PDF Bible 101: Basic Bible For Beginners

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More specifically, it seeks to teach students and parents and youth leaders what the Word of God is and how they should read it. There are so many things about life we must be teaching the next generation, but if we boil it down to one thing, Bible reading is essential.

How to Teach Your Kids Basic Bible Knowledge

Can you think of anything more important? Bible is broken into twelve weekly lessons.

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It is an introductory study on the doctrine of Scripture. While the study is aimed at middle school students, it can easily be adapted for high school students. It would also be a good refresher for any student or adult.

You know your church context best and where your students are — theologically speaking — so you may think this is well-suited for your high school students. Each lesson should fill a thirty-minute time slot, but again, this could be adapted.

Bible Basics for Students

If you need it to extend the lesson, feel free to add some original illustrations or examples from Scripture. If you have less time, modify the lesson to fit your time slot. While this study is designed for a classroom setting, it can easily be used for small group or one-on-one study. You can even share copies of the material with students, read through it individually, and then come together to discuss it.

Training for Service: A Basic Bible Overview for Every Christian

He previously served as executive director of small group ministries for the Willow Creek Association WCA , where he developed leadership strategies and training events for over volunteers. IVP Academic. Special Offers.

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