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She has the power to play both. Lee the pacifist, the loser. Much of the plot concerns the courage the lanky, underdeveloped Lee must summon to continue seducing the wife of his violent, physically powerful half brother. The better Lee knows Hank, the more he realizes how dangerous his plan is. He must be, as all Stampers are, convincingly, and passionately self deluded.

When Lee chooses to remain behind with Hank, the brother he both loves and hates, we understand he has chosen death. He had his chance at life. So many other wonderful character parts! Ancient patriarch Henry Stamper should be played by an actor who is old, old, old enough to be a grinning defiant skeleton. Death in a hardhat. Kesey wrote an entire world.

One appreciative reader: We have here all you could ever want to know about felling trees, bear hunting, the life and language of a small-town bar, juvenile delinquents in small-town America, music of the 50s and 60s, shamans, Indians, evangelists, Captain Marvel, small-town justice, union organizing, revenge, old age, dying, death. I propose Irene Bedard to play the beautiful small town prostitute who falls in love with the young logger Henry Stamper, and whose thwarted union with him provides the narrative engine for the rest of the plot.

I calculate it would take five to six one hour episodes to do justice to this multi generational chain of human frailty masquerading as strength.

Fairy and folk tales of the Irish peasantry

Not all Oregon film historians are women, but this first group was. Not pictured: Michele Kribs, unavailable because she was out riding her motorcycle. The Oregon Film History Initiative celebrated its 20th birthday today by blowing out candles on 20 virtual cakes scattered throughout the state. Few can remember the time before a full length biography of Portland musician Melvin Jerome Blank, aka Mel Blanc, radically re-positioned pre-Portlandia Jazz Age Portland as an engine of American pop culture, and launched a new cultural tourism industry. Oregon Film History Initiative brought together a truly diverse set of stakeholders.

NWFC continued their trademark events. UO, working in partnership with Oregon Cartoon Institute, began hosting an annual Oregon film history conference. Inspired by the commercial and artistic success of Oregon cartoonist Homer Davenport , Pinto Colvig began by cartooning for newspapers. He moved from cartooning to animation, a transition Homer Davenport would have made if he had lived long enough.

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Four years after Douglas Engelbart — invented the computer mouse, he sat down to demonstrate it to 1, of his closest friends. Because he was from Oregon, and thinking this way comes naturally to us , he made sure his 90 minute presentation was captured on video. From his NY Times obituary :. For the event he sat on stage in front of a mouse, a keyboard and other controls and projected the computer display on a foot-high video screen behind him. In little more than an hour he showed how a networked, interactive computing system would allow information to be shared rapidly among collaborating scientists.

He demonstrated how a mouse, which he had invented just four years earlier, could be used to control a computer. He demonstrated text editing, video conferencing, hypertext and windowing. On December 9, , Douglas C. Engelbart and the group of 17 researchers working with him in the Augmentation Research Center at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, CA, presented a minute live public demonstration of the online system, NLS, they had been working on since The public presentation was a session in the of the Fall Joint Computer Conference held at the Convention Center in San Francisco, and it was attended by about 1, computer professionals.

This was the public debut of the computer mouse. But the mouse was only one of many innovations demonstrated that day, including hypertext , object addressing and dynamic file linking, as well as shared-screen collaboration involving two persons at different sites communicating over a network with audio and video interface. James Chasse lived independently with severe and persistent mental illness in downtown Portland.

On Sept. The sound of the impact of two bodies crashing against pavement attracted the attention of diners at Bluehour. Was it from the weight of police officer Christopher Humphreys? Or could it have been the punches and kicks, witnessed by the horrified diners, which he received once he was down? Tasered and hog tied, Chasse lay in a pool of his own blood while cops and medics wrote up the incident. They described him to bystanders as a drug using transient with a police record. Chasse was thin and filthy, but he had no drugs in his system nor in his possession. He had no police record.

Nevertheless, in his report Officer Humphreys faithfully recorded what his imagination told him about the bleeding man hogtied at his feet. In Kicking and Finding Normal , he focused on people struggling with substance abuse. His focus was always on his subject, not on his reaction to his subject. Embracing the stripped down visual aesthetic of cinema verite, he was attentive, patient, and heroically compassionate, if a little emotionally remote.

Lavishly made, Alien Boy is a visually sumptuous, riveting narrative. For the first time, Lindstrom does not lead with his compassionate heart. He leads with his eye. A very smart choice. Alien Boy is a horror film in that sense.

70 Works of William Butler Yeats

Brian Lindstrom is furious that James Chasse died at the hands of Portland police. Too canny for that! Instead, he prioritizes the storytelling. Grief, yes. Facts, yes. Lies, yes. Poetry written by Chasse , yes. Lindstrom shows us everything. Stylistically, it is a tour de force. Brian Lindstrom spent the six years which have passed since James Chasse died making a film which tells that story so powerfully it will be seen around the world.

In Alien Boy, he comes into his own as an artist. I hereby claim Alien Boy as an Oregon film, on the basis of every possible qualifying criteria.

Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings - Hot Ones

Director: Brian Lindstrom. Cinematographer: John Campbell. Score: Charlie Campbell. Writer: Matt Davis. Editor: Brian Lindstrom. Editor: Andrew Saunderson. Animation: Andrew Saunderson. Producer: Jason Renaud. TOL E. RAncE , performed in Portland earlier this month. My essay below, written in , addresses the American performance tradition which Brown examines, critiques, celebrates, discards and transcends.

It never would work. Blackface, and the influence of blackface, is everywhere. With a tip of the hat to Wallace Stevens , here are thirteen ways to view the long, vexing, love affair our country has with cross racial impersonation. Zip Coon was introduced by pioneering solo blackface entertainer George Washington Dixon in A tsunami sized hit whose popularity presaged the minstrel craze yet to come, today we know it as Turkey In The Straw.

LOUIS The commercial and artistic successes they enjoyed as a team helped pave the way for both Tin Pan Alley and the Harlem Renaissance. The song Jimmy Stewart sings with Donna Reed on the way home from a high school dance, just before she accidentally loses her robe and jumps into a Bedford Falls rosebush, was originally intended to both express and lampoon the powerful allure of Buffalo, New York prostitutes to the men who worked the Erie Canal. Buffalo Gals was copyrighted to Cool White, one the first minstrel superstars.

Minstrelsy is the flag they wave to set themselves apart from the Old World ennui which envelopes everyone else in the room. But the Parisians were right to yawn. She comes onto the stage, doubled over, wearing rags, with a bandanna on her head. By the end of the song she is triumphantly naked, except for a few strategically placed balls of cotton.

She is defeating slavery, defeating cotton, defeating history. The crowd roars in delight when she takes off her bandanna to reveal a multi-braided Topsy hairdo, and roars again in approval when she lifts off the Topsy wig to reveal her own natural hair. Uncle Tom was played in blackface.

Tall But True Tales Of Sailing With Bill Butler The Sailing podcast

So was Topsy. Not all minstrelsy was clowning. You went to cry as much as to laugh. Victorian Americans may have kept their emotions under control elsewhere, but once they were inside the minstrel hall, they cried their eyes out. They cried for Old Black Joe when he was in slavery, they cried for him during the war, and they cried for him after the war.

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Minstrelsy was born amidst beer, so it is appropriate that these nutty professors would be boozing it while they close harmonize a wistful old minstrel tune. Make love, not war? I make love very well, thank you very much!

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He is auditioning for an acting job, and he gets it. He plays a white cop in Be Black, Baby , an Off Off Broadway play in which black actors in whiteface invite white playgoers to share the black experience by having their wallets taken and their women sexually violated, followed by wrongful arrest. They also get blacked up. If you think you fully understand the power politics behind cross racial impersonation, and do not think you could possibly be shocked by anything De Palma has to say, see HI MOM.

This moment marks an historic changing of the guard, when African American entertainers sans blackface left white blackface entertainers in the dust. Duke Ellington would go on to appear in eight Hollywood films, never in blackface, always as himself. I wrote this list in Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. Play Later. Manage episode series Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers.

They were in North Carolina at the time and heading south through the Intra-coastal Waterway to Carina and I joined the crew of SV Roam for an afternoon on By David and Carina Anderson - Come and join us on our journey. Richard has circumnavigated the Americas in his 50ft steel Chasing Bubbles is about the circumnavigation by I last spoke to Matt in Episode 22 about his solo sailing expedition After talking to Linus in the last episode of the podcast, Episode 64, We first heard from Chuck and Linda in Episode 41 as They took a 2 year sabbatical with their 3 children to go cruising and experience living aboard The post Love at first sail appeared first on The Sailing Podcast.

At 24 years old he has a few significant The story of La Vagabonde started with Riley searching for a yacht to sail singlehanded, The movie Many Australian sailors have taken the opportunity The post Make money while cruising appeared first on The Sailing Podcast. AMSA is a federal government body responsible for rescue coordination Together they have inspired hundreds of sailors to follow their dreams by Their Francis 50?

The post Sailing with Paul and Lesley from multihulls4us. Chuck purchased Lealea in in Hawaii Chuck has sailed Jacaranda since and our interview focuses on their recent travels Episode 40 of The Sailing Podcast is with Ellen Jacobson who outlines for us the 10 Steps that she and Scott thought were important steps to becoming full time cruisers While the movie is Nick Jaffe was determined After a fantastic response from listeners we Episode 35 of The Sailing Podcast is an interview with Luca Schueli of Ecoswiss Expeditions who offer the opportunity for sailors to join their research vessel as it explores the Episode 34 of The Sailing Podcast is an interview with Pat Utley of The Greenheart Project who are are creating a small, low cost — zero emission cargo vessel using Episode 33 of The Sailing Podcast is an interview with Allan Sparkes who has a story to share that is confronting and compelling.

Al had a 20 year career in Episode 32 of The Sailing Podcast is a conversation with Behan and Jamie who have taken their family sailing on their Stevens 47? The Gifford family began their Bill and Judy Episode 30 of The Sailing Podcast is an interview with Wally Moran who lets us know what the situation is with sailing Cuba. Wally was on his 34?