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Information Seller Orange. The autodidact Mercoeur published two collections of elegies, the first at only 16, before dying tragically in Aside from her premature death that caused a sensation in the press, she will be remembered mostly as a regional poet from Brittany.

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While her notoriety was based on an apparent acceptance of dominant views concerning femininity—the publication of her complete poems edited by her mother in did much to construct this image of virginal and prodigal child-poet—close examination of her poetry, according to Wendy Greenberg, shows clear engagement with the model of masculine genius and voice Her poems on the sublime and on philosophy have fallen on deaf ears because her tragic destiny as poetess was ultimately more compelling to her readers.

Louise Colet is yet another poetess whose life-story has received more attention than her voluminous writings.

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She wrote a copious number of poems, plays, novels, and other prose works, but her work has been overshadowed by her life and her relationship with her lovers, especially Gustave Flaubert, whom she met in Here is how Colet describes the modest and lighthearted muse of such poetry:. She rocks those hearts under her spell; does not consume the bard she inspires; kind and gentle, she comes at his first call; she is without bombast, she sings without a lute.

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She asks not for sunny skies or heat, a dark attic or a damp cellar appeal to her… and often, in doing her good deeds, she has been seen delivering an unexpected joy to the unhappy…. As such, her poetic erudition defies expectations about what women should write. Does the author wish to depict a female slave in revolt who shouts like a Spartacus or Saint-Simonian? God save me from such revolutionary ideas; I am not one of those women who have turned their shawl into a flag.

The economic determinants of the linguistic backlash stemmed from the increasing participation of women in forms of lucrative writing such as journalism, educational books and translations.

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Barred from the linguistic designation of poet , the term poetess , had it taken hold, would not have redressed the ideology of gender exclusion that leaves the woman poet without a proper name. While many eighteenth- and twentieth-century women poets are included, only Desbordes-Valmore figures as the token woman poet of the nineteenth century. The recently published introduction to nineteenth-century women poets, Wendy Greenberg's Uncanonical Women , however, seeks to remedy this bias and to revisit the nineteenth-century canon.

Critics, such as Gretchen Schultz and Adrianna Paliyenko with whom I have collaborated on a bibliographic article on this subject , have examined masculinist literary norms and the gender-based expectations that prevented the poetess from receiving an unconditional reception.

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New approaches to French Romantic women poets focus on the historical and cultural construction of the poetess or poet herself. For a survey of the field, see the bibliographic article I published in collaboration with Adrianna M. Paliyenko, which the present essay substantially draws from. See note 3 of my bibliographic article. The Oxford English Dictionary , second edition also lists the following example of the pejorative connotations of poetess dating back to the mid-eighteenth-century. Mellor argues as much when she discusses the ideological limitations of the tradition of the female poet, which originated in that of the female preacher.

Her dissension based on Biblical interpretation could easily be taken as affirmation of patriarchal Christian values For a lengthier discussion of each of these works, see Du Plessix Gray, , , , Du Plessix Gray In France in the late s, bas-bleu became the standard and derogatory term for the woman of ideas.

One of the few male members of the group, Benjamin Stillingfleet wore blue instead of black stockings. The backlash against the bas-bleu heightened with the popularity of the physiologie in the early s. Nanora Sweet and Julie Melnyk. New York: Palgrave, ISBN Susan J. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, Those far-off voices slake my thirsty soul, For your sorrowful book has filled its bowl trans.

Notice the difference in gender here. Parties annexes Notes [1] For a survey of the field, see the bibliographic article I published in collaboration with Adrianna M.

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