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If you can't trade with the odds in your favour, you're going to lose and we have already told you why. Another reality is that forex trading involves risk. Day traders think their restricting risk and will have small losses - sure they do but over time they get a lot of them!

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Of course one of the well known phrases of trading is "cut your losses and let your profits run" this totally alien to forex day traders - what do they do when they get a profit? They snatch it! So they have lots of small losses and a few marginal profits even day traders get lucky and the result is the demise of their account equity - PERIOD. If you want to win at forex trading - forget forex day trading and either try forex swing trading or long term trend following, where support and resistance levels can be used to generate high odds trades.

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Today, most traders are looking for an easy buck and forex trading is not easy, they buy day trading systems with the illusion of low risk, regular profits and that's all it is an illusion. The reality is a wipe out of equity. Avoid forex day trading, if you want to win at FX Trading. Top Searches on. Share this article :. Click to see more related articles.

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