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For Free. A true story of a young mother's life, loss, and growth through the the darkness of abuse and a new knowledge of her own inner strength. A short story about a lonely girl surprised with the greatest Christmas Present she can think of.

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Keywords: Love. Keywords: romance.

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Off-duty police officer Danny Sullivan comes home from shopping to find a corpse lying on his kitchen floor. Sarah Grayden is called away from class to see some visitors at the office of her high school. Who has come to see her and what secret does she hide behind her shame. Most parents will fight to the end if they see a threat coming against their children.

Where does hope lie when the evil that threatens the life of an only child is an invisible enemy? Who remembers the Fun with Dick and Jane reader?

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Dick wants fun. He has no dog.

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He has no cat. No Spot.

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No Puff. But he has a plan. See Dick board the plane.

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See Dick fly away. Far, far away. A wise and emotive writer, in this collection Adichie touches on her familiar themes of exile, cultural miscommunications and the human desire to reconcile internal and external worlds. She also won the Man Booker International prize for her lifetime body of work and has been called a modern-day Chekhov. A pioneering modernist writer, Mansfield was born and brought up in colonial New Zealand before moving to Britain, where she became friends with DH Lawrence and Virginia Woolf.

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The title story, one of her best-known works, is written in the modernist style, with the deceptively simple setting of a family preparing for a garden party. Against this backdrop Mansfield brilliantly interweaves meditations on class, life and death, illusion and reality. He is brilliant at evoking social nuance and has an unfailing eye for the tiniest detail that will shine light on the whole. This deliciously fat collection gives the reader the chance to dip in and out of one of the best observers of human behaviour.

Moore is notable for her arch tone and her sharp humour.

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  7. But what makes her special is the way she can shift so smoothly to gut-wrenching poignancy. She writes about terminal illness, family dynamics and infidelity with equal fluency. Some of the best short stories contain unexpected moments of felicity on which the plot pivots. And so it was that, just as I was compiling this list, I received a giant package containing this doorstep of a book. It might be the most comprehensive collection of short stories… ever, featuring an all-star cast including Angela Carter, Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl and more, selected by David Miller, a literary agent and author.