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That said, it is technically possible that the handcuff cards would not penalize you at all. If you keep your contact cards low, then any handcuff cards could have zero impact on your score. However, it also means you aren't scoring on the contact row, which is a detriment in of itself.

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I had only three contract cards and already one handcuff card, and then gained another handcuff card. The handcuff cancelled one contact card, only losing 10 dollars of bonus.

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Enon Sci. Chris Smith. Joshua Wolf. I had never noticed the "discard a contact card" rule, either. Does this mean that a contact card covered by a handcuff still scores its track position at the end of the game? Matthew Davis. I woke up each day and did what I had to do to get to that drink.

Book review for An American (Homeless) in Paris

For me, the goal became blackout every time I drank. I stopped eating regularly, my kidneys became very infected, and I threw bile up in the kitchen sink on a daily basis. Then one Saturday morning I headed to the store I had run out of booze and I had run out of prescription sleeping pills — because I took way too many the week before , so a box that equals 4 bottles of wine, a pint of whiskey, and a bottle of Tylenol PM were on my list. That should get me through Saturday and Sunday.

I can remember walking in the liquor store, I remember driving through a fast food restaurant, and my next memory from that Saturday is of me sitting on the floor in the lobby of the building where I was living — half dressed, my dogs were running everywhere, and one of my dearest friends was standing in front of me begging me to stand up.

Eventually she was able to get me up, in the elevator, and up to my apartment. When I walked in my front door, I turned sharply to the right, in doing so I lost my footing and fell. I fell face first into a solid wood door frame and eventually to the concrete floor. I can remember every second of this fall. I can remember picking my head up to look at Alexis as she was standing behind me and scrambling and scaping to help me, and all I could see out of my right eye was flesh. Swollen flesh.

The impact on my head had created a hematoma so large on my forehead that it covered my right eye. Immediately, my next thoughts were to get it together so that Alexis would leave my apartment and I could get a drink. I immediately put ice on my eye to hide it and somehow convinced her that I was fine and would check in with her the next day. So, there I was — beat up with a tremendous head injury, alone in my gorgeous apartment sicker than I had ever been. I poured a glass of pinot grigio, took 8 or 10 sleep aids, kissed my dogs who were laying on the floor beside my bed and went to sleep — praying that I would not wake.

I got to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror. For the first time in my 35 years, the outside of my body matched exactly what I was feeling on the inside. All the shame, guilt, disappointment, and pure hatred that I had always had for myself was right there on my face, literally. What I saw in the mirror matched exactly what I felt deep in my soul. It was that moment I knew I had a choice. Life or death. If I continued drinking, then I would die.

But I had NO idea how to live without alcohol. Fortunately, my mom is in recovery, so I made a phone call that no mom ever wants to get. Within an hour, my mom was at my apartment and I will never forget the look of absolute terror on her face when I removed the ice from my right eye.

All at once, she could see the immense amount of pain I was in physically, emotionally and mentally. Along with an incredibly strong rehab program and 12 step recovery program, I am currently days sober.

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Each day of my life — good, bad, happy, and sad — have been worth living. I have managed to learn how to stop, and breathe in my experiences and the world around me — rather than rush to escape them. I live each day rather than just survive each day. I go to AA meetings each week, to church on Sunday, I am usually asleep by 10 p. If you invite me to your dinner party, then I come with sparkling water, enjoy dinner, and leave — not erratic unpredictable behavior.

I listen. Recovery gives me the strength and courage to be on the outside exactly who I am on the inside, and it allows me capacity to believe someone when they tell me I am good enough, and smart enough. I am enough. Being enough is actually the most extraordinary thing in my life. You can follow her journey on Instagram. Do you have a similar experience?

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I picked up a needle and got loaded before I got married. I thought I could do it once, and not again.


I was wrong. Anything I had to do to support the habit had to be done. I used my own daughter as a pawn.

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