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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. This is one book you will definitely not be sorry you bought. I love collecting good books on how to be happy, how to reframe your thoughts and take back your ability to direct your life towards a better outcome.

HAPPINESS ~ A Sleep Meditation ~ The Secret to a Happy Life

My background is in Psychology, so perhaps I'm a bit of a geek with a weird passion for books on happiness, but I know what works and what doesn't. Alexander tells you right up front that this is not an easy path, nor is her bo This is one book you will definitely not be sorry you bought. Alexander tells you right up front that this is not an easy path, nor is her book an easy read.

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It's a workbook. Learning to think, speak, and behave in happiness is rather like learning a new language. This isn't a common approach; most books tell you, "Anyone can learn to be happy, and it's so easy!

Happiness as a Second Language

Just follow these simple steps. Alexander never lies to you about that. Her stark honesty about certain details of her life earned my respect, as well. She makes the claim that she is an expert in being happy, and she shows you exactly how she earned that expertise, no matter how it may make her look at first.

Not only is it courageous, but it shows that anyone can ascend from the darkest depths of despair to be their own expert in happiness and captain of their soul. If they truly do the work, of course. My favorite line in the book is toward the beginning: "A lot of the exercises in this book are about creating signal disruptors or signal boosters for your happiness.

Alexander puts it so simply, but this is really a very significant concept in certain approaches in Psychology. This is one of the first and most important steps in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, actually: becoming aware of the damaging thought or belief and seeking to replace it. Her emphasis on personal responsibility, the power of choice, and the ability to create our own situations and maintain our mood --or even change it as we will-- is a nice touch of Existential Psychology, as well.

To her I say a very well done! She's definitely done her research. These steps do work. Many of them are similar to the kinds of homework a counselor or therapist would give you if you were a client. As long as you have no significant difficulties which absolutely require a licensed counselor such as medication or a disorder, these methods can work for you if you apply them with diligence and dedication. She even taught me a thing or two. Her very first step, to declare yourself happy, to say, "I am a happy person," is something I have utilized to great effect.

In my high-stress life, I caught myself brooding and realized --for the first time-- I have a particular posture and habit I do when I become lost in my stress, which shortens my temper considerably. In the car, I said out loud, "I am a happy person," and found I sat up straighter, lifted my head higher, and stopped my nervous habit. I could not continue those habits and maintain my conscious happiness.

Now I catch myself when I'm beginning to crawl into the body of a stressed and irritated person, and tell myself I am happy. I change tack immediately. Thank you, Ms. I will definitely keep this workbook on my work shelf, and will be recommending it to anyone I work with in the future! Dec 06, United Indie Book Blog rated it really liked it. Are you Happy? Do you think your Happy? I thought this and I know some times I feel happy and other times I feel down.

I am more than half way through with this book and I am taking the authors advice and going to come back to it regularly. You can sit there and read it all at once or do as I am doing. I was a little hesitant about reading Happiness as a Second Language. I mean who wants to read a book about how to make yourself happy? Like I said when I ask myself am I happy I will reply with a yes. If my husband asks am I happy I will say yes as well. But knowing deep down I am not. I find the exercises helpful in achieving that happiness that I would like.

Publisher's Summary

I lost a brother to suicide and my husband failed at it 2 times. Yes 2, you read that right. Knowing that he isn't happy makes me not happy as well. I wonder what I can do to help me be happy. What made him want to take his own life. He will say he is happy at times but not in other times. Norman Shealy, a Harvard graduate, neurosurgeon, psychologist, author, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, and president of the International… Download.

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Learning to be Fluent in Happiness & Success

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I, therefore, recommend this guide as one of the best available for those dreaming of securing space among the elite. Language: English. Narrator: Glynn Amburgey.

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Digital audiobook in aax. Happiness as a Second Language teaches happiness step-by-step, in the same manner as one would learn a new language.

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Each chapter builds on the concepts and exercises in the previous one, starting with the most basic lessons, progressing through the intermediate stages, and finally graduating to the more advanced concepts. It is simple and straightforward, the instructions easy to follow, and the sample situations familiar, touching, often heartbreaking and sometimes hysterical.

Listening to this book is the first step in your journey towards a lifetime of happiness. Some of the work may seem hard, but with time and effort, you can be fluent in happiness. Narrator: Valerie Alexander. If you look around the web, you will come across a great many opportunities to learn French, especially through online courses. But you may well ask, why learn French and not another language? After all, there are thousands of languages out there!

Valerie Alexander on Learning the Language of Happiness

Learning French can be tricky. More importantly, once you have learned one language, it gets a lot easier learning others.

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So get yourself started today with some practical tips and advises on learning French.