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What once had fluttered down in the midst of ravening death and the shrill noise of destruction now hung silent and shiny on the trees and had become silver and a shimmering and the memory of childhood stories and the great festival of peace. What a novel — required reading for anyone with even a sliver of a glimmer of a warm feeling in their loins for warfare.

Soldiers running on stumps, scorched lungs from gas, hands hanging on barbed wire separated from the body, an extra-active accelerated masterpiece of a scene involving a bombarded cemetery with no clear distinction between the body parts of comrades or the upturned occupants of caskets — totally gnarly and maybe alluded to in the fifth part of Or at least it felt familiar. Let the politicians slug it out in a ring and let the kids live their damn lives. But generally a kinetic, poetic, tense novel that feels absolutely real and everyone should read.

Almost started skimming midway but right when I started to think three-stars could devolve to two it picked-up and ended tremendously.

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Always stretches of top-notch translated prose, although in this the translation, especially in dialogue, occasionally seemed wonky thanks most likely to old German slang rendered as old British slang. Hunger and inflation are only touched on. Should I tell you how to pull the string on a hand grenade, how best to throw it at a human being?

Should I mimic how a man with a stomach wound will groan, how one with a lung wound gurgles and one with a head wound whistles? When Liesel steals a book from her wealthy employer her world begins to expand. Despite the fact that these books are read in the basement of her house while bombs fall all around her. She and her foster father cannot stand by and see the young Jewish man who is her friend be taken by the Nazis and when he is at his lowest ebb it is Liesel reading from her stolen books that keeps hope in his heart.

This book will make you cry, restore your faith in human nature and think about the power of stories to transform lives. I also want to recommend a book for younger children: The Lion and The Unicorn by Shirley Hughes, a beautiful picture book story of a boy who holds on to the badge he is given by his father as he goes off to fight in the war. It seems to have an almost magical power. Sarah McIntyre , author and illustrator whose books include Oliver and the Seawigs My favourite second world war book growing up was called Marta and the Nazis by Frances Cavanah.

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Empire of the Sun by JG Ballard: a young Brit named Jamie scavenges an existence alone in wartime Shanghai and in Japanese prison camps, coming to identify with his captors, admiring their fighter pilots and losing any sense of taking sides in the international conflict. When I read it to my daughters, one of them laughed until she fell off the bed at Max and his French homework.

Then we cried over Onkel Julius, because the fear, and the terrible implications of Hitler winning the election, are all there too, calmly and clearly explained. Shalini Boland, author of the Outside dystopia series as well as A Shirtful of Frogs , a second world war timeslip adventure I want to recommend Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian is a beautiful tale of the makeshift families that were created when children were evacuated from the cities.

A true modern classic that will make you think long after you turn the last page. I saw the film before I read the book.

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Not one but two doomed love affairs set towards the end of the second world war. I loved the vast richness of his canvas from an Italian monastery to the deserts of North Africa, the weaving of the politics of war with the power play of passion, all exhilarated with the thirst for exploration and adventure.

It shows how devastating an effect a war can have on children. So, ultimately it helped him find his identity and place in society. Site member, Infinity scolopendra I like the Michael Morpurgo books on the second world war.

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Piers Torday , author of the Last Wild trilogy I have a few to recommend! First of all Hero on a Bicycle by Shirley Hughes. Shirley Hughes is one of my literary heroes but her story is about a very different kind of hero. Britain was never invaded during the war, but this tense adventure gives a thrilling taste of the dilemmas which might have faced young people if we had been. Otto by Tomi Ungerer. A beautifully illustrated classic tale about a teddy bear separated from his Jewish owner at the start of the war — will they ever find each other again?

Says so much with great simplicity and power. In this inspirational and uniquely personal tribute, the essential part played by black servicemen and -women in that cataclysmic conflict is brought home. Their mission: March thirty rugged miles to rescue POWs languishing in a hellish camp, among them the last survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March. This book tells the story from three perspectives: of the Japanese soldiers who performed it, of the Chinese civilians who endured it, and of a group of Europeans and Americans who refused to abandon the city and were able to create a safety zone that saved many.

Shirer, who had watched and reported on the Nazis since , spent five and a half years sifting through this massive documentation. The result is a monumental study that has been widely acclaimed as the definitive record of one of the most frightening chapters in the history of mankind. He focuses on five crucial battles and offers new insights into the distinctive methods and motivations of modern warfare. With most of their animals dead, zookeepers Jan and Antonina Zabinski began smuggling Jews into empty cages.

Chester Nez is one of them.

What are the best children's books on the second world war?

For their help, all but Corrie found death in a concentration camp. The Hiding Place is their story. Though his responsibilities in the appalling chaos of a devastated city were awesome, he found time to record the story daily, with compassion and tenderness. Sergeant Edward A. Carter Jr. This is his account of that atrocity.

Alexander Jefferson was one of 32 Tuskegee Airmen from the nd Fighter Group to be shot down defending a country that considered them to be second-class citizens. He holds the record for the highest three-war total of fighter com-bat missions of any pilot in US Air Force history. His military service began as one of the Tuskegee Airmen in the nd, famed pioneers who fought racial prejudices to fly and fight for their country in WWII. Then, on the ocean surface, a face appeared.

The anonymous author depicts her fellow Berliners in all their humanity, as well as their cravenness, corrupted first by hunger and then by the Russians. Beginning his story in , Morales incisively depicts the racism his various African-American characters confront both in civilian life and in the military. Listen Shop Insiders. In search of World War II books, by any chance? Descriptions come from publisher copy on Goodreads. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox.

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