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Submit your testimonial. David — May 11, I bought a bunch of these for my friends and me. Sturdy hardback, sewn binding, and beautiful high quality paper, and perfect dimensions are some of the things that will make this edition a lifelong friend.

The Pilgrim's Progress

Thought about buying another one for myself for backup. Willem — September 10, Beautiful presentation, especially the illustrations. It overflows with biblical truth! Fred — January 5, This is one of my favorite books by John Bunyan. I have listened to it being read more then once and I enjoyed it.

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It is really well done. I bought more then one copy to give away.

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Jeremy — January 25, Your Testimonial. The story of Christian and his companions has been a favourite for generations. John Bunyan's imaginative text brings out the same, practical, necessary lessons that everyone needs to know - both today and yesterday. Additional features and study sections have been included to help today's generation of children to understand the book.

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These will help you to get behind some of the characters and places that Bunyan describes. You will also learn about Bunyan himself through a 'life summary' and get some ideas on how to use this book. A small number of archaic words have been changed to modern equivalents and there is a dictionary and footnotes to provide additional help. This means that Christian and Faithful talk like the medieval travellers they are, and not like modern day tourists, but you can also get what they are on about!

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John Bunyan — was born the son of a metalworker near Bedford, England. Pilgrim's Progress definitely qualifies as a book that every person who calls himself a Christian should read.

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The preacher Charles Spurgeon is reported to have read Pilgrim's Progress times! Spurgeon said he suspected that if John Bunyan were to be poked, he would bleed scripture.


The story is a wonderful allegory which richly illustrates deep biblical truths, and Bunyan's knowledge and understanding of the Bible is evident as he weaves so many ideas and terms from the Bible throughout his story. Bunyan's goal in writing Pilgrim's Progress was to present Christian doctrine and truths in a way that was entertaining and memorable so it would be easily understood and remembered by the average layperson.

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  • Bunyan gives his metaphorical characters and places self-descriptive names - Worldly Wiseman, Evangelist, Faithful, Atheist, Doubting Castle, Celestial City, - so his meaning is clearly conveyed to the reader. His descriptions and use of symbolism create a lasting impression in the reader's mind.

    He has a way of taking an idea from Scripture and graphically bringing it to life. A few ideas are repeated throughout the story that communicate spiritual truths clearly taught in the Bible. Probably the most prevalent and important theme is that there is only one right path - one way to heaven. Every time Christian strays from this path, he gets himself into trouble.