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The Year of Living Dangerously

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The Year of Living Doggedly by Peter Marmorek (Paperback / softback, 2012)

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The Year Of Living Doggedly, Book by Peter Marmorek (Paperback) |

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Stephannie White. She wants to be a police officer someday and works for the McMinnville Police Department, which means arranging for someone to take care of Vic a few times a week in her absence. The presence of animals on college campuses is becoming increasingly common. Linfield, like most colleges, only allows service, therapy and comfort animals to reside on campus. But of that list, service animals are the most highly trained and the least common.

Gwinn tried various routes, including medication, to ease her anxiety and depression before exploring the benefits of a service dog. When Newbury brought Vic into her living room to meet Gwinn, though, he immediately crawled into her lap. Newbury described it as an instant connection, and Vic flew home with Gwinn the next day. I have accessories for our adventures, like goggles and closed-toed shoes for going to chemistry lab, headphones for concerts and even a rain jacket for rainy days.

When it comes to class time, Vic is often on duty. Labs provide a layer of complexity for Gwinn and Vic because students need to use delicate equipment. Sullivan met with Gwinn and Vic at the beginning of the semester and found an ideal location for her seat, near a wall with a covered cubby for Vic. He is also trained to smell elevated cortisol levels, which indicate stress and produces a more pronounced alert.

Vic is trained to get her to a sitting or lying-down position before she falls. Vic is also trained to lay on top of her to protect her during fainting episodes, which can resemble seizures. Gwinn recalls a scenario during class when another student experienced a seizure. Vic bolted from his post to protect the student by laying on her. It made me so proud.