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Hillstrom points out in her book, Testing the Spirits , that a growing number of academics also associate UFOnauts—whoever, or whatever, they are—with historical "demons". UFO investigators have noticed these similarities. Vallee himself, drawing from extrabiblical literature on demonic activities, establishes a number of parallels between UFOnauts and demons…. Yet if a portion of "flying saucer" activity is in the biblical sense demonic, what nefarious purpose would be served by the stealthy nature of UFO phenomena? According to some, the answer is diabolical.

UFO-ism, they say, is aimed at preparing the earth for an extraterrestrial "return of the creator gods. This will happen in two ways:. First, alien religion—as reported in hundreds of abduction cases—is one of evolutionary humans "on the verge of extraordinary telepathic and technological emergence" in which transhumanism will pave the way for harmonic and spiritual convergence to the community of space brothers. Second, from a technological standpoint, UFO sightings challenge the claim of human superiority and dispute our unique role in the universe.

We are made to feel shallow, undeveloped, unenlightened if we consider rejecting the new universal religion. ETs bearing this message often point out that "they" will be reappearing at any moment to assist us in this—our next big evolutionary, spiritual, and technological step forward. Claims of extraterrestrials visiting the earth in ancient times and interacting with men is referenced throughout ancient history, including sacred texts.

As illustrated in the two views above, ufologists differ in the definition of who these creatures were and what they were doing. And they took wives for themselves from all those that they chose…The Nephelim were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when the benei Elohim came in to the daughters of Adam, and they bore to them—they were Powerful Ones which existed from ancient times, the men of name. We are told these benei Elohim were "extraterrestrial" creatures known elsewhere as "watchers," "sons of God," and "rephiam. They represented themselves as "gods," and their offspring, the Nephilim "fallen ones" , made war with the Hebrews.

Yet some think these beings could be planning something now, an "alien invasion" or discovery designed to deceive the human race. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. The message is: Beware if world authorities begin "disclosure" by pointing to ancient mysteries, megaliths, pyramids, the Face on Mars, UFOs or anything else as proof of an ancient visitation of planet earth by creator ETs.

Deception, we are told, will follow. Others argue that to depict ET as either godly or satanic is to trivialize the debate; that in a sense ET is neither… and both! Just as "good" and "bad" angels exist or "good" and "bad" people exist, ET comes in all personality types, races, and temperaments. The Grays, who are most usually associated with abduction, might be perceived as evil or at a minimum impersonal , while other aliens are good guys. This list was sent anonymously but a lot of the names can be verified by others in files on this site and others who expose government corruption, black projects, coverups and aliens.

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Just pray for God to reveal it to you. Being a reptilian is something that must be activated through drinking blood and ritual among those who possess the serpent DNA. Not all those who possess this DNA are reptilian. Reptilians in human form are also called shapeshifters and can go between looking human one second, and a lizard-like reptilian the next.

For more information on blood and rituals click here. Candidate Dems. From: Children of the Matrix. Arizona told me how the Queen and Queen Mother regularly sacrifice babies and adults at many ritual centers , including Castle in Balmoral, Scotland, where they were staying at the time Diana was ritually murdered in Paris. The royal family involved in human sacrifice was fantastic enough, but here again came the constantly repeated theme. In a telephone conversation about ritual abuse, Diane asked me if I could explain why many of her clients reported that participants in their rituals had turned into reptiles.

People might want to dismiss all this, but they should know that, while they close their eyes and their minds, children are being sacrificed all over the world this very day by the reptilian bloodlines — many thousands of them on the main ritual dates. Arizona talked about some of her experiences with Queen Mother :. None of her cohorts even trusted her. They have names an altar mind-control programme after her. They call it the Black Queen. I have seen her sacrifice people. One was 13 and the others You need to forget that the Queen Mother appears to be a frail woman.

When she shape-shifts into a reptilian, she becomes very tall and strong. Some of them are so strong they can rip out a heart and they all grow by several feet when they shape-shift This is what the lady said who saw Edward Heath , among endless others. She just went crazy, stabbing and ripping at the flesh after she shape-shifted into a reptilian. When she shape-shifts, she has a long reptile face, almost like a beak and she is an off-white colour.

The Queen Mother looks basically the same, but there are differences. She the Queen also has bumps on her head and her eyes are very frightening. I have seen him sacrifice children. When Andrew shape-shifts, he looks more like one of the lizards. The royals are some of the worst. Ok, as far as enjoying the killing, enjoying the sacrifice, and eating the flesh, they are some of the worst of all of them. Who are you going to tell, who is going to believe you? They feel that it is their birthright and they love it. They love it.

This same concept has not however escaped contemporary mainstream culture which appears to be on a spiritual quest and the Bible is not the exclusive source of unusual documentation. With a torrent of recent fiction and non-fiction literature, television, video games and movies, these nasty angels are hot — and not in a hellfire and brimstone concept.

These interests are finding expression in previously diverse but increasingly bizarre cultures from the primal to the ultra-sophisticate. Never seen it or heard of it? According to a letter in which sculptor Johnson wrote to Mr. Charlie, as I understand he is now dubbed, should be very happy in his new home. What may appear to be evolutionary and spiritual ascent, may well be the summoning of horrific ancient entities. As radical as this position might appear, Tom Horn is not alone. They feel that academicians have neglected significant evidence and been dismissive of any effort to examine or authenticate an enormous volume of collaborative evidence.

Predisposition repudiates serious scholarship and contaminates subsequent examination. The Hebrew people were warned not to communi cate with these spirits, and when the witch of Endor did so, they ascended up from out of the earth 1 Sam. Based on such texts, it is reasonable to believe that beings of superintelligence sometimes referred to as gods are equivalent to those whom the Bible depicts as moving through openings of sky, earth, and sea during interaction with this planet s creatures.

Some of these multidimensionals are more restrained than oth ers, yet in most cases they can by invitation ascend or transcend these gateways, presenting themselves as light bearers or angels of light. When Saul asked the woman with the familiar spirit 1 Sam. The Endorian witch may have identified one of these gods as the deceased Samuel, but many Christians are uncomfortable with the idea of communicating with the dead and insist the reference had to be to something else.

Exactly what else this being might have been is the question. In , famed occultist Aleister Crowley attempted to cre ate a dimensional vortex that would bridge the gap between the world of the seen and the unseen. The ritual was called the Amalantrah Working and according to Crowley became suc cessful when a presence manifested itself through the rift. He called the being Lam and drew a portrait of it. The startling. Ron Hubbard Church of Scientology founder conducted a second ritual, the Babalon Working, in an attempt to reopen the gateway created by Crowley.

The two men were not seeking audience with Lam. Instead they wanted the spirit of Babylon, the archetypal divine feminine, to pass through the portal and to incarnate itself within a human being. Many adepts of Enochian magic and Ordo Templi Orientis believe they succeeded and that shethe whore of Babylonwalks the earth today. It would come as no surprise, as Babylonian and earlier gods have been depicted as coming through gates for some time.

A popular hypothesis, sometimes called the Ancient Astronaut theory, claims that superintelligent beings have been visiting the earth through dimensional gates for eons. According to the theory, these are the gods of mythology and are responsible for creating the human species. In the introduction to his bestselling book, Chariots o f the Gods?


I nevertheless proclaim that these strang ers annihilated part of mankind existing at the time and produced a new, perhaps the first, Homo sapiens. As was illustrated in the Hollywood films, Contact and Close Encounters o f the ThirdKind, von Danikens premise tookAmerica by storm in the s with the proposition that mankind was possibly the offspring of an ancient, perhaps ongoing, extrater restrial experiment.

Ufologists like Daniken assert that the gods of the mythological record may have been evidence of, and a reaction to, encounters with other-world beings. According to such theorists, ancient men would have considered space travel ers as gods and would have recorded, via hieroglyphs, megaliths, and stone tablets, these space travelers arrival, experiments, and departure as a supernatural encounter between gods and men.

Daniken continues: While [the] spaceship disappears again into the mists of the universe our friends will talk about the miracle The gods were here!.. Then their texts will relateand drawings will showthat gods in golden clothes were there in a flying boat that landed with a tremendous din. They will write about chariots which the gods drove over land and sea, and of terrifying weapons that were like lightning, and they will recount that the gods promised to return.

They will hammer and chisel in the rock pictures of what they had seen: shapeless giants with helmets and rods on their heads, carrying boxes in front of their chests; balls on which indefinable beings sit and ride through the air; staves from which rays are shot out as if from a sun Some accept this as an alternative to the biblical account of creation and believe similar activity continues via abduction by small, typically Grey aliens, who supposedly pilot UFOs and con duct various experiments on unwilling victims.

Such activity is seen as the malevolent relationship between certain humans and these gods of creation. Radical aspects of their proce dures often include impregnating abductees and later removing hybrid embryos. It is uncertain how many support this theory, but approximately eighty percent of Americans alone believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Some, like the thirty-nine members of the Heavens Gate cult, who committed suicide in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and who believed they were being summoned by a UFO trailing the Hale-Bopp Comet, subscribe to an eerie amalgam of mysticism and conventional religion. According to the Bible: When mankind had spread all over the world, and girls were being born, some of the supernatural beings saw that these girls were beautiful, so they took the ones they liked In those days, and even later, there were giants [Nephilim] on the earth who were descendants of human women and the supernatural beings.

Todays English Version, Gen. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ speaks of these days of Noah as being comparable to the time leading up to his return and to the end of the age Matt. Are cur rent UFO visitors, and resultant abductions and experiments, the same as those of Noahs day? If so, why have heavenly beings visited and continue visiting the earth, and what is this genetic tinkering with creation about?

One theory says when the protoevangelium was given the promise that the seed of the woman would produce a child who would crush the serpents head , supernatural beings, perhaps aliens or fallen angels, appeared from heaven and performed genetic alterations on human DNA to intercept, pollute, and cut off the birth line of the Messiah. As Pharaoh destroyed the Hebrew children so that the deliverer might not be born, as Herod sought baby Jesus in order to have him killed, as the dragon of Revelation 12 waits to destroy the seed of the woman as soon as it is born, so too some believe Satan wanted to stop the promised seed by sending supernatural beings to alter the human race.

Yet my friend I. According to Thomas, Satan as opposed to aliens was trying to produce a race of mutant warriors to exterminate the Jewish race and, worse, to genetically alter creation from the image of God to one of Satans own. From Thomass point of view, this explains why people like the Sumerians of Mesopotamia, whose legends preceded much Hebrew folklore, brought with them a pantheon of deities, and why subsequent religions adopted similar ideas of powerful beingswith names like Zeus and Apollowho visited the earth, marrying women, and fathering half-human children.

The Ancient Astronaut theory and the teaching of theologians alike look to the prehistoric legend of Watchers mysterious beings who first appeared in the early cultures of the Middle East to discuss the Anunnaki Sumerian Gods , Nephilim giants referenced in Gen. We find: The Egyptians originally migrated from the biblical land of Shinar, which means the Land of the Watchers.

Some inter pret this Nibiru as a distant planet while others say it should be translated, Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came. The Bible refers to Nephilim, which also means those who came from Heaven to Earth.

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In the Book of Jubileesa. Thus, Enoch refers to the Watchers in the High Heavens as separate from the ones on earth. The fallen class of Watchers are considered by some to be the same creatures who in the Book of Jude are called the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation After studying this and other ancient records, I.

Thomas concludes that recent UFO abduction activity may indicate a return of the servants of the Watchers, the lesser angels that followed the two hundred, as we approach the end of the age and the coming of Armageddon. Do biblical and extra-biblical records support the ancient astronaut theory that alien creatures traveled from distant planets or different dimensions and geneti cally tinkered with Homo sapiens? Were these flying geniuses afterward honored in the images and folklore of the gods of mythology? Or is Thomas correct in that Genesis and similar books are a record of fallen angels acting in accord with Satan?

We may find out sooner than we think. Unexplained phe nomena are occurring all around us, and reports of beings moving through portals i. Whoever or whatever these beings are, the reality of their activity can no longer be doubted. It should be noted that versions of these assumptions are accepted by general camps of Ufology both those restrictively from the biblical worldview and those outside that view.

These assumptions are:. That beings of myth were at least at times based on authentic interaction with superintelligences of unknown origin. That certain mythology as well as anomalous historical records were the efforts of men to interpret these eye witness accounts and visitations. We begin with the religion of Sumeria, as it was the first known organized mythology and greatly influenced the foundational. The question of origin of Sumerian belief has interested scholars and historians for more than a millen nium.

Specifically, where does one find the beginning of the gods of Sumeria? Were the Sumerian deities the product of human imagination, or the distortion of an earlier prehistoric revelation? Were they mythologized heroes, or as subscribers to the Ancient Astronaut theory believe alien visitors whose appearance gave birth to legends and gods of mythology? More importantly, did the gods of Sumeria reflect the emergence of a real, perhaps spiritual, influence operating through pagan dynamics?

It was as though from out of nowhere the Sumerians sprang onto the scene over 5, years ago, bringing with them the first written language and a corpus of progressive knowledgefrom complicated religious concepts, to an advanced understanding of astrology, chemistry, and mathematics.

The three common theories regarding the origin of Sumerian myth are: 1 the Euhemerus view, 2 the ancient astronaut view, and 3 the biblical view. The Euhemerus view is based on the theories of the Greek scholar Euhemerus, who claimed the pagan gods originated with famous ancient kings who were later deified. The more popular theoriesthe Ancient Astronaut and the biblical viewapply an event that is believed to have occurred, during which early humans were visitedperhaps even altered-by superintelligent beings.

The earliest legends of Sumerian myth begin with the belief in god Anu as the creator of all things and ruler of heaven. A later struggle between the ruler of the heavens versus the power of the air occurred after Enki, the god of wisdom and water, created the human race out of clay. It appears that Anu, who was at first the most powerful of the Sumerian gods and the ruler of the heavens, was superseded in power and popularity by Enlil, the god of the air.

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To the Christian mind this could be perceived as a record of Satan, the god of the air, continu ing his pretence to the throne of God, and his usurpation of Yahwehthe Lord of the heavens. Correspondingly, in the Enuma Elish a Babylonian epic , Marduk, the great god of the city of Babylon, was exalted above the benevolent gods and extolled as the creator of the world.

Marduk was symbolized as a dragon called the Muscrussu, and his legend also appears to contain several similarities of the biblical account of creation. The Adapa Epic likewise tells a Babylonian legend roughly equivalent to the Genesis account of creation. In it, Adapa, like Adam, underwent a test on food consumption, failed the test and forfeited his opportunity for immortality. As a result of the failure, suffering and death were passed along to humanity. Finally, in the Epic o fGilgamesh one can find startling similari ties to the biblical Flood record deeply rooted in ancient Assyrian and Babylonian mythology.

In , George Smith discovered the Gilgamesh tablets while doing research on the Assyrian library of Ashurbanipal at the British Museum. As he interpreted the text, a legend emerged: Gilgamesh, the king of the city of Uruk, was told about a great flood from his immortal friend, Utnapishtim the Sumerian equivalent of Noah. Utnapishtim described for. Gilgamesh how the great god Enlil had decided to destroy all of mankind because of its sins. Enlil sent a plague which failed to persuade mankind of better behavior.

Consequently, the gods determined to exterminate the human race. Enki, the lord of the waters, was not happy with the other gods for this decision and warned Utnapishtim of the coming deluge, instructing him to tear down his house and to build a great boat. Utnapishtim obeyed Enki, built the vessel, and sealed it with pitch and bitu men.

The family of Utnapishtim loaded onto the boat together with various beasts and fowl. When the rains came, the doors were closed, and the vessel rose up above the waters. Like Noah, Utnapishtim sent out a dove, and later a swallow, to search for dry land. They both returned. Later, a raven was released, and it never came back. After several more days the boat came to rest on the top of a mountain where Utnapishtim built an altar and offered a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the gods. As the gods smelt the sweet offering, all but Enlil repented for sending the flood.

For over a hundred years the story of Gilgamesh was con sidered by many to be nothing more than myth. Then, in April of , archaeologists in Iraq announced the discovery of what they believed to be the lost tomb of King Gilgameshthe sub ject of the oldest book in history. Scholars began to wonder: if Gilgamesh actually lived, should anything be made of the stories about his superhuman status as a demi-god? He is said to have been two-thirds god and one-third human, like the biblical accounts of Nephilim.

Were other records of myth potentially the accounts of actual interaction between heroes and men? As has been and will continue to be discussed throughout this book, biblical and extra-biblical records seem to indicate there might be more to this mythology than myth. As the sun arose above Sumer, the alluvial desert of the Middle East came alive with agricultural activity. In a valley forged between the twin rivers of the Tigris and the Euphrates, magnificent walled cities awoke to the chatter of busy streets and marketplaces.

In what the Greeks would later call Mesopotamia between the rivers , the worlds first great trade center and civiliza tion had developed. The opulent Sumerian cities of Urthe home of AbramUruk, and Lagash, had become the economic machines of the ancient Middle East, and industries from as far away as Jericho, near the Mediterranean Sea, and Qatal Hiiyiik, in Asia Minor, competed for the trade opportunities they provided. Yet, while the prehistoric people of the East looked to the Sumerians for their supply of daily bread, the Sumerians themselves gazed heavenward to the early rising of Utu Shamash , the all-providing sun god, as he prepared once again to ride across the sky in his mule drawn chariot.

Utu was not alone among the gods. By now the Sumerian pantheon provided the earliest known description of organized mythology, consisting of a complex system of more than three thousand deities and covering nearly every detail of nature and human. There were gods of sunshine and rain. There were vegetation gods, fertility gods, river gods, animal gods, and gods of the afterlife.

There were the great godsEnlil prince of the air , Anu ruler of the heav ens , Enki, the god of water , and more. Under these great gods existed a second level of deities, including Nanna the moon god , Utu the sun god , and Inanna, the Queen of Heaven. As the centuries passed, the god and goddess wor shipping cities of the Sumerians began to fade away. The flourishing fields of agriculture that provided the under pinnings of the great Sumerian economy were depleted of fertility through over irrigation, and residue of salt buildup appeared to chaff the surface of the land.

The city-states of Sumeria: Kish, Ur, Lagash, and Umma, damaged by a millennium of ruthless infighting among the Sumerians, finally succumbed to militant external forces. The barbarian armies of the Elamites Persians invaded and destroyed the city of Ur, and Amorites from the West overran the northern province of Sumer and, subsequently, established the hitherto little-known town of Babylon as their capital.

By BC, Hammurabi, the sixth king of Babylon, conquered the remaining cities of Sumeria and forged northern Mesopotamia and Sumeria into a single nation. Yet, the ultimate demise of the Sumerian people did not vanquish their ideas. Sumerian art, language, litera ture, and especially religion were forever absorbed into the cultures and social academics of the nations sur rounding Mesopotamia, including the Hittite nation, the Baby-lonians, and the ancient Assyrians.

Horn and Jones 15, In addition to the Sumerians elaborate pantheon, stories of flying discs and tales of the transdimensional gods who flew in them as well as the gateways through which evil and benevolent influences sought entry were passed on to succeeding faiths. Such gateways, or stargates, were later represented on earth in Assyrian archways built through elaborate construction cer emonies and blessed by names of good omens.

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Colossal stone creatures stood guard at the gates and palace entries to keep undesirable forces from coming through the portalsimpor tant imitative magic thought to represent heavenly ideas. In what some believe to be reference to ancient UFOs, Sumerian engravings on clay cylinders speak in very similar language to the winged discs found throughout Assyrian mythol ogy in association with Ashur, the flying god of war.

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Ashur is believed to be a later version of Ahura Mazda, the good god of Zoroastrianism, who is opposed by Ahriman. In each case these beings are depicted coming through or descending from the sky on flying discs. Similar stories are repeated in Egyptian hiero glyphs as well as in the literature of Greece and other cultures around the world.

A benefactor of the Sumerian ideas, and a people who would ultimately make their own contributions to the ancient mytholo gies, was an old and flourishing population of agrarians known as the Egyptians. From northern Mesopotamia to the Baltic Sea,. The military superiority of the Egyptian army demonstrated its ability to subdue the threat of resistance, and as a result, allowed the Egyptians to maintain a hegemony that extended from the Nubians to the Hyksos.

Yet, in the final analysis, it was the influence of the gods of Egypttheir magic, myths, and ritualsthat provided the Egyptians with a lasting place in history and brought following generations into an immense, enlightening description of ancient mythology, including a wealth of information regarding the dynamics and supernatural possibilities of pyramids, paganism, and portals. Prehistoric Egyptians held the premise that the oceans preceded and in some way contributed to the creation of the living cosmos.

From the Fifth Dynasty Pyramid Texts, the Heliopolitan theory of creation states that Atum the sun god Ra independently created himself from a singular expression of self willan act visualized by the Egyptians as a divine egg that appeared upon the primordial waters of the all-filling ocean called Nun, out of which Atum, He who created himself, emerged. Interestingly, Egyptians described Ra as navigating the heav ens in a flying boat.

Horus was a descendant of Ra and flew through the heavens on a winged disc as well, which shined with many colors Budge. A hieroglyphic in the temple at Edfu describes one such event: So Horus, the Winged Measurer, flew up toward the horizon in the Winged Disc of Ra; it is therefore that. Then Horus, the Winged Measurer, reappeared in the Winged Disc, which shined in many colors; and he came back to the boat of Ra, the Falcon of the Horizon And Thoth said: O Lord of the gods!

The Winged Measurer has returned in the great Winged Disc, shining with many colors. Later, when Shu and Tefnut became lost in the universal ocean of Nun, Atum exhibited his paternal care by sending out his Eye, which had the curious habit of detach ing itself from Atum and of thinking independent thoughts, to look for them. The flying Eye of Atum found the child gods and eventually returned to discover that Atum had grown impatient during the wait and had created a second eye.

In order to placate the hostility that developed between the two divine eyes, Atum affixed the first eye upon his forehead where it was to oversee and rule the world of creation. Thus the Eye of Atum became the jeal ous, destructive aspect of the sun god Ra. To avoid getting lost again in the all-filling waters of Nun, Shu and Tefnut procreated Geb the earth and Nut the sky and thus provided the more stable elements of earth, nature, and the seasons.

Later, Geb was conceptualized as cohabit ing with Nut and producing four children of his own: Seth, Osiris, Isis, and Nephthys. O f these, Osiris and Isis grew into. Seths murderous act was followed by the jackal-headed god, Anubis, assisting Isis with the embalming of her slain husbandbrother Osiris, an act through which Anubis secured his position as the god of embalming. Then, while still in mourning, Isis summoned the wisdom of Thoth, which she combined with her own proficient magical skills, and produced a resurrected Osiris, who, in turn, impregnated her with Horus, the god of daylight.

Horus promptly avenged his fathers death by killing the evil brother Seth. Another version of the myth claims that Horus was born to Isis only after she impregnated herself with semen that she had taken from the corpse of Osirisevidence perhaps of advanced science such as artificial insemination or even cloning. The god Seth was angry and sought to destroy Horus. Note how Isis seeks help from Thoth, who comes in a flying craftthe Boat of the Celestial Discas recorded in the Metternich Stela: Then Isis sent forth a cry to heaven and addressed her appeal to the Boat of Millions of Years.

And the Celestial Disc stood still, and moved not from the place where it was. And Thoth came down, and he was provided with magical powers, and possessed the great power And he said: O Isis, thou goddess, thou glorious one, I have come this day in the Boat of the Celestial Disc from the place where it was yesterday I have come from the skies to save the child for his mother. Another story claims that Seth persuaded his brother Osiris to climb into a box, which he quickly shut and threw into the Nile.

Osiris drowned, and his body floated down the Nile river where it snagged on the limbs of a tamarisk tree.


In Byblos, Isis recovered the body from the river bank and took it into her care. In her absence, Seth stole the body again and chopped it into fourteen pieces, which he threw into the Nile. Isis searched the river bank until she recovered every piece, except for the genitals, which had been swallowed by a fish Plutarch says a crocodile. But Isis simply replaced the missing organ with a facsimile and somehow was able to reconstruct Osiris and impregnate herself with the phallus.

Temple prostitutes represented the human manifestation of the goddess and were available for ritual sex as a form of imitative magic. Much of the details are no longer available, but it appears these prostitutes usually began their services to the goddess as a child and were deflowered at a very young age by a priest or, as Isis was, by a carved phallus of the god Osiris. Sometimes pros titutes were chosen, on the basis of their beauty, as the mates of sacred temple bulls. Such bulls were considered the incarnation of Osiris, whereas in other places, such as at Mendes, temple prostitutes were offered in coitus to divine goats.

Regardless, from this time forward Osiris was considered the chief god of the deceased and the judge of the netherworldthe dark and dreary underworld region of the dead. In human form Osiris was perceived as a mummy, and, paradoxically, while he was loved as the guarantor of life after death, he was feared as the demonic presence that decayed the bodies of the dead. Such necromantic worship of Osiris and Isis grew to become. In Abydos, Osiris was called the god of the setting sunthe mys terious force that ruled the region of the dead just beneath the western horizon.

He was venerated in this way primarily because death, and specifically the fear of ones estate after death, grew to constitute so much of Egyptian concern. In the funerary texts known as the Book o f the Dead, the most elaborate magical steps were developed around the Osiris myth to assist the Egyptians with their journey into the after life. It was believed that every person had a Kaa spiritual and invisible duplicateand that such Ka accompanied him or her throughout eternity. Since the Ka provided each person with a resurrected body in the kingdom of the dead, but could not exist without the maintenance of the earthly body, every effort was made to preserve the human corpse.

The body was therefore mummified according to the elaborate magic rituals passed down from Isis, who, according to legend, singularly perfected the rituals of mummification through her work on Osiris. Wooden replicas of the body were also placed in the tomb as a kind of substitute in case the mummy was acciden tally destroyed, and additional protection for the corpse was provided through the construction of ingenious burial tombs specifically designed to hide and preserve the human body for all of eternity.

Finally, curses were placed throughout the tomb as a warning to intruders. At death the Egyptian Ka departed from the body and, accompanied by the hymns and prayers of the living, used the formulas memorized from the funerary texts to outsmart the horrible demons seeking to impede the Kas progress into the kingdom or hall of Osiris.

Arriving at the judgment hall, the. If the deceased was found lacking in virtue, he was condemned to an eternity of hunger and thirst. If the Ka was determined to have belonged to an outright sinner, it was cut to pieces and fed to Ammitthe miserable little god dess and eater of souls.

But if the deceased was judged to have lived a virtuous life, the Ka was granted admittance into the heavenly fields of Yarn, where foods were abundant and plea sures unending. The only toil in this heaven was to serve in the grain fields of Osiris, and even this could be obviated by placing substitutionary statues, called Shawabty, into the tomb.

There is some evidence that the forty-two demons or judges of Osiris were in some way related to the prehis toric legend of the Watchers. As mentioned in chapter 2, the Egyptian people originally migrated from the biblical land of Shinar, which some say means the Land of the Watchers.

In the Egyptian Book o fthe Dead there are prayers for deliv erance from these Watchers who came from Ta-Ur, the Far Away Land, and in the Book of Jubileesalso known as the Apocalypse of Mosesthe Watchers are compared to the super natural beings mentioned in the sixth chapter of Genesis as having come down from heaven to cohabit with women, a union ultimately leading to the birth of the giants.

The Apocryphal Book of Enoch also associates the creatures of Genesis 6 with the Watchers, as previously noted in chapter 2. In either case, whether the Watchers are considered to be from.

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The Egyptians were desperately afraid of these netherworld watchers, and a significant amount of time was spent deter mining how to placate the judgment of Osiris and his forty-two demons. The worship of Isisthe sister-wife of Osiristhus became integral. As one of the most important goddesses of ancient mythology, Isis was venerated by the Egyptians, Greeks, and the Romans, as the goddess of a thousand names and as the undisputed queen of magical skills. Her enchantments were so powerful that she even forced the reluctant sun god Ra to reveal his most secret name.

She accomplished this by conjuring a magic serpent that bit the sun goda reptile whose venom was so potent that it brought Ra to the point of deaththus he surrendered his hidden and powerful name to the goddess. In response, Isis uttered secret words which drove the serpents poison from Ras body. Afterward, the victorious goddess cele brated by adding Ras powerful and hidden name to her archive of divine words.

Isis magical words were considered by the Egyptians to be of the highest importance for the preparation and navigation of this world and the afterlife. This was because Isis not only pos sessed secret words, but she instructed her followers as to how, when, and with what vocal tones they were to be uttered. If the proper words were pronounced perfectlyat the right time of the day and with the proper ceremonythey would have the effect of altering reality, manipulating the laws of physics, and of forcing the being or object to which they were directed into compliance, including evil spirits.

An example of this form of magic is found in the Theban. Recension of the Book o f the Dead and depicts Isis as provid ing a spell for controlling the forty-two demons of Osiris. The formula consists of an amulet made of carnelian that has been soaked in the water of ankhami flowers.

The amulet is supposed to be placed around the neck of the dead person in combina tion with the spoken words of magic. If performed properly, it would empower the Ka of the individual to enter into the region of the dead under the protection of Isis, where the Ka would thereafter move about wheresoever it wanted without fear of the forty-two demons of Osiris. The only Egyptian who did not benefit from this partic ular spell was Pharaoh and for a very good reason.

Although Pharaoh was considered the son of the sun god Ra and the incarnation of the falcon god Horus during life, in death he became Osirisjudge of the netherworld. On earth, Pharaohs son and predecessor would take his place as the newly anointed manifestation of Horusthe divine son of Ra and earthly rep resentative of the supreme god of cosmic deities, in short, god on earth. Thus, each new generation of pharaohs provided the gods with a spokesman for the present world and for the afterlife.

Donald C. Jones, stood outside the Great Pyramid in Giza and pondered such knowledge and where it had been derived. Who among the ancients would have been capable of building a single structure over thirty times larger than the Empire State Building? By the most conservative. It was also constructed by builders whose knowledge of the earth and of planetary systems was so advanced that the Great Pyramid faces true North, South, East, and West while also standing at the exact center of the Earths land mass and at a height exacdy that of the earths mean sea level.

One would hypothesize that the leader of such a people would have indeed been perceived by ancients as a god on earth. These dissenters mysterious reasons will be introduced in chapter 4 as the gods of Greece are examined. Patrick Heron published his study after delving into the history of the pyramids, seeking to explain who built the structures, how they acquired such mathematical and astronomical knowledge, and what advanced technology was used in the construction.

The answer he came up with was astonishing: the pyramids were built by the Nephilim. After reading Herons explanations, I pointed out to him that the prophet Isaiah was most probably discussing the Great Pyramid of Giza when he prophesied, In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord.

And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt Is. Patrick answered me with the shape of things to come. He believes New Jerusalem is pyramidal, as opposed to cubic in shape, and that Watchers conveyed this design to the Nephilim following what they had seen in heaven.


Like Egyptian heritage, the Greeks may teach us something of what was learned from Watchers and their offspring. The Greeks began with the Dorians who came out of the north by the tens of thousands. They were nearly invincible Indo-European invad ers riding in horse-drawn chariots of war. Between and BC, they conquered most of the indigenous inhabitants of the Middle Eastfrom the inland people of Asia Minor to the Macedonians and beyondand they did it in the name of their sky god, the thunderous and fearsome Zeus.

The Dorian mix of Sumerian legend included Mycenaean and Minoan inter pretations as well, blending numerous religious concepts into an influential society of gods eventually known as the Olympians. A complex system of lesser deities developed beneath these prin ciple gods including Adonis, Selene, Hypnos, Asclepius, Eros, and Hercules.

We find particular interest in the character of the king of the gods, Zeus. There was scarcely any part of Greek life in which Zeus was not involved. He was Zeus. His firmly held position as the supreme and high god within Greek religion was easily verified by archaeology, not the least of which was the discovery of the great temple of Zeus, a masterwork that stood in the southern part of the precinct of Zeus at Olympia in the Altis forest and exhibited the famous gold and ivory colossus of Zeus by Pheidias destroyed in AD , a masterpiece estimated to have been the greatest work of art in all of antiquity and one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world.

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In addition to being the king of the gods, Zeus was a pow erful presence in everyday cult and ritual. His principle oracle stood at Dodonathe chief city of Epirus and the land of the oak treeswhere a shrine to Zeus had existed since the second millennium BC. For a while the Dodona oracle even rivaled Apollos famous one at Delphi. At Dodona, Zeus pro vided inquiring mortals with divine guidance by whispering through the leaves of sacred oak trees attended to by bare-footed priests called Selloi.

At other times Zeus communicated through the splashing of water in a nearby sacred spring, or through the cooing of sacred pigeons. Eventually, he simplified his answers, and worshippers cast lots or interpreted the echoes of a gong to receive his divination. But it was the oak tree oracle at Dodona that claimed to be the oldest in Greece and the father of gods and men. In the ancient Minoan settlement of Hagia Triada, Zeus was called Zeus Welkhanos, which means the god of the willow tree. He was also known by the name Welkhanos at Gortyna and at Phaistos where he was somehow ritually associated with his lover.

The cult worship of Zeus and Leto in Phaistos was curious in its own right because it connected the ancient elements of earth worship the children of Gaia conversing through various nature manifestations, i. In fact, the worship of Zeus was sometimes overshadowed in Phaistos by the cult of Leto as the Cretan youths cast off their boyish garments during their initiation into manhood.

The fes tival was called the Ekdysai, casting off and was associated with the myth of Leucippusa peculiar legend in which a baby girl, Leucippus, was born to a woman named Galatea who pre ferred instead to have a son, and so she persuaded Leto to let the girl change her sex into that of a boy when she grew up. During the Cretan initiation the young men lay down beside a statue of Leucippus in the temple of Leto where the blessings of growth and fertility could be invoked. In Pergamum, perpetual sacrifices were offered to Zeus upon his towering and famous forty-foot high altarthe same artifact that now stands inside the Berlin Museum.

Some schol ars believe St. Antipas, the first leader and martyr of the early Christian church in Pergamum, was slain for resisting this altar worship of Zeus. Tradition holds that St. Antipas was slowly roasted to death inside the statue of a bullthe symbol and com panion of Zeusand some claim that the passage in Revelation 2.

Others believe this passage refers to Caesar worship, while others contend the phrase in Revelation 2. Nonetheless, the argument could be made for a Pergamum connection between Zeus and the biblical Satan, as both were. Zeus was also known as the king or prince of the air, as was Satan Eph. Altars were dis covered near Pergamum dedicated to Zeus Kataibates, which most accurately means Zeus who descends, reminiscent of Jesus who said, I beheld Satan as lightning fall [descend] from heaven Luke The references of Zeus who descends and the opinion of this as testimony to Lucifers fall are interesting when one contemplates the next logical question: Where did Lucifer fall from?

Some suggest the original domain of Lucifer was among the celestial bodies and that he literally fell from the heavens. We fictionalize this belief in our novel, The Ahriman Gate-. As it turned out, Renaldo believed Ezekiels citation of Lucifer moving up and down amidst the stones of fire was a reference to the once-glorious beings dominion of the planetary belt, including Mars. He had long thought the Cydonia Face and pyramidal structures near it were curious, potentially illustrating a past Martian civiliza tion that, if proven, would provide physical support for the Bibles account of prehistoric war and the subsequent expulsion of Lucifer and his angels from the heavens.

Keep in mind, Renaldo shared over the phone, Such evidence might also provide background for the building of the pyramids and similar structures on Earththose monuments whose technical requirements seem far in advance of ancient mans comprehension, the physical construction of which may predate Adam and Eve.

The astronomical features built into the Great Pyramid alone are startling: how the four corners face true north, south, east, and west; how the antechamber. Jones, a history scholar in his own right, was fully aware of the pyramids enigmas, yet now as he listened, he learned something he didnt know. In the same area, other structures form a perfect equilateral triangle in what some experts at NASA are now calling the city complex. Copiously scribbling the Bishops thoughts as he spoke, Jones said, I wasnt aware of the city complex, but the qualities of the enormous face are astonishing.

Eyebrows over eye sockets with pupils. A parted mouth with lips and teeth. A nose tapered back toward the forehead. A crown strikingly similar to those worn by Egyptian and Mayan royalty. Jones had done his homework before calling the scholar. Renaldo agreed. Mathematicians have pos tulated the chances of the face arising by chance at a thousand billion, billion to one, so it is significant.

Significant enough to convince you its real? Jones had asked. In my opinion, if what we are seeing in NASAs photos represent intelligent engineering, not a trick of shadows and light, we may have no other alternative. But isnt that anathema? A challenge to biblical history? Clearing his throat, Renaldo had said, Not really. In fact the answer to this riddle is found in the Bible, Im sure of it, in such places as the book of Job, where the old prophet tells us that God destroyed the literal.

Job specifically mentions the destruction of Rahab, a planetary body also known as Pride, from which God drove the fugitive snake. So you believe, tenuously I take it, that cities on Mars might actually have existed, and that these were abandoned during a pre-Genesis war between Good and Evil? Id go a step further. If pyramids on Mars are confirmed in my lifetime, disclosed by reputable govern ments and scientific institutions, mind you, Ill present it to the Vatican as possible proof of such a war. Jones considered the far-reaching ramifications of that comment, then reiterated, Not to belabor the point, but wouldnt questions about the central doctrines of Christianity arise during such a discovery?

Especially if the Martian buildings match the architecture of struc tures in Egypt? Satan will use it to his benefit, undoubtedly, Renaldo confirmed. People will point to Mars and then to the Egyptian desert and say, See! Heres proof! We came from aliens! The Bible is a hoax! This could even be part of the strong delusion prophesied for the End Times.

Having agreed with this and other assessments made by the Bishop, Jones hung up and painstakingly reconstructed each element of the conversation before drawing his own conclusions. Horn Though fiction, the above dialogue is based on accepted theology concerning Lucifer and the possibility that the loca tion from which he fell was a star system or planetoid. Later on. This is fasci nating in light of Hesiods Theogony, which describes the place of imprisonment of the Titans: And there, all in their order, are the sources and ends of gloomy earth and misty Tartarus and the unfruitful sea and starry heaven, loathsome and dank, which even the gods abhor.

It is a great gulf, and if once a man were within the gates There stands the awful home of murky Night wrapped in dark clouds. In front of it the son of Iapetus stands immovably upholding the wide heaven upon his head and unwearying hands, where Night and Day draw near and greet one another as they pass the great thresh old of bronze And there the children of dark Night have their dwellings, Sleep and Death, awful gods. The glowing Sun never looks upon them with his beams, neither as he goes up into heaven, nor as he comes down from heaven Lines Hesiods Theogony takes on additional mysteries when one considers that the Bible characterizes the place of imprisoned rebel angels using the same words Hesiod employs to describe the place of Titan godsTartarus and the Bottomless Pit see 2 Peter 2.

Couple this with eerily similar discoveries on the actual moon Iapetus, and you understand why a growing number of researchers are open to the possibility that synthetic looking planetoids such as Iapetus are, as it appears to be, artificial. Because Atlas was a father of mankind, Iapetus was understood in myth to be a progenitor, a creator god, of Homo sapiens. Italian astronomer and engineer Giovanni Domenico Cassini discovered Saturns moon Iapetus in using his small refract ing telescope.

Cassini correctly deciphered the disappearing and reappearing act of Iapetus as due to the moon synchronously rotating with one hemisphere continuously facing Saturn. Iapetus is also divided by a great gulf formed by a giant walled threshold at its equator as seen in the picture of Iapetus on the back cover of this book.

This feature was discovered during a New Years Eve flyby in when NASAs Cassini spacecraft photographed the kilometers miles long and 20 kilometers 12 miles high rim stretching over one third of the moons equator. No other moon in the solar system has been found with such a stun ning feature: literally a 60, foot high wall. Compare this fact again with Hesiods description of a great threshold of bronze: It is a great gulf In front of it the son of Iapetus.. The glowing Sun never looks upon them with his beams, neither as he goes up into heaven, nor as he comes down from heaven.

Lines In The Search for Life in the Universe, Tobias Owen, the man at NASA who discovered the face on Mars, and Donald Goldsmith wrote that, This unusual moon [Iapetus] is the only object in the Solar System which we might seriously regard as an alien signposta natural object deliberately modi fied by an advanced civilization to attract our attention Some of Hoaglands comments question how science fiction writer Arthur C.

Clarke could have written about these mysteries before they were discovered and why Clarke included a monolith stargate, through which creator beings had passed for millions of years. In a recent email to me, David Flynn made an interesting point about this including the possibility of the bottomless pit mentioned above actually being a star or an extraterrestrial object in heaven: Tom, you are intrepid enough to address an issue many are afraid to investigate And you are right about gates [and that various beings have come through them] And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth And they had hair of women, and their teeth were as of lions The similarities between the locusts with faces of men and the modern reports of insectoid aliens [descending through dimensional gates] stand out in Johns prophecy It is assumed that the locusts of Revelation 9 ascend from a bottomless pit somewhere on earth because the story of the locust invasion begins with a star falling from heaven to earth and an angel with a key.

The Greek word translated fall is Pipto,. If the star itself IS the bottomless pit, Revelation 9 could be describing an extraterrestrial objecta mother ship moving into orbit around earth with myriad beings. From this same place in Scripture the word bottom less is bathos, often translated as height and the word pit is Phrear. A phrear in Greek mythology is an orcus, a deep chasm bound by a gulf where fallen beings are imprisoned Revelation 12 explains the surety of Satan and his angels coming down from heaven to the earth in the future. For now, they wait.. One can easily imagine, if Flynn is correct, how Official Disclosure would be forced on the world by a sudden, inexplicable movement of an extra solar planetoid and the human hysteria that would follow if Iapetus or a similar moon unexpectedly turned and headed toward earth!

It was discussed in the second chapter of this book that scholars accept the idea that planetoidsat least the physical earth can contain extra-dimensional spiritual entities locked away or contained behind barriers of some typeas in gateswith warnings to humans about seeking their communion. When contact has been desired, beings of startling similarity have mate rialized from sky, sea, or beneath the earths surface, as they did in the biblical narrative of 1 Samuel, where they ascended from out of the earth and were interpreted as gods.

I mentioned. Ron Hubbard, who sought to incarnate the spirit of Babylon. Dionysus, the thirteenth god of the Greeks, was the divine son of Zeus and of the mortal Semele. He was often depicted as the inventor of wine, abandon, and revelry, but this description seems inadequate in that it refers only to the basic elements of intoxi cation and enthusiasm that were used by the Bacchae female participants of the Dionystic mysteries, also known as Maenads and Bacchantes in their rituals to incarnate Dionysus.

Followers of Dionysus believed he was the presence, otherwise defined as the craving, within man that longs to let itself go and to give itself over to baser earthly desires. What some might resist as the lustful wants of the carnal man, followers of Dionysus embraced as the incarnation of power that would, in the next life, liberate the souls of men from the constraints of the present world and from the customs that sought to define respectability through obedience to moral law.

Until that day arrived, worshippers of Dionysus attempted to bring themselves into union with the god through a ritual casting off of the bonds of sexual denial and primal constraint by inviting him to enter them via a state of ecstasy. According to myth, the uninhibited rituals of ecstasy, Greek for outside the body, brought followers of Dionysus into a supernatural condition that enabled them to escape the tem porary limitations of body and mind and to achieve a state.

In this sense Dionysus represented a dimensional dichotomy within Greek religion, as the primary maxim of the Greek culture was of moderation or nothing too extreme. Yet Dionysus embodied the absolute extreme in that he sought to inflame the forbidden passions of human desire. Interestingly, as most students of psychology will under stand, this gave Dionysus a stronger allure among Greeks who otherwise tried in so many ways to suppress and control the wild and secret lusts of the human heart.

Dionysus resisted every such effort and, according to myth, visited a terrible madness upon those who denied him free expression. The Dionystic idea of mental disease resulting from suppression of inner desire, espe cially aberrant sexual desire, was later reflected in teachings of Sigmund Freud. Thus Freudianism might be called the grand child of the cult of Dionysus. Conversely, the person who gave himself over to the will of Dionysus was rewarded with unlimited psychological and physical delights. The Bacchae women married and unmarried Greek women who had the right to participate in the mysteries of Dionysus migrated in frenzied hillside groups, dressed transvestite in fawn skins, and were accompanied by screaming, music, dancing, and licentious behavior.

When, for instance, a baby animal was too young and lacking in instinct to sense the danger and run away from the revelers, it was picked up and suckled by nursing mothers who participated in the hill side rituals. However, when older animals sought to escape the marauding Bacchae, they were considered resistant to the will of Dionysus and were torn apart and eaten alive as part of the. Human participants were sometimes subjected to the same orgiastic cruelty, as the rule of the cult was any thing goes. Later versions of the ritual of Bacchanalia became so debauched that eventually it was outlawed.

Until then, any creature that dared to resist such perversion of Dionysus was often subjected to sparagmos, torn apart and omophagia, con sumed raw. Then wouldst thou have seen Agave mastering some sleek lowing calf, while others rent the heifers limb from limb. Before thy eyes there would have been hurling of ribs and hoofs this way and that, and strips of flesh, all blood be-dabbled, dripped as they hung from the pine branches. Wild bulls, that glared but now with rage along their horns, found themselves tripped up, dragged down to earth by countless maidens hands.

Euripedes goes on to describe how Pentheus, King ofThebes, was torn apart and eaten alive by his own mother as, according to the play, she fell under the spell of Dionysus. The tearing apart and eating alive of a sacrificial victim refers to the earliest history of Dionysus. Ancient and violent cult ritu als existing since the dawn of paganism stipulated that by eating alive or by drinking the blood of an enemy or an animal a person might capture the essence or soul-strength of the victim.

The earliest Norwegian huntsmen believed this idea, and they drank the blood of bears in effort to capture their physical strength. East African Masai warriors also practiced omophagia, and they. Human victims were treated in this way by head-hunters of the East Indies in an effort to capture their essence. Today, omophagia is practiced by certain Voodoo sects as well as by cult Satanists. I must point out that eating human flesh and drinking human blood as an attempt to become one with the devoured is today, in many cases, a demonization of the Eucharist, or Holy Communion.

Yet sparagmos and omophagia, as practiced by followers of Dionysus, was not an attempt of transubstantiation as in the Catholic Eucharist nor of consubstantiation as in the Lutheran communion nor of a symbolic ordinance as in the fun damentalist denomination, which all include the common goal of elevating the worshipper into sacramental communion with God. The goal of the Bacchae was the opposite: the frenzied dance, the thunderous song, the licentious behavior, the tearing apart and eat ing alive, all were efforts on the part of the Bacchae to capture the essence of the god Dionysus and to bring him through the portal into an incarnated rage within humans.

The idea was more of pos session by Dionysus then communion. Hebrews believed demonic possession actually occurred during the mystery rituals of Dionysus. Euripedes echoed this sentiment in the Hecuba, and referred to the followers of Dionysus as the Bacchants of Hades. In Syracuse, Dionysus was known as Dionysus Morychos, the dark one, a fiendish creature roughly equivalent to the bibli cal Satan, who wore goatskins and dwelt in the region of the underworld. The similarity and relationship which Dionysus has with the prince of the underworld and this is revealed by a large number of comparisons is not only confirmed by an authority of the first rank, but he says the two deities are actually the same.

Heraclitus says, Hades and Dionysus, for whom they go mad and rage, are one and the same Yet, the Hebrews considered the magic ceremonies of the Bacchae to be the best evidence of Dionysus Satanic connec tion. While most details are no longer available because Dionysus was a mystery god and his rituals were thus revealed to the initiated only, the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel describes the magic bands, kesatot, of the Bacchae, which, as in the omophagia, were used to capture, or magically imprison, the souls of men: Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD, Behold I am against your magic bands [kesatot] by which you hunt lives [souls] there as birds, and I will tear them off your arms; and I will let them go, even those lives [souls] whom you hunt as birds NAS, Ezek.

To carry the name of Dionysus typically meant one of two things: 1 the parents were devotees of Dionysus and thus the child was predestined to be a follower of the god, or 2 the individual was under the spell of the kesatot. The kesatot was a magic arm band used in connection with an orca, or container, called the kiste. Wherever the kiste is inscribed on sarcophagi and on Bacchic scenes, it is. How the magic worked and in what way a soul was imprisoned is still a mystery. Such loose snakes were then depicted as being enslaved around the limbs, and bound in the hair, of the Bacchae women. Such images of Pan, the serpents, the imprisoned souls, and the magic Kesatot and Kiste, have never been adequately explained by available authorities, and the interpretation of this imagery as showing a method for imprisoning souls is thus sub ject to ongoing scrutiny.

Yet, since the prophet Ezekiel spoke of the efforts of the Bacchae to imprison the souls of men mystically through the magic bands of Dionysus, and since Pan was most beloved of Dionysus because of his pandemonium, all the devils, which struck sudden panic in the hearts of men and beasts, and since the serpent was universally accepted by the Hebrews as a symbol of occult devotion, it can be easily surmised that the iconog raphy of Dionysus represents tenacious effort on the part of the Bacchae to employ symbolic and imitative magicbased on deeply held ancient beliefs about orcas and containersto incarnate the god through dimensional openings.

The importance of such beliefs is found in the broader context of spirit beings held within or behind gated areas of inner earth, sea, and sky, as is also reflected in the Bible. While much is still unknown about the mysteries of these deities, the basis of Demeters popularity was almost certainly rooted in her divinity as a mother-earth goddess.