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Kick the trash around a bit until he gets excited about it and bites it or picks it up. As soon as Fido grabs the trash, praise him and trade him a treat for it. This will reinforce the behavior that you want and help him realize that he's on the right track. Repeat the entire process until your buddy will consistently pick up a piece of trash and give it to you when you tell him to 'Clean Up' and point to it. When your pup will reliably bring you trash, then grab your trash receptacle.

When he comes over to you with the trash, place your hand over the receptacle so that your dog will place the trash into it while he is trying to place it into your hand. As soon as it falls into the receptacle, praise your pup enthusiastically and give him a treat right away. Practice having your pup throw the trash into the receptacle until he can do it reliably.

How to Train Your Dog to Pick up Trash

When he will bring the trash right over to the receptacle, gradually move your hand out of the way so that he is choosing to place the trash into the receptacle and not just into your hand. When your buddy can throw the trash away without your hand in front of it, gradually begin to move the receptacle further and further away from yourself. Do this a couple of inches at a time until he can pick up trash that you point to, bring it over to the receptacle, and throw it away while you are standing several feet away.

NFA Will NEVER Tolerate People Throwing Dogs Away!

Recommend training method? To begin, grab a clicker, a few pieces of paper, a small trash bag or a small trash can or a basket, and lots of small tasty treats, and something to carry them in. Go to a quiet location, such as a bedroom, your yard, or a deserted sidewalk space. If your dog is outside in an unenclosed area, you'll want to grab a leash as well.

Stray 'Throw Away Dog' trained for K-9 work dies after donation

Create some 'trash' by wadding up pieces of paper or other lightweight, similar sized items. Place the trash onto the ground in the area where you will be training. Once this is done, go get your dog and bring him over to that area. When your dog arrives at the trash, point to the trash, tell him to 'Clean Up', and encourage him to sniff it, pick it up, or carry it. As soon as he touches it or puts his mouth on it, click your clicker and give him a treat.

Keep encouraging your pup to touch or pick up the trash while clicking and rewarding him as soon as he does so. As he improves, only click the clicker and give him a treat if he holds the trash in his mouth for at least three seconds. Work up to the three seconds gradually. When Fido will consistently pick up the trash when you tell him to, grab a trash bag and place it next to you. Instruct him to 'Clean Up' the trash, but when he picks it up, place the trash receptacle underneath his mouth and command him to 'Drop'.

If he doesn't know 'Drop' yet, hold a treat to his nose when you use the command so that he will let go. When he lets go, click and give him the treat. Practice having your pup drop the trash into the trash receptacle, clicking your clicker and giving him a treat as soon as he does so. Repeat this until he will consistently drop the trash into the receptacle without you having to show him a treat first.

WATCH: This Dog Can Get You a Beer, a Koozie and Throw Away the Empty Can | THE HOG

When your buddy will pick up the trash, bring it over to you, and drop it into the receptacle, then gradually move the receptacle away from yourself. As he improves, gradually move it further and further away and simply motion towards it with your hand, rather than holding your hand over it. Practice this until your pup can pick up trash without you having to be close by. To begin, grab lots of small, tasty treats and something to place them into. Grab a trash receptacle and a leash if you choose to practice this in an unenclosed area. Once you have gathered your supplies, then go to a distraction free location, such as a room in your home, a backyard, or a quiet sidewalk spot.

Before you bring your dog into the area, place your pieces of 'trash' on the floor with about a foot or two between each piece. Bring your dog over to the area, and when you reach the trash, point to it and excitedly tell your dog to 'Clean Up'.


If he does not pick up the trash, pick it up with your hand and toss it a short distance or wiggle it around on the floor. As soon as your dog grabs the trash with his mouth, praise him and trade a treat for the piece of trash. These bacteria can cause everything from diarrhea to gum disease. Stuffing, stray threads, or tiny parts that fall off can all wreak havoc on the digestive system.

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  • 2. Old Or Damaged Toys.

Dog toys are typically inexpensive, so try finding your pup a new favorite instead of keeping the old one around. Maybe your dog got sick one time and your vet gave you a prescription. After the condition cleared up, you figured you would keep the medicine around in case you ever needed it again. Medicine expires and loses its effectiveness after some time. Some owners might think that a medication for one pet can be used to treat another pet, but this is also a mistake.

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Different animals have different needs. Check the expiration dates on the package and do not give your dog expired treats. Food that has gone past expiration loses nutrients, and the preservatives break down leaving the treats open to contamination, mold growth, and bacteria infestation. If you groom your dog yourself, you may have scissors, sheers, nail clippers, and all sorts of grooming items that are getting worn down. The problem with dull blades is that they tend to crush instead of cut. Replace any dull equipment.

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  5. A new bed can take some getting used to. Most dogs like the smell of their old bed and find it comforting. Like old toys, tattered bedding can pose both a choking hazard and a problem to the digestive system if your dog chews on it.