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And, I admit I have doubts. Not about you. It is about you, but it is about me, also. You and me. Richard bit back a smile. He had been called a catch many times, he was aware, but never to his face before. She laughed, revealing a glimpse of white teeth. I always thought that to be a state applied to elderly dowagers. Do you sporting gentlemen consider it a fittingly masculine trait, my lord?

This was better.

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The spirited girl he remembered from last year had surfaced, her face alive with laughter, her eyes bright. Disquiet skimmed her expression, then vanished. Had he imagined it? Was it the bald reminder that she would be his wife that had disturbed her? Her countenance was now neutral, but her eyes remained watchful and she made no attempt to answer him. It is too synonymous with spinsters, would you not—? Felicity stiffened. I may be a spinster and, therefore, in your eyes, a poor, undesired thing, but I have feelings and I have pride. The thought never crossed my mind that you might think I was making fun of you.

I was…I was… Oh, confound it!

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Come here. He had run out of words. He clasped her shoulders and drew her close. A finger beneath her chin tilted her face to his. He searched her eyes. They were shuttered.

She was rigid in his arms. Was she scared? But he must take care not to frighten her. He lowered his head, slowly, and put his lips to hers. I tend to do a lot of work on the back stories of my characters before I ever start to write so I know there is enough emotional depth to sustain the story.

I also learn how they are likely to react in different situations — although they do sometimes surprise me! So a gentle reminder from my editor that this is a strong part of her emotional conflict then prompts me to bring it to the fore. Fortunately, my editor approved my revisions and the manuscript has already been line edited and is now with the copy editor.

The last time I see it will be for the Author Alterations AAs , when I will read it through carefully and make any final changes. It is expected at this stage that any changes are minor, and I treat this as a final proof read before finalisation. Meanwhile, the publication date for From Wallflower to Countess is drawing ever closer, and I have a deadline of July 1 st for book 4 — not only, as yet, untitled but also apart from or so words unwritten.