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Number Book 2. Andrew Parker. Higher Maths Revision Guide. Ken Nisbet. Mental Arithmetic 4. A Mind for Numbers. Barbara Oakley. Principles of Mathematics. Bertrand Russell. Mental Arithmetic 5.

A First Course in Graph Theory

Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Optional sections designated as "excursion" and "exploration" present interesting sidelights of graph theory and touch upon topics that allow students the opportunity to experiment and use their imaginations.

Three appendixes review important facts about sets and logic, equivalence relations and functions, and the methods of proof. The text concludes with solutions or hints for odd-numbered exercises, in addition to references, indexes, and a list of symbols. Unfortunately, the scientistic and absurdly pragmatic mentality --and this is coming from a pragmatist!

Trudeau has, as stated in the intro, an eye toward preserving math for its own sake. Those who have read Chartrand's "Introductory Graph Theory," whether you appreciated the applications-styled approach or not, may want to peruse this book, just because it does preserve the math-for-its-own-sake mentality. My personal suggestion is this: read this book if you are new to math or are developing reasoning or ability with mathematical symbolism.

If that is not an issue, moving on to Chartrand might be a good idea. However, Chartrand is not as much geared in the direction of proofs, so Trudeau definitely has advantages. If you have the time, and things like Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs aren't too elementary, start with Trudeau. Almost all math majors by the time of their second year will be beyond this book, and this book will only be useful for conceptual and philosophical purposes, as well as for purposes of analyzing mathematical reasoning.

Great book. Take a look if you are even moderately interested.

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Quick word about the Kindle edition: It's not bad, but there are some formatting difficulties. Some of the pages have been scanned or whatever pretty close to the edge of the page. Also, italics don't look very much like italics.

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Minor issues. If you can get the book from a used books store for less, go and get the paper version, because I can see people wanting to lend this one out. Otherwise, the Kindle version is not bad. By Amazon Customer on Sep 07, Very nice introduction. Prose is excellent. This book can be used to teach high school students graph theory and college students scientific writing. By Ryan Mcnamara on Nov 24, My issue, though, is that the proofs were sometimes way too difficult to follow as a beginner; he could have done a better job helping you connect the dots of reasoning for people unfamiliar to pure mathematics the stated audience of this book.

But so many light bulbs went off in my head reading this and I so many times thought "that's amazing" that I have to rate this 5 stars. By Vladimir Zuzukin on Jan 03, Classic text. Excellent and gentle introduction to network theory. It is as challenging and rigorous as you want to make it. Read it for enjoyment and understanding. Tackle the exercises for the challenge. I highly recommend it as foundational for any new student of graphs and networks, especially prior to tackling a modern MOOC on this subject.

By Amazon Customer on Dec 24, This text was a great stepping stone in my hobby exploration of mathematics especially topology.

In addition to the hobby appeal of graph theory I found myself applying the concepts in my day job almost immediately. I will say that with this an all the Dover books there is some trouble with mathematical symbols showign up correctly on the Kindle for Android app and even on the Kindle. By Boris Glebov on May 22, Dover has put a great number of short introductory books on scientific topics, and I have generally found them to be excellent.

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They are concise, on point, and informative. This book is no exception. The writing is light. Explanations are clear. It serves up a wonderful introduction to the subject by explaining the basic terms and theorems. Though it is well short of being a rigorously formal book, it gives a good sense of the subject area, and I was actually able to make almost immediate practical use of its material figuring out whether a circuit I was designing could fit onto a single-sided board.

Kovarik on Apr 12, I've assisted in a mathematics summer program for gifted high school students. I've recommend this book to them. They loved it. The subject is approachable and clearly discusses the concepts behind the mathematics.

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Interestingly, Hamiltonian and Eulerian walks is treated at the end of the text instead of the beginning. Everything is very readable. By Frank on Aug 11, The topic was new to me, the material developed in a fairly logical manner, not boring but the mathematics does get demanding at points.

The author notes this and encourages continued reading. I agree. Actually the material covered is wider than graph theory. The text ought to be accessible to math enthusiasts in high school. By Austen Jones on Aug 23, So approachable! Not many math textbooks lend themselves well to being used as light reading material full disclosure: I am a mathematics major so my definition of light reading material may differ from yours.