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While the novel largely defies categorization, it closely resembles a silent film, and fittingly so. In the tradition of graphic narrative or sequential art, whatever your term of choice , the illustrations play as integral a role in the overall story as the text.

The use of illustrations is hardly gratuitous, for the pictures quite literally take over and carry out the narrative when the text disappears.

And, really, who would care if the illustrations were gratuitous? Really just beautiful. I read the entire thing in two days during my work commute. It zips by fast.

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They absolutely love it! They can hardley wait for me to read it each day. The team that won were Croc Creek. Then Dec and Ant announced the first Bushtucker Trial - Special Delivery, in which a celebrity from each team had to search for stars in a parcel shaped box by putting their hands into different compartments.

David Haye won the trial against Hugo Taylor. Ant and Dec returned as the celebrities started to 'get to grips' with jungle life.

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Ant and Dec hosted the latest action from the jungle. Helen and Nadine go head-to-head in the latest bushtucker trial - Rotten Rhymes. For the first time, the two celebrities that did the first trial were voted to do another.

The trial involved eating a selection of 'jungle foods'. Nadine managed to get four star, whereas Helen managed only three. Though she had lost, Helen felt pleased, as this was a vast improvement on the previous trial. Snake Rock were very pleased with Nadine's victory. Ant and Dec presented the latest action from the jungle. It was time for Helen to face the latest bushtucker trial - Cruelty Towers. This task consisted of going through rooms in hotels containing creatures to find stars. Helen struggled to build herself up to start the task.

When she started the task, she managed to only enter one room before shouting "I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here! It was then time for Charlie and Ashley to face the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge, which was an exploration task through the jungle. They completed the task and the camp got the question right — winning biscuits.

The camp then faced another task for food as there had been a two-day gap between one episode and another. For this, they had to try to break a series of actual world records within the camp. They completed 6 out of 10 tasks and therefore gained six meals for camp. This involved them going underwater with a crocodile and putting the heads in domes, full of water creatures and collecting stars in their mouth. Charlie collected three out of six stars and Helen collected zero Helen collected four stars but used her hands instead of her mouth - and thus the stars were disqualified.

Rosemany and Limahl joined the camp, with some Tea and Biscuits. Ant and Dec presented the latest jungle action. They say how Helen 'didn't do well' in the trial. The trial was then shown. As Helen was about to start, she got in the trial area and couldn't decide whether to even start the trial or not.

After much encouraging from Ant, Dec and the crew, she decided to try, but immediately stopped and bailed out as soon as the klaxon sounded, therefore winning no meals for camp. Helen is under a lot of pressure to get stars for camp, who are slowly starving. In this trial named 'Deadly Delivery' , Helen had to put her head in a box full of different things and do a maze beneath her to move across to the other side, where she finished.

Unlike her efforts in the previous trials, Helen did well and manages to gain twelve out of a possible twelve stars. She and her camp were overwhelmed and overjoyed with her efforts. Colin also announced that in four days, someone would leave the jungle and that everyone would partner up with their 'jungle buddy' and compete in challenges to win a night in the jungle den and the final challenge would be everyone doing 'bed bugs'. One of all the pairs were sent off to do a challenge, in which they had to make their partner out of blocks. Limahl won and was clearly astounded by this.

It was also announced that despite her efforts, Helen would do the live trial. They announced that Brian had left the jungle on medical grounds. There was no trial today after the live one the day before, however the camp mates reaction to Helen's trial was shown. Overall, the camp members seemed positive about Helen's efforts during the trial. Ant and Dec hosted all the latest action from the jungle. Hugo faced the latest trial, Savage Sewer. In this trial, Hugo had to go into a sewer filled with various animals to obtain stars. He got nine out of a possible eleven, which he was pleased with.

All the celebrities face the eviction challenge - Bed Bugs. This trial also done last year involved trying to spend a whole night in a glass coffin. Though with no challenge bonus, Rosemary lasted the longest, lasting nearly three hours, but unlike last year, no-one stayed the whole night in the coffin. There was also a challenge involving bells, in which each celebrity had a bell to ring in a certain order of a song. If they guessed correctly, they would win a meal.

Though the first three went well, it all broke out as an argument, after Limahl was using musical terms no-one understood and no-one including Limahl played their bell at the right time. Ant and Dec hosted the latest action. For the first time this series, the celebrities decided who wanted to do the trial. They chose Ashley. The trial consisted of getting stars from various parts of a train, filled with different animals and fish guts.

She got eight out of a possible ten stars and was overjoyed. The 'Dingo Dollars Challenge' also returned. Eric and Hugo took part and the challenge was to listen to various vinyl records and hear a number at the end which would open a lock. They won and chose the prize of ice lollies.

The celebrities answered the question correctly and won the prize. The celebrities also did a challenge, involving answering general knowledge questions to get a certain number of minutes of a phone call to someone. They won three minutes and chose to give the call to Ashley. The celebrities decided who they wanted to do the trial, and they chose David, as they thought he could get the most stars. This upset Charlie, as she had not done as many trials as David, and thought 'picking David because he could get more stars' was being sexist.

The trial was to get into a plane and fly to other planes, collecting stars from the wings and in the air. As everyone expected, David got nine out of nine stars, and was pleased. They had to pump a balloon in a plastic frogs mouth until it exploded. They quickly got exhausted, and resorted to throwing rocks at the balloon.

They won the challenge, and chose popcorn as their prize over face masks. However, the celebrities answered the question incorrectly, so won nothing. The celebrities this time picked Hugo to do the trial, as he seemed 'up for it'. The trial named Drown and Out involved staying in a glass cabin with rising water, unscrewing pipes unleashing creatures to find stars. Though he found it hard due to his phobia of spiders he won all eight stars, and was very happy. They were set to do a series of tasks, such as persuade Helen, who never did laundry, to do laundry and hiding the mirror.

The final and hardest one was Ashley waking up in the middle of the night claiming to see a monster, with David backing her up. Also, she had to swap beds with someone of which she chose Hugo, who didn't mind. Ant and Dec presented the latest action. Colin and Eric battle to keep their place in the jungle in the next trial, 'The Panic Rooms', which was completed by Colin, Charlie, Eric and Rosemary. Charlie supports Colin's bid to stay in the jungle, and Rosemary; Eric's bid. The trial was to put their hands in various holes and pick up small stars like 'Hell Holes'.

They could also pick up big stars, winning meals for camp. They won five out of a possible eight big stars. The result was announced at the end of the show. The final challenge for all the meddlers was to teach the whole camp the chorus of the " Don't Cha " dance routine. They lied that if anyone refused, they would not get fed that night. They all did the routine though Eric was reluctant. They won, and chose chocolate-coated strawberries as their prize.

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The celebrities correctly answered the question, winning the strawberries. The celebrities this time picked David to do the trial, as he and Ashley were the only people that wanted to do it. They thought that she may have a disadvantage as she is scared of the dark, and the trial had parts where the celebrity had to be in the dark. The trial consisted of going through rooms in hotels containing creatures to find stars.

David managed to achieve 6 stars out of a possible 7, just failing to find the star in the last room. Helen and Ashley took part in the "Dingo Dollar Challenge". Where they had to sit on toad stalls whilst dressed as gnomes. One of them had to collect 50 inflatable fish with their fishing rod whilst the other had to hold the lobster cage containing the "Dingo Dollars". They did collect 50 fish but when the cage opened the "Dingo Dollars" fell into the gunge that the fish had been in, so they had to search around for the bag, and eventually they did find them.

In this episode we did not see them go to the outback shack but Ant and Dec did tell us that they received salt and pepper.

Ballz - Game Grumps VS

For dinner they received Kangaroo tail much to the dislike of Eric. There was also a dispute between Rosemary and Hugo, after Rosemary felt that Hugo was being disrespectful.

Ant and Dec returned with all the latest jungle action. Eric, whom had been constantly arrogant and rude to other contestants was selected to do the trial, with someone quoting how he had "a lot to live up to". In the new trial named 'The Great Escape' , Eric had to push himself along in a minecart on his back collecting stars with various distractions.

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He, unlike other celebrities, remained calm throughout the trial, managing to collect five out of a possible six stars, which the camp agreed was well-done. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Hugo attempted the next Dingo dollars challenge, in which Rosemary bizarrely had to have a bath and Hugo had to sit on top of something. They completed it, and answered the question correctly, thus gaining marshmallows, which the camp hugely enjoyed.

There was also a new introduction: The door to door challenge. Each celebrity paired up with another and had to pick one out of five doors; each with a prize behind it including their family behind one of them. If they did not like the first door, they could pick one more, and then one more. However, one door simply had a "Game Over" sign behind it. Eric and Charlie won nothing. Rosemary and David opened a door to see their family, which they were pleased with. After the activity, Charlie was distraught to find out that one door had family behind it, as she had been severely missing her daughter.

Ant and Dec present. Ashley and Charlie take on the newest trial, "Hollywood Walk of Shame". The trial consisted of Ashley sitting on a wooden plank above some liquid and answering Hollywood trivia. Getting them right would result in her being "dunked". Also if she got them right, more time would be allocated to Charlie, whom was actually collecting stars throughout various conditions. They received four out of five stars, which they were pleased with.

In the new Dingo Dollars Challenge, Hugo and Eric had to listen to a variety of various records, with three of them having a number at the end. Despite Hugo questioning the taste in music, they manage to complete the challenge, but answer the question incorrectly Who had lost the most weight in camp: Colin or Rosemary?

Each celebrity also received a letter from home; however, it had to be won. Each celebrity was playing for another celebrity's letter on a Buzz wire. Each celebrity was allowed three buzzes before the letter was not won, and was burned. All the celebrities won each other's letters except Eric, who failed and had to burn Hugo's letter, much the disappointment of both of them. All the celebrities participate in the returned trial, Celebrity Cyclone, in which they all must carry stars to certain points on a wet slope, with various distractions.

Eric went first, then Charlie, then Ashley then David. They completed the trial in record time, gaining all the possible stars for the camp, which they were extremely proud of. In the final Dingo Dollars challenge, Ashley and Eric completed the challenge by looking through various haystacks. There were also small treats, like chocolates, hidden in them which Eric insisted he did not want.

They completed the trial and answered the question correctly, gaining corned beef this was primarily Eric's choice, as Ashley had never tried corned beef. However, Ashley did not like the corned beef, and was slightly disappointed. David again attempts another trial, the "Well of Hell".

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David has to be lowered down into a well and collect various half-stars from different animals similar to "Hell Holes" David manages to get all the stars, however he encounters trouble getting one of them, after an angry Bandicoot keeps biting and attacking his hand. The camp were pleased with his efforts. Another favourite at this stage returned: the jungle awards. Ashley, Charlie and David had to nominate a campmate not present at the time an award, which were already chosen.