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Her description was consistent. But a few days later, after psychiatrists saw her, her attitude abruptly changed. She refused to answer any more questions. Patrick L. It looked like a thin light pencil, 1. It was directed towards AZF. Frederique G. Although she couldn't see any solid object. This sighting took place between the two explosions. That she saw a missile is questionnable too, but her report was widely studied.

When she came to testify, she complained that the policeman who took her deposition, Brigadier-Major Jean-Pierre B. Her husband Jean-Claude, a retired gendarme, who had come with her and could hear from the neighbouring room what was happening, wrote a letter of protest to judge Perriquet he himself contested the officail version, having heard two explosions ; D, D But other witnesses who had faced him and some of his colleagues issued similar complaints.

AZFEA p. Some of them likened it to a reactor. Private investigator Jean-Pierre Mayer aka emilie described it as looking somewhat like the sound of a plane. He felt that it came from the nearing air force base of Francazal. This leads to sightings of unidentified aircrafts. Sky was busy over Toulouse at the time of the disaster.

Many spotted various aircrafts, helicopters, planes, drones. Striking, as flying over an urban area, and especially over the Chemical Pole, is strictly forbidden. But officially, none of them existed, despite that they were sometimes filmed and registered.

Comprendre l'actualité

They and their pilots remain unidentified. For a simple reason : they were never seriously looked for. A common thread in this case. What they were doing remains a mystery. Examples of helicopter visual or auditive testimony close to the Chemical Pole, just prior to or after the explosion. Mrs B. She thought an accident had taken place D Mrs C. Her colleague Mr B.

Jean-Pierre C. It was violently shaken by the shockwave, to the point it seemed in danger. A team from the resort France 3 Sud, was filming at school Bellefontaine, km south-west to B When they felt the blast app. The cameraman could not film it, suggesting it was flying low, but its sound was recorded. It lasted for 18 s. It first became more loudly, suggesting it was coming nearer, then went away. It was not traced by Blagnac Airport radars, which can only detect targets above ft. This doesn't hold water. No grounded helicopter would be audible at such a distance, with so much obstacles.

While Perriquet refused any reconstitution, some were conducted, by J. Tirat and F.

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A few minutes after the disaster, a team from M6, located too at Bellefontaine school, filmed briefly for 3 seconds a helicopter. Its sound could be registered for 10 s. It was a Ecureuil. A dark spot along its left side could be a wescam. It was not possible to determine if it belonged to the Gendarmery, or Customs as some suggest.

It was dated notably with the help of the bell of a nearby school. It was filmed between 10h20 and 10h Finding a worse match would be difficult : the gendarmery helico was located to the south, the M6 helico to the north to the witnesses. Their directions were opposite. As Periquet himself wrote, radar records from Blagnac Airport show that it didn't flight over Bellefontaine school. So, it is not the aircraft filmed by M6! Datation does not fit either. The pilot, Th. This is confirmed by records.

Was it a time-travelling helicopter? But the Blagnac Airport traced the aircraft first at In any case, too late to be filmed by the M6 cameraman. So, convergent evidence rules out the Th. Two women had a most unusual sighting a few minutes before the explosions. They saw a small red aircraft hovering over the Pole. It was shaped like an 8, truncated on its underside. Official investigators thought they were deluded. But this depiction is familiar to those who are acquainted with unusual drones. It clearly marks it as a Bombardier CL or Yvonne M.

Danielle D. When she heard a detonation and felt a tremor, saw the green tower rising up, and felt a second, more powerful explosion D, D There were a number of sightings of small planes, Cessna or drone-like, in the vicinity of the Pole. They were present at least since dawn. Two women saw "a strange small plane, seemingly hovering over ASF, emitting like a rattle sound".

An employee at Marchant Hospital saw a similar aircraft, emitting an unusal noise, seconds prior to the explosions A patient at Rangueil hospital saw a small plane above the hopsital m to the east to the Pole a few seconds after the explosion. On the France 3 video, seconds before a helicopter is heard, people are heard saying that there is a plane.

There was a way to verify what had lurked in the sky the morning of Contrarily to Blagnac, Francazal has radars which can monitor a target at a very low altitude less than m. Records from that day would hold the answers. They were asked but quite lately their files. But answered that their records from Incredibly, the magistrates did not try to know more.

While in a normal inquiry, anyone claiming he had destroyed crucial files would be put into trouble, nothing came. Ad it was possible that Francazal shared some files with the Montaudran Air Force base. That didn't seem to interest them. Last news are that Francazal will soon close.

All this evidence would seem to point a terrorist attack. This looks like an easy solution. But the extent of damage would point towards a wide scale attack, more like an act of war. Needing important means, something like a fully equipped commando, in an area under surveillance. That such an attack could be perpetrated, and Toulouse being a crossroad of many secret services and of the military-industrial complex, some suggested the possibility of a LIHOP.

Or of a false flag attack. When looked at closely, in fact, the best evidence points towards this direction. The supposed kamikazes' behaviour was problematic on many accounts. Jean-Pierre Mayer spoke with a medic involved in H. It was mentioned in the official autopsy report, with no other details.

He thought it was unlikely to have been caused by a fall, but rather by a blow. So suggesting that H. J and A. They are usually discrete, they try not to catch attention. In complete opposition to them - the same was said of the so-called September 11 kamikazes, who were so noisy they sometimes endangered their supposed plot. And there is a crucial point : the lack of surveillance. It may seem a nonsensical assertion. That the Chemical Pole and other important plants in Toulouse including Airbus and Motorola were under anti-terrorist monitoring is established. Yes, but there lied a true anomaly.

The head of Grande Paroisse for France was informed immediately after 11 Sept. They transmitted the info to their factories, and asked them to contact their local prefecture. In the following days, all of them were put under Vigipirate. Except Toulouse. He was answered that there was no risk, instructions would come later. Same answer three days later. No risk, for a Seveso 2 plant!

Instructions never came. The same day took place at the prefecture a meeting of all important local factories, the DRIRE regional direction for industry, research and environment and the head of regional security. All important factories, except AZF There were rumours of a private warning from a "CIA informant". Serge Biechlin claimed that on 15 Sept. But he didn't inform anyone else before the disaster.

On 18 Sept. Astonished, and worried by the Mazingarbes act of sabotage, S. Biechlin ordered the following day to reinforce controls. Who first denied, amazingly, any Vigipirate orders were given at Toulouse, and the existence of the 12 Sept. Later the same day, he will admit that it had indeed taken place. AZF had been "forgotten". Biechlin was answered that he had to wait for orders, like R.

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  4. Maillot a few days later. Who expressed amazement, and similarly replied that instructions would soon follow. We are asked to believe that they simply "forgot" to put AZF under Vigirate. While after 11 Spetember, the whole area, and the five other Grande Paroisse plants, were on alert ; and despite that they were asked repeatedly. This makes no sense, and smells of manipulation. Another sinister scheme. Now, coming back to the suggestion that the intent was to cause a great number of casualties, in addition to material damage.

    Is there evidence that things might have been set up to facilitate that? There are certainly motives to suspect such a scheme. It planned the setting off of firefighters sirens and confinement of the population immediately after an accident. There had been hundreds of training meetings since its promulgation on 30 June , and it was readied to be started up at any time. To manipulate public opinion, and to intimidate the French government and others.

    It was stopped, because for some reason, it was a partial failure. But maybe only the visible part was stopped. Behind the scenes, it may have helped to discourage all will to oppose an intervention in Afghanistan among foreign states. That would be consistent with the general framework of worlds events this month, and help to understand some things. Notably why the French government quickly changed its stance. And later, the weakness of their opposition to the attack on Iraq. Why the small village of Le Vernet, south to Toulouse, had a most unusual and famous guest, holidaying in August Other events surrounding the explosions suggest a deep and complex truth.

    That pressure was discreetly kept on the French government in the following weeks, then years is suggested by a number of occurences. The modus operandi of the authors of the "Alpha-Bravo" revendications sent on asks questions. They used a secure fax line. Not the work of jokers, but of people with many capacities. As for the unusual visit of the then British Prime Minister near Toulouse in August , was it a warning that any attempt to seriously oppose the attack on Iraq would lead to a devastating backlash? More recently, suspicion is reinforced by a quote from Khaled Sheikh Mohamed's "confession" in Guantanamo.

    This document is worthless for a wide range of motives. But it contains an intriguing feature. It lists chronologically the "confessions" as such : 1 the first bombing of the WTC in ; 2 the attacks of 11 September ; 3 "censored" by the US government ; 4 the failed attempt by Richard Reid, December etc It is clear that the unknown, "censored" attack, refers to Toulouse.

    There was no other candidate, terrorist attack or disaster, in this time frame. Given the complexity of the events, any terrorist scenario would suppose an intricate solution. While reluctant to venture on this perilous ground, J. Tirat supposed that a wide-scale bombing might have been perpetrated following two lines : a bunch of manipulated local rogues on AZF, and a team of professionals on SNPE.

    It may have been made easier thanks to the presence of hidden, classified underground ways. During the Second World War, the germans had built an underground base with bunkers, and even a heavy water production center. Officially, the heavy water was removed, but the date is unknown.

    It suggests the area retained a military use, beyond SNPE boundaries. That French authorities would try to cover-up such an event would certainly be plausible. In France, the military and the militaro-industrial complex are almost untouchable, there are many examples of that. But such a scenario would let many things unanswered, and still bumps into the stability of AN. If there was a gas explosion, it would be more probably the result of a sabotage, part of a wider scenario.

    There were indeed numerous reports of mists, smokes, very unnatural crawling clouds and unusual smells around the Chemical Pole prior to the disaster. They began at least around 5. Many witnesses compared the smell to ammonia or fish. A similar incident happened more recently, in October The smell suggests the presence of hydrazin. Very toxic, they are used for rocket propellants. Highly unstable, they can form with air explosive mixings. Their photo-decomposition produces nitrogen dioxyd.

    In their book they revealed a striking finding, while denouncing another falsification. They had only measured a peak of micro-particles between It wrote that a peak of nitrogen dioxyde had been detected by the Berthelot station from Three minutes before the disaster The tank was mentioned in the inventory released to the prefecture after the disaster, and visible on Google in September Where the remaining almost 10t went remains unanswered. A mere monkey wrench would do the job Hodin had studied the strange death of a victim, Alain Ratier, an elevator repairman.

    He exhibited what looked like superficial burns, and unusual lividness, while lacking deadly wounds. Clearly, the official version can't account for his death. A doctor concluded his injuries were reminiscent of a death from asphyxia. Hodin's report had been ordered by Total The main objection is that an UVCE produces tremendous damage ; witnesses compare them to a devastation caused by war. According to it, they can come as a deflagration as well as a detonation. Gas explosions could account for a number of pockets of fires, that the B blast could not explain.

    Or that all manholes were blown-up in a m radius. Reviewing the evidence, the existence of at least one gas explosion is a reasonable theory. But they tried an alternative explanation, by attempting to link the whole disaster, including the B detonation, to a gas eplosion. There, they've clearly bitten than they could chew, and were widely contested.

    Hence their use, alongside aluminium powder, in daisy cutters bombs. But the concentrations needed were certainly not reached, otherwise they would have caused many severe poisonings. Burning gas hitting the surface of the AN stack would not cause its detonation, especially in the case of a "cold" UVCE.

    In his last book, D. But he notes these fires were small. They may have been caused by isolated gas pockets, not by a massive explosion. Alongside with P. In addition to an unexplained wound, he had wide large burns, while his clothes were almost untouched. Another explanation would be a electrocution. There were many reports of unusual electrical phenomena. They may be linked. That a UVCE was involved certainly can't be ruled out. But this theory fails to provide a global explanation. The existence of underground facilities, reports of electrico-magnetic effects added to the unexplained tremor suggested to some different solutions.

    That experimentations were involved, or the use of non-conventional weapons. The scenario seems even more intricate. Joined Aug 10, Messages 12, Likes Points The AZF factory was, perhaps, one and a half, to two minutes, behind him, in his little van, when all hell let loose and the explosion's sizeable shockwave blew out all the windows, in the buildings, around him.

    He told me, in a phone conversation shortly after the event, that he then, more, or less, blacked out and discovered himself, some time later driving many miles out of the city, in the countryside, a long way from the right direction home, with no memory of the intervening time. In another conversation, shortly after, when I had made some off the cuff remark, about French bureaucracy, in connection with his attempts to set up his own business, he suddenly went into an extraordinary tirade, in support of the French people, with whom he strongly identified.

    As I look back now, I know that that display was still quite out of character for him and I suspect that that Jay was actually exhibiting symptoms of, ' post traumatic stress disorder '. A couple of months later, I received a phone call, from Jay's mother, my aunt, to let me know that Jay had, that day, run off the road, into a tree and been killed out right.

    Within the family, there was some doubt, as to the actual cause of Jay's 'accident'. Could it have been self inflicted? Knowing Jay, as I did, I personally found this quite hard to believe. Sometime later, I did hear, in a BBC Radio4 documentary, of other quite common accidents on French roads, sometimes, possibly, caused by the hypnotising effects of the long lines of trees, originally planted on the orders of Napoleon, to give shade and shelter to the marching columns of his troops.

    However, I now wonder if, Jay might have had some sort of flash back, partially caused by post traumatic stress and momentarily blacked out, at some crucial point, behind the wheel of his van? I've no idea what really caused the explosion at the AZF plant. Whether a genuine accident, or if the French Government really did decide to deprive some Islamic fundamentalist lunatics of the 'oxygen of publicity', in which case, I can imagine no better fate for the futility of their gesture.

    No amount of speculation will bring my cousin back. Those effects left their imprint on the many power transformers inside and around the Chemical Pole. AZFES , p. It was heavily protected, and its damage was internal. A set of rods fell. A similar incident was reported on another transformer, the F2 Inside AZF, the protective cover of transformer T10 melted - the result of powerful arcs. As for T36, it simply vanished end in October or November ! It weighed 1 ton, but someone managed to remove it from the scene. Strangely, the investigation could provide no clue relating to the identity of the thiefs, despite that such a removal couldn't be discrete and the site was heavily guarded.

    They denied any involvement. That the prefecture requested the clearing of the site at all is another example of irregularity in the handling of the scene of the crime. It is to be noted that when Roland D. A driver, who was very close to it, heard a very strong explosion, as strong as B A neighbour saw it destroyed ; while EDF denied any damage, it was curiously done up shortly later.

    There were reports, notably from ambulance men, that a military cordon was set in its vicinity as soon as Their datations generated much controversy, and much technical debates. All were not synchronized. And once more, the SNPE obstructed the inquiry by claiming they had lost all their electrical records. Despite that AZF, while more damaged, retained most of theirs. The first lasting app. The second after 10h18'05'', consisting of widespread damage to the general electrical array, notably the entanglement of power lines near the crater.

    The logical conclusion is that those two waves were related to different incidents. We are left to wonder how power lines only m away were damaged by the blast 11 seconds later. There is a reason to this strange conclusion : they support the thesis of only one explosion, and it is the official datation, based on the datation of the quake recorded by seismographs. EDF tried to fit their datations. Remarkably, EDF modified their datations of the first incidents, to fit to the variations of the seismologists That this tremor took place in this time interval is likely : it was established in the minutes following the disaster.

    What comes into question is their assertion that it is the datation of the AZF explosion. It is justified only by their will to link the seism to the B blast. There is no possibility that a surface explosion, badly coupled to the ground, leaving a 50 m wide crater would come close to a 3. Not even by a factor of They couldn't provide any similar example, for the only reason that there aren't. They couldn't even seriously evidence that the total energy released in the blast would come close to tonnes of TNT.

    Most of the AN was dispersed. Reports immediately after the disaster were clear : the surroundings of the Chemical pole were covered with AN. Gardeners had even to cut the grass twice more often than usual in the following weeks! Pr Lefebvre refused to come with a definitive estimation, but was of the opinion that the amount was probably inferior to 50 t of TNT. As for the amount which went into the ground to dig the crater, the CEI estimated it at to kg of TNT equivalent to 1. The reasoning was circular. As EDF and RTE found no evidence of malfunctionnings prior to 10h17'55'', they supported that all anomalies were caused by the B blast Deransart denounced this bias in articles published by Valeurs Actuelles This is supported by a huge body of evidence.

    The general records of telephone companies, proving phone lines and the AZF exchange went dead at exactely this time. The cutting of the high power line of Les Demoiselles by a metal shard, m to the north of the crater, at 10h 17' 07''. The simultaneous second wave of electrical incidents, caused notably by the entanglement of power lines. An example of evidence from phone call, the crucial deposition of witness M. He was standing on the sixth floor of his building phoning to a friend, when he felt a tremor.

    A few seconds later, he saw a cloud ascend, from the azimuth of B meaning again that the quake could not come from it. In its core were orange flames typical of AN fire. One or two seconds later a huge explosion. His phone call was interrupted, the datation and his distance to the shed proved the explosion happened at 10h 18' 05''. Notably of M. This column is related to the ignition of the AN stack.

    Interestingly, its shape M. It was located at m to B Its director noted a fluctuation in power, sign that the SETMI had been cut from the general grid and was supplied by its own generators. Then 7s later, the B explosion. EDF dated the electrical incident at 10 h 17' 56". The director heard the second explosion at 10 h 18' 12". Not only it discounts the dumb seismoacoustic explanation, but establishes the detonation took place at 10h 18' 05" D After finding the datation of the big explosion and the two waves of incidents, the next step was to reconstruct a chronology of the electrical disturbances.

    From there, a number of experts tried to establish the cause of the disaster, notably from the transformers damages. Those various anomalies led to an alternative theory, that the whole disaster was the result of an electrical accident, either a big EDF malfunctionning, or an incident inside the SNPE, probably caused by decrepit equipment. Total and Grande Paroisse seemingly supported it for a time. This theory leaves many sides unexplained. But a number of expert electrician attempted to reconstruct the sequence of electrical events, and they saw support in that.

    It extended to the west, through the SIS building towards the Lafourguette transformer - and interestingly, forming a line with the dark scrach, the Brossette shops, and the Escaragol clubhouse. But on the 11th hour, the prefecture withdraw authorisation to fly over the area. Later, Roger Saby had the nerve to reproach Grande Paroisse not to have conducted the tests, while it was his colleagues' fault! Another example of duplicity from the authorities.

    A group of electrician experts, working for Total within the scope of the civil investigation, could establish a chronology of events. Data was collected from EDF records, and a wide range of reports sent to Total to fulfill compensation files. The debate took on a very technical turn, but Daniel Dissy gave a summary in his last book p.

    They wrote the "JPR Note" ; a former scientific director from alsthom, Pierre Clarenne's works reached the same conclusions. They agreed upon the same chain of events. Curiously, Total didn't react when they were informed of the results, despite that they would exonerate them And that they officially supported the electric theory. Or did they just pretend?

    M. Johan Jacquemin

    They also uncovered that Lafourguette earthed appliance had been destroyed. They concluded that a calculator TMC 11 MS, used to modulate power from Lafourguette, malfunctionned, because its battery had fallen into disrepair. Their chronology begins with an earth current on the 20 kV line Lafourguette -SNPE, with a default of A, blowing it and leading to a power cut, at 10 h 17' 55" But the Lafourguette computer did not work. Disaster guaranteed A 63 kV bar falls, then a One or two transformers explode, causing a sound heard by many Toulousans. Many electrical equipments are affected.

    The conclusion of the JPR note was that as the Lafourguette, the location of the earthed disturbance and the crater were lined up, the detonation of B was probably the result of an electrical arc. A conclusion similar to the one supported three years earlier. There lies a major difficulty. They didn't put forward the hypothesis of an underground current, because it had already been ruled out. According to Clarenne's calculations, an earthing of Which it does, in the absence of an underground line or vector ; it would result in fact only in a low voltage.

    Add to that the obstacle posed by the Garonne. At Total's request, who seemingly supported this theory, a trial was conducted at the SNPE on 29 and 30 october A current of A under A voltage of only 32 V on the other side of the Garonne was measured. But an aerial electrical arc is not more likely. On such a distance, it seems impossible. There were many obstacles.

    And it is highly dubious that it would detonate the AN, only decompose it. Another weakness was that they couldn't explain how the disturbances began. Others tried to explain the anomalies as side effects from a terrorist attack or another explosion. Jean-Pierre Mayer, an electrician, supposed that transformer T36, near building I0, was damaged by a first missile. It may have rsulted in the compression of its windings, resulting in an accidental EMP, and a release of high voltage current to earth. But there is a lack of sightings of an explosion near I0.

    Roland D. Electrical recorders registered early disturbances on T36 and T24 slightly to the southwest of the sheds , but they would be rather from an overload from an external source. It would be more consistent with the chronology. But this theory can't explain many effects. Could this perturbance induce an electrocution hundreds of meters away? But I discovered bread here, your equivalent to our rice maybe? I love it!

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    Archive of applied mechanics Ingenieur-Archiv. Archives for meteorology, geophysics, and bioclimatology.

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    Series A, Meteorology and atmospheric physics. Series A, Meteorology and geophysics. Series B, Climatology, environmental meteorology, radiation research. Series B, Theoretical and applied climatology. Archives of applied science research Archives of biochemistry and biophysics. Archives of computational materials science and surface engineering Archives of computational methods in engineering : state of the art reviews.

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    Atmospheric research Consumer Product Safety Commission, Atzproduktion worldwide. Australian journal of civil engineering Institution of Engineers, Australia. Australian journal of maritime and ocean affairs Australian journal of mechanical engineering Australian journal of multi-disciplinary engineering Australian journal of structural engineering the Institution of Engineers, Australia.

    Australian journal of water resources Australian manufacturing technology. Australian maritime digest Australian meteorological and oceanographic journal. Australian meteorological magazine. Australian PC user Australian PC world Australian personal computer Australian resources and energy law journal The Australian surveyor : a quarterly publication devoted to the interests of the surveying profession in Australia. Australian visual developers forum : the magazine for visual programmers. Auto industry Auto interiors Auto-free times.

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    Automotive engineering international. Automotive industries.

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    Automotive marketing Automotive news. Automotive news data center Automotive news Europe Automotive news. Global market data book. Automotive news. Market data book. Automotive parts international Automotive plastics Automotive production Automotive rebuilder Automundo Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems Autonomous robots. Aviation history Aviation maintenance Aviation maintenance alerts. Aviation news Aviation psychology and applied human factors Aviation safety Aviation safety summary Aviation summary Aviation system capacity annual report ; United States.

    Background facts on women workers in the United States. Balance sheets for the U. Baltic journal of modern computing The Baltic journal of road and bridge engineering Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Ban dao ti guang dian Semiconductor optoelectronics. Ban dao ti ji shu Semiconductor technology. Bao mi ke xue ji shu Bao po. Bao zhuang xue bao. Batteries international Bauphysik Die Bautechnik. BBC selected transcripts : Asia.

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    Berkeley Lab research review. Best management practice : alternate water sources. Best management practice : commercial kitchen equipment. Best management practice : cooling tower management. Best management practice : distribution system audits, leak detection, and repair.

    Best management practice : faucets and showerheads. Best management practice : information and education programs. Best management practice : other water intensive processes. Best management practice : single-pass cooling.

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    Best management practice : toilets and urinals. Best management practice : water management planning. Best management practice : water-efficient irrigation. The best of technology writing. Best of the Web Best practice policies for small and medium-sized enterprises. Die Beteiligung Deutschlands an der internationalen Meeresforschung : Bericht. Die Beteiligung Deutschlands an der internationalen Meeresforschung : Jahresbericht.

    Beton- und stahlbetonbau. Die betriebswirtschaft BHM. Biao mian gong cheng zi xun Biao mian ji shu Surface technology. Biao zhun ji liang yu zhi liang. Biblio tech review The Bicycle paper Biennial report to Congress for fiscal years Biennial Report to Congress for fiscal years Big rigs Ipswich, Australia Billing plus Bio news.

    Bio-medical materials and engineering. BioAccess Bioactive materials. Bioanalytical reviews Bioautomation Bioavailability and health benefits of phytonutrients Biocatalysis and biotransformation Biochemical and molecular medicine. Biochemical bulletin. Biochemical education Biochemical engineering journal. The Biochemical journal. The biochemical journal. Cellular aspects. Molecular aspects. Biochemical medicine. Biochemical medicine and metabolic biology.

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