in theand technological possibilities and collaborations, in accordance voice of this singer of folk ballads and other songs, the narrator ofwith their individual musical and aesthetic preferences, regardless fairy tales, collector of folk traditions, leader of the School for Art ofwhether it is about flirting of folk music with jazz Maja Osojnik, Storytelling, storytelling workshops at various places and folk sing-Vasko Atanasovski , rock Orlek or global musical styles Sagar, ing vocal workshops.

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Vesna Zornik, Fake Orchestra. Fake Orchestra soon proved that traditional African, cred expression of the power of a nationBrazilian, Slovenian and jazz rhythms, melodies and harmonies can and its soul. They are love. The soul is theeasily coexist under the same roof. When you sing, you connect with the eternal. To get in of present-day use of traditional music touch with your soul is not easy, and modern man, lost in materi- is the group Terrafolk, who won a presti- alism, is looking for his soul. Beauty and youth are venerated, but gious Audience Award at the BBC Radio there is no room in this society for the old and the wise.

They are 3 Awards in with their virtuosic and familiar with worshipping the outward appearance — and it fades, explosive mix of original songs and Bal- sooner or later. When you sing, you live better. You connect with the kan music. Group Katalena is also extremely popular, folk music, stories and dialects in the school system. Unfortunately, we start to appreciate things only when we lose them. At the forefront is the24 Government Communication Office. It is necessary to return to the roots, find the strength, believe in yourself and invent new careers out of it. Our identity lies in the local cultural heritageand distinguishes us among ourselves, and this is the wealth ofEurope.

Many people, especially younger generations, are awarethat we have lost the touch with our roots and the heritage of ourancestors. Ev-erything is a vibration, a sound. Man expresses himself with a voice. I am trying to open up that voice to people in the simplest of wayswith new techniques of awareness. Our voice is our self. This is notchoral singing, not an opera, not pop rock, and neither just humanvoice, old and valuable — because it can be developed only with thehelp of tradition in the community, when people are spontaneouslysinging together for decades.

The natural voice is about genuinecontact with yourself, it is about conscious singing, which appreci-ates a human as a whole being with body, soul and spirit. Anyonecan sing. We are learning about each individual element, represent-ing the quality of nature — fire, water, air, soil. To be courageous. The natural way of singingfolk songs has its own laws. Songs of Prekmurje are particularly beautiful.


They are aninvaluable heritage. Folk songs say so. The resulting songs are is concurrently exploring the developmentabout important events from birth to death, from of natural human voice in relation to nature,morning till night, all doings, all desires and all advocates for the inclusion of folk music,moods. Photo: Personal Archives. The Slovenian Philharmonic is one of the oldest orchestras in the world. Yesterday More than years have gone by since the first concert in the building this was back in , which houses the Slovenian Phil- harmonic Orchestra today.

A further artistic boom, both in music and other areas, brought enlightenment and left its strong mark. It was then that the Philharmonic Society was founded, and quickly lured citizens, traders, teachers, priests, and others into its circles. The Philharmonic Society accepted every- one into its membership who it consid- ered would help to advance its aims and objectives.

Its honorary members were also foreign music lovers, who were ben- eficial to society with their brilliant musi- cal talents and merits. Each contributed to the develop-air through his work and into Slovenian music. During its first sea- ment of our institution and to collabora-son, the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra performed times. At tions with names such as Ricardo Muti,the time, in the midst of the formation of Slovenian national iden- Anna Netrebko, Tan Dun, Sir Neville Mar-tity, the establishment of the Slovenian Philharmonic signified a riner in their own way Moreover, the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra collaborated withThe Slovenian Philharmonic we know today was formed in on rock bands — the most notable collaboration was the one with thethe initiative of the composer Marjan Kozina, conductor Samo Hu- Slovenian group Siddharta and Sting.

TomorrowToday The Slovenian Philharmonic is entering a new era with big plans and grand concepts. They never run out of ideas in this institution. During recent years, the ensemble has collaborated with symbols of the persistent efforts of high musical culture in Slovenia. However, I believeThe orchestraSuperior musical names are classified among the guests of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra. More than 90years have gone by since the Ljubljana ballet ensemble,and soon after also the opera orchestra, started out asprofessional institutions.

Today, a number of Slovenianconductors, singers and instrumentalists are known theworld over. Some famous classical ballet creations were staged inthe very first years of its existence, and its repertoire was also enriched withrecent Slovenian works. Slovenian opera and ballet have always been closely associated with the culture of the Slove- nian nation in the broadest sense of the word. The Slovenian opera house has made connections with the world and world-renowned artists, and contributed a number of artists who have signifi- cantly marked the environment of top musicians, singers and ballet dancers.

The Slovenian opera has welcomed great composers, conductors, directors,choreographers and many others who have helped to shape the overall im-age of the opera and ballet in Slovenia. Opera and ballet were formed at atime when the whole of Europe was marked by great spiritual changes, whenenlightened monarchs sought to make ambitious rearrangements of thestate administration, when the self-confidence of the bourgeoisie grew rap-idly, when science finally freed itself and when finding the joy of living in acurrent milieu became a priority. In that period, many theatre buildings werecreated in cities and noble residences throughout Europe.

He is theSlovenians are proud of some extraordinary opera artists who en- first Slovenian who has conducted the Vienna State Opera. Here arejust a few. But only the music scene since , both in the field desire of people who are connected and of opera and of concert music. He assumed the position of the chief conductor and artistic direc-tor of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in He has per- Art is, in his words, bound to the time in which it originates, and itformed in opera houses throughout Europe, Japan, the USA and somehow mirrors it.

He for more than 40 years, she remains a conscious Slovenian and hasis becoming a global interpreter of a very demanding opera reper- always represented Slovenia around the world. They wanted to changeneva, Switzerland. It is the name of my father, my family; it isWhat Letonja means to the international opera scene can be seen a wonderful Slovenian name.

Within this project, Marko Letonja received mezzo-soprano and alto comes from the well-known Slovenianmany awards for his performance of the Twilight of the Gods from musical family. A splendid introduction to the Viennese audi-ence with The Queen of Spades opened doors for his engagementin the following seasons, including the new production of The Talesof Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach. Abbado, N. Harnoncourt, W. Sawallisch, G. Solti and oth- Bernarda Fink - one of the most successful Slove-ers. Her first performance as Delilah in the opera Samson and Deli-lah at the Bregenz Festival was a spectacular success.

She gained nian vocal interpretersher first stage experiences as a member of the State Opera ensem-ble in Vienna, and she later acted as a member of the Hamburg and As the daughter of Slovenian parents, she began her musical edu-Bavarian State Opera. She also received the highest Slovenian posers. She regularly performs in the major music centres, such as the Musikverein and Konzerthaus in Vienna, the ConcertgebouwAnd the most internationally renowned Slovenian solo instrumen- in Amsterdam and Wigmore Hall in London. She performed at thetalist. Carnegie Hall in New York and many other concert halls around theBetween and , she acted as the principal flutist for the world.

Since , she has been teaching at the Salzburg Hyperion Records and was nominated,Mozarteum, one of the most prestigious music academies, to along with her brother Marko Fink and pi-which she was invited by the then Minister of Education. At the time, critics wrote that her playing was so brilliant and pure, and her tone so clear, that it bordered on perfection. They have known each other for a long academies abroad, they believe that eventime, since they met in competitions for young cellists.

Under the name 2Cel- greater emotional effect than numerouslos, they have produced exceptional videos and three albums, given classical compositions. Vapirov, A. Donchev, S. Yankulov, D. Karamfilov, and M. Tchaikovsky, G. Holst, E. Grieg, G. Vinter, A. Raychev, V. Stoyanov, and L. Denev Jr. Time: Venue: Archeological Museum.

Jazz enthusiasts from around the world converge on Bulgaria next week for the Bansko International Jazz Festival As usual, daily performances take place on the main stage at Nikola Vaptsarov Square in Bansko old town. The open air concerts are free of charge, beginning each evening at Here is the complete daily schedule of performances at the Bansko International Jazz Festival Vlatko Stefanovski Trio Macedonia. Axel Zwingenberger Germany. Patrizia Laquidara Italy. Spaghetti Swing Italy. Side Steps Quintet Germany. Seven Switzerland.

Lilly of the West Bulgaria. Djabe Hungary.

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Roundella Italy. Late night jamming every night from to Check out all three locations:. Brazilian percussionist Claudio Kron do Brasil leads a workshop using authentic instruments. Come along on this entertaining Afro-Brazilian rhythmic adventure, reminiscent of the dynamic percussion sounds heard around the Rio Carnival each year. Admission is free. All ages and levels welcome! Need a place to stay during the Bansko International Jazz Festival ?

Use our search box below to find hotels and compare prices across all the major booking networks. Find the best deals available today! Experience the beauty of Bansko, Bulgaria. A scenic mountain village, ski resort, and home of the Bansko International Jazz Festival Bachvarov was born in Medven and attended school in nearby Kotel and Sliven, both early centers of Bulgarian public education, where he sat under the tutelage of Sava Dobroplodni, Dimitar Ruskov, and especially Dimitar Hadji Kostov, with whom he seemed to enjoy a close personal friendship.

Upon completing his studies Bachvarov became a teacher in his hometown, where he was active in much more than simple classroom instruction. In he led an initiative to construct the first purpose built school building in Medven, on a plot of land donated by Vasil Stanev specifically for that purpose. From he led movements to replace Greek with Bulgarian as the language of education in the school and to break away from the Patriarchy in Constantinople. Bachvarov enjoyed the love and respect of his fellow villagers throughout his long teaching career. Bachvarov worked for a short period in Aitos, Burgas Province, from The school in Aitos was still under heavy Greek influence, but on arrival in he quickly changed the language of instruction to Bulgarian.

In he established the first Chitalishte in Aitos, which he christened Redeemer. The main activity was as a library, and he was its first librarian. It is still operating today, now bearing the name Vasil Levski , providing a broad selection of cultural activities for the town. In the Bulgarian families of the village Malko Chenge today Karageorgievo decided to open a school and Bachvarov took up teaching duties there. Since the village had no school building, classes moved from house to house.

In his short time there he acquired a reputation as a skilled and dedicated teacher. Despite close contact with revolutionary leaders, Gospodin Dimov Bachvarov survived the War of Liberation and continued teaching in Medven. He died in He completed his early education in the local church school, studying under beloved local teacher Gospodin Bachvarov. After that he worked as a shepherd in the Dobrudzha, northeastern Bulgaria, and finally apprenticed under a tailor in Ruse.

Along with similar villages such as Zheravna , Gradets, and Neykovo. It is famous for its traditional wooden architecture and well preserved 19th century national revival period homes. The early settlers engaged in animal husbandry, mainly shepherding, and the production of homespun crafts. These trades sustained the village throughout its history. Medven also enjoyed the status of a military village, providing contract services to the Ottoman troops. Until the war of liberation, Bulgarians lived side by side with Turks in the area around Medven.

It was found among the ruins hidden in a niche. Lords of Acid also promotes various forms of sexuality for everyone, and makes their music about the enjoyment of sex. Where Rockbitch made the show about gaining attention for themselves, not that different from pop stars who flaunt how fuckable they are.

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