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But slowly, the lovely food, spectacular wine and beautiful landscape of the area begin to work their spell. With nothing else to lose, Detective Dave Burrows volunteers for the most dangerous mission of his life. He never thought he was good enough for his daughter and is not shy about telling Dave what he's doing wrong. When things come to a head at home, Dave's policing mate, Spencer, comes up with a plan. Alice Hamilton loved being a mature-age student, but now she's finished her university degree she needs to find herself a career.

But the job market is tough, and it doesn't help that her partner, David, keeps reminding her about their sizable mortgage. When she's offered a role in a major real estate agency, she jumps at the opportunity. David is excited by her prospects in the thriving Melbourne housing market, and Alice is pleased that she'll be utilising her exceptional people skills.

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But Alice quickly realises all is not as it seems. Nine years ago, year-old Chelsea Taylor left the small country town of Barker to rise to the top as a concert pianist. Yet here she was, back again with her four-year-old daughter, Aria, readying herself to face her father, Tom.

The father who'd shouted down the phone nine years ago never to come home again When city naturopath Rilee Summers meets gorgeous farmer Dan Kincaid, a whirlwind romance follows, and the next thing she knows she's married and living on her husband's family property in a small rural community. But Rilee's city ways and new naturopathy practice, and her outspoken views on teen pregnancies, only serve to alienate her from the deeply conservative townsfolk and her in-laws.

When best-selling author, year-old Hayley Stevens, walked in on her husband, Paul, and her best friend in bed together, she knew her life would never be the same again. One year later, Hayley stowed her last bag in her much-loved Audi Coupe and said good-bye to the city. She was excited to be heading west to Lochway, a small colonial village sitting on the beautiful Macdonald River.

Wanting peace and quiet, Hayley had impulsively bought a cosy sandstone cottage there surrounded by lush rose gardens, with a small overseer's cottage - ideal for a writer's retreat. Already struggling to come to terms with the tragic death of her husband, Sophie Bryant nearly loses her life whilst on duty as a paramedic. Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, Sophie retreats to the remote township of Hilsons Ridge.

The tranquillity of the small community, discovering the secrets of her old farm's history, and an unexpected spark with vet, Zac, all help Sophie heal. Love, just like the past, waits for the right person to come along and unlock its secrets. It's Sarah Clarke's dream to experience the real Australian outback. When the opportunity comes up to join her boyfriend, Brad, on remote property Rosalee Station, she jumps at the chance.

But within days of arriving, her relationship is in tatters and the reality of outback life is fast losing its appeal. Determined to prove herself, Sarah stays on, earning the admiration of Matt, the station owners' son. Beneath the wide outback skies, the pair are irresistibly drawn to each other, until a stolen kiss leads to disaster. Ross Grant has always felt like the black sheep of his wealthy Scottish family.

Then his brother Alastair is branded a deserter after going missing during the Great War, and Ross is coerced into marrying Darcey Thomas, a woman he has never met, to save the family name.

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Disgusted with his manipulative family, he turns his back on his unwanted wife just hours after the ceremony and heads to Waybell with no plans to return. Nicole is starting again. As Nicole begins to let her guard down, she starts to find connections with the close-knit community - especially with handsome Danny, who has been helping her restore the cottage. Sydney journalist Chloe Brown is left devastated when her long-term boyfriend finally admits he never wants children. Impulsively, she takes a job on a small country newspaper in Queensland's far north to escape disappointment.

But she soon realises that no place is free from trouble or heartache. The grouchy news editor, Finn Latimer, is a former foreign correspondent who has retreated after a family tragedy. Emily, the paper's elegant, something owner, is battling with her husband's desertion. Meanwhile, the whole town is worried when their popular young baker disappears. Grace Middleton knew that her ex-husband, Jake, was a lying, cheating, wife-abandoning bastard. What she didn't know - until his untimely death - was that he was also the owner of a secret vineyard in the heart of the Margaret River wine region.

And, much to the chagrin of his new wife, he's left the property to Grace's three young sons.

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With the intention of putting it up for sale, Grace takes the boys to view Gum Leaf Grove. And immediately finds herself embroiled in mysteries from Jake's past and the accidental target of the resident 'ghost'. Lena Todd is a city girl who thrives on cocktails and cappuccinos.

So when her boss announces he's sending her to the outback to join a construction team, her world is turned upside down. For a paperback copy, try Amazon , where you can also buy the ebook for your Kindle. Instant reading fun! The last few weeks for me have been a whirlwind of travelling and experiencing new things—food being one of the best.

Like REAL lemon, lemonade! The equivalent of what we call lemonade is Mountain dew in case you were wondering.

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This delicious contraption is amazing! Our host ordered Frogs Legs, which actually were more the size of chicken drum sticks and I was VERY happy not to have seen one of these ginormous frogs on our travels! How cool is that! Some, like the Grenade, I decided not to try. However we did have a Hurricane. But my favourite drink of choice was a Margarita…a frozen Margarita.

Needless to say we gained a few pounds in the few short days we spent in and around the New Orleans area! Karly, what a ball you must have had! Discovering new tasty delights is one of the best things about travel and you sure did some tasting. Thanks so much for sharing some of your trip with us, that was great fun. So my footloose and fancy-free Feasters, what location ranks highest on your bucket list? Do you long for the rarefied air of Machu Picchu? Perhaps a stroll down a Parisian boulevard or adventure rafting in some far-flung location is more your thing?

Me, I really, really want to go to Greece. Think of all that ancient history and fantastic food! In the meantime, sink your teeth into Burnt! You can also connect via Facebook and Twitter. The explicitness has varied with each release, so what then do readers prefer? For me it all depends on the characters. Callie and Matt in Heartland , being the people that they are, seemed to suit spontaneous, rompy sex and I had a hell lot of fun writing those scenes.

Matt stumbled his way to the single bed until they fell in a tangle of sweaty arms and legs amid creaking springs and laughter. Grinning, she twirled the jocks around her finger before flinging them toward the wardrobe. So I asked a couple of rural romance buddies how they decide how explicit to be with their sex scenes…. Cathryn, I agree that it is up to the characters. In one of my books it happens on the back of a ute and in another book the sex scene called for a more soft gentle approach.

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So I go with what I feel, what I think the characters would do and see where it leads. I do love good sexual tension in books and so I like a little sneak peek of when they get to finally act on this tension. Just like in Pride and Prejudice , sometimes just the touch of a hand can mean so much more.

In fact I have the blokes asking for more! So I will just keep going based on what I think the characters need and want.

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Here is a snippet from my latest book The Outback Heart and this paragraph is the raunchiest of the whole sex scene. A shaky hand caressed her soft skin, his thumb flicking over an already hard nipple. Indi tightened her legs around his waist as he bent to taste one bud, before moving to the next, his tongue flicking and teasing. His hand went down to where she was hot and moist. Indi dug her fingers into his shoulders as a moan fell from her lips.

Rachael Johns , best-seller and Australian Romance Reader Award winner expands on the sex depends on character theme:.

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I consider my rural books very much romance books and therefore exploring the chemistry between the main characters is a must for me. But how heated and graphic that exploration is really does depend on the hero and heroine in each book. Things such as whether the characters have just met play a factor and also their previous relationship experiences.

In my first book Jilted , Ellie and Flynn were high school sweethearts and the attraction between them was always spicy but at the beginning of the book they are trying to fight it because of the hurt they both carry. In Man Drought , Imogen and Gibson experience instant attraction but they both have reasons to steer clear of the opposite sex, however each interaction between them gets hotter and hotter till it blows up in his ute on the side of the road.

That might be my sauciest rural romance scene. If I know my characters well, I find the sex scenes almost write themselves. In Outback Dreams , my latest release, Faith and Monty have been best friends forever but have only just realized they also find each other attractive, so their first sex scene had a different tone again.

Her smile gave her consent and within seconds they were tumbling backwards, pausing only to tear up the zip on the tent, before collapsing on top of their waiting swags. Monty did the same and when he reached for her again, she felt his warm, naked flesh against hers. A moan of approval slipped from her lips. Damn the dark.