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But he started taking photographs instead and, on the day of his final law school exam in , scored his first big commercial assignment, a campaign for the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra.

This Catalan Home’s Stone Facade Hides a Secret Oasis

Traveling around the world, often crashing with friends, he became interested in the way people express themselves through their habitats. Standing there, he winced at a tall, narrow cathedral window that dominates the river-stone-clad facade, upon which pipes and wires formed a sort of electrical wisteria. Another staircase, this one tucked into a corner, dominates the ground floor; its impressive gradient and lack of rails announce that this is a party house — a place for youngish professionals with demanding city lives to hide away on the weekends, cooking roasts and playing cards.

The higher you go, the less public and more neglected a residential space usually becomes. On the second floor, the master bedroom has a poppy-colored carpet and a set of bricolage closets, rigged up from white boards and matching bed sheets.

CATALAN HOUSES - eTwinning 2018/19

Apartamento, it seems, has given him an appreciation of emptiness. The third story underscores this philosophy: one giant room encompassing the kitchen, dining room, living room, hearth and, outside, a terrace and little tub of a pool. The square-foot area originally had three arched windows, framing the view toward the Gabarra mountains from floor to ceiling.

APPG for Catalonia - Home

Alegre added four more, turning a weakness the house only gets light from one side into a strength it has a clear orientation. You could spend a happy day just standing there washing dishes. Erin Jenne, a professor of international relations at Central European University, agrees. After all, inequality between regions is baked into the entire concept of modern nationhood—if subsidizing poorer parts of a country were motivation enough to split off, every region would have done it by now.


The initiatives, which more seek financial autonomy than outright secession, are sponsored by the Northern League, a populist anti-immigrant party. But movements to secede can be a gamble. Independence talk in places like Quebec and Catalonia has historically made businesses and consumers feel queasy—after pro-secession parties took action, the regions have seen relocations of corporate headquarters, and even drops in home prices in Quebec and bank deposits in Catalonia.

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Plus, there are economic perks to staying together: Trade is easier across internal borders, and diversified regions diffuse risk. Jenne, of Central European University, has published research indicating that economic issues are often not as strong of motivators as other factors, such as how densely a group is concentrated in its territory, or whether a region eager to split off is offered military support by another nation. The U.

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Of course, there have been hundreds of these movements in American history, and few expect these recent ones to amount to much. Movements around the world are watching Spain in the coming days to see just how just how the crisis unfolds—and whether their turn could be next.