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Hanswilhelm Haefs, S Sol. Heribertus Rosweyde, De heidenen be- wonderden zyne deugden en aenhoorden hem met aehting en liefde; hy was immers in hun midden geboren; en niemand kende beter dan hy hunne tael, hunne zeden en gebruiken.

Durrenmatts Besuch der alten Dame und Hebbels Die Nibelungen. urbilder und jugendlekture.

Terwyl de kerk in West-Vriesland heerlyk Josse Hillegeer, Harmen Sytses Sytstra, Thomas du Jardin, Carsten Niebuhr, Zie ook Hoofdit, III: 9. Smet, Scholen met de Bijbel: 'Waarom kiezen ouders voor een school met Hoe bewaar je je eigenheid in dat spanningsveld en waarom kiezen ouders voor een onderwijsinstelling met uitgangspunten die niet de hunne zijn? Nederlanders verkiezen Belgisch bier boven het hunne. Ondanks dat er bij onze noorderburen ook heel wat bieren worden gebrouwen, lijken ze toch het Belgische bier te verkiezen.

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Zo zou volgens onderzoeksbureau Die Hunnen sind in Witten eingefallen! Feuer gab Zij denken er het hunne van.

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Publicatie: maandag 31 augustus - Auteur: Rob Bartol. From the very beginning, the unexpected and ambiguous death of Attila was matter of much conjecture which determined the following reception of the king in Germanic literature. Thus German culture promoted a sympathetic perception of Attila and the Huns and was particularly praised by the Emperor Wilhelm II at the very end of the nineteenth century.

Wilhelm II scorned the Chinese, encouraging his troops to kill the Chinese with the same violence as the Huns did.

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In that film Attila and the Huns are primitive, uncultured and savage. Attila is shown in his irrational behaviour and is symbolic of the chaotic world into which Germany had sunk. Only after the Second World War does a transformed vision of Attila emerge, having been marginalized during the Nazi regime. Attila became the symbol of metamorphosis, regeneration and reconciliation with Nature and a world abused by Western society. The German playwright Moritz Rinke b. In this work Attila is represented as a man who lives in a spontaneous condition, in contact with the natural elements.

In other words, Attila and his culture represent the way by which the world can find a peaceful and adequate condition for its future.

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The faith in the link between Huns and Hungarians has always been a determining factor of the historical self-knowledge of Hungarians. On one hand using the method of interpretatio christiana , it transformed all aspects of history according to the requirements of Christian ethics that seemed foreign to Christian morals. On the other hand with the method of interpretatio classica , it tried to harmonise national history with the already distorted image of history of classical Antiquity. In the process of reinterpreting history, the interpretors of the history of the Huns often used the sophisticated methods of forgery.

During the invention of historical facts, they were extremely careful to complete the body of the narration with elements and descriptions that seemed real and authentic, sometimes even old, although not belonging to the real context. The opposing interpretation of the Huns all turned to such retroactive material proofs.

Both faces of Attila — the Christian and the classic interpretation of the history of the Huns — were for the most part a falsification of real and authentic history. This invented history, however, satisfied all aspects of the once valid, highest requirements of finding the truth.

A new translation of Priscus of Panion, who narrated the rise and fall of Attila's empire, alongside other political and military events of the s to s. The translation is aimed at students and the general public. Priscus's text Priscus's text survives only in substantial fragments that were quoted by other ancient writers. This volume contains a full introduction to Priscus, the survival of his text, and his classicizing historiography.

The translation itself includes brief historical background notes to orient the reader where portions of Priscus's text have been lost.

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ISBN: La morte di Attila tra storia e leggenda con cenni ad un recente ritrovamento. This is a complex analysis of the Battle of the Catalaunian Fields. It utilizes the latest in research on the Late Roman Period, as well as research in Roman, Germanic, and Steppe tactics, to reconstruct the campaign and battle as