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It should make everyone rethink the unfettered free-market model. Economics may look sophisticated on paper, but it is often completely out of touch when it comes to reality. Phishing for Phools explains that sellers are often out to deceive you, and shows that this isn't an occasional glitch in the market system so much as an intrinsic and pervasive trait. Phishing for Phools aims to help readers understand their psychological weaknesses, so that the phishermen can be phended off more ephectively. The style of Phishing for Phools will be familiar to fans of Shiller's work: light on jargon and pacy enough not to outstay its welcome.

The authors tell some engaging tales.

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It should be required reading for policy makes and for consumers which is to say, all of us. It takes many of our scattered findings about humanity's blind spots--both psychological weakness and a lack of perfect information--and weaves them into a comprehensive framework that has the potential to be devastating for free market fundamentalists. Altschuler, Tulsa World. The list would be endless!

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Probably not every reader will agree with every interpretation or argument--but every reader will find something that enlightens and stimulates. They ask us to ponder those situations, economic or political, that provide particularly tempting opportunities to phish for phools. Penetrating insights rendered in accessible prose. Lades, Journal of Bioeconomics.

Much of recent innovation has led to products that make cheating the public easier. The implications are complex and profound. Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in Economics. It may change your image of the invisible hand into an invisible phoot, always looking to trip you up. Read it for phun; read it for wisdom. This is economics after the behavioral revolution at its best. This redemptive revision of economic theory explains the built-in risks of rip-offs in a profit-maximizing world. This highly readable and insightful book will transform how we think about the role of government.

Frank, author of The Economic Naturalist. Wade, London School of Economics. Consumers and policymakers beware: profit-seeking businesses foster efficiency and innovation, but have strong incentives to manipulate you and sophisticated new data tools allow them to do so in personalized ways. Indeed, Akerlof and Shiller suggest that we should drop the view of markets as generally benign institutions. The argument is laid out with the help of fascinating anecdotes, the language is conversational, and the book is easy to read.

It is addressed to a broad audience, but economists will enjoy it too. The book takes an intriguing approach and gives many interesting examples. Subject Areas. Need textbooks? View our textbook site. Once you reach that stage, there's no turning back. This episode lays out some key factors in helping the judgmental person become self-aware and change their behavior before they complet It can be a challenge to see the signs of toxic behavior when you first start dating someone, especially if things seem to be going well.

After all, who wouldn't want to be told they're wonderful and a dream come true?

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The beginning of a relationship is a great time to assess the other person's behavior to make sure they are showing up as authe When someone in your life claims to have changed and promises to stop behaving badly, have they truly changed or are they just pretending? Telling the difference between the actor and the authentic person is a major step away from crazy making. Your sanity may depend on it. Workbook on mani When the partner of a cheater carries guilt, thinking their own behavior caused the cheating, the relationship can disintegrate even further, destroying the very foundation of what's left.

The cheater works alone no matter what the partner has done. Accepting this means healing and moving on, whether the relationship survives the affair or not. The actor in the relationship can fool the best of us.

Tip: Remember, there is a big distinction between manipulation and deception!

When you can't tell what's an act and what's real, you soon start to question your own sanity. The actor doesn't love, they control. A real partner shows empathy and wants to see you happy. It's easy to tell the difference looking at it from the outside in, but sometimes impossible to see i Isolation occurs when someone wants to keep you from your friends, family and support structures. You will become more dependent on the one who is isolating you, causing you to seek all of your friendship, love, and support from that one person.

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As you see other people less and less, control sinks in more and more. Soon, you will feel alone and Are you waiting for someone else to change so that you can get what you want? In this episode, I talk about an email I received from a woman who fell in love with a man who went back with his wife. However, he now cheats on his wife to be with her.

This has caused her to become obsessive, thinking about him all the time and waiting in pain for Sometimes a conversation with a certain person always seems to lead down a path of misery. You end up feeling bad and can't figure out what happened. These old patterns continue until you interrupt them and make sure you are reflecting on the behavior instead of blindly repeating them.

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Many emotional abuse victims believe they are at fault for the abuse, as if there is behavior they did to bring it on. The short answer is there is nothing you can do to prevent it. You can't prevent a personality characteristic that is going to appear no matter what. Workbook on manipulati When you are kind, generous and caring and you get controlling and manipulative in return, you may be the very cause of perpetuating such behavior without even knowing it.

Your kindness could be someone else's fuel to continue treating you badly. Workbook on manipulation and emotional abuse We are often told that we can choose how to feel and that no one can actually control us. However, in emotional abuse and manipulation, that concept doesn't seem to hold true at all. In fact, it seems that we can be conned by our own brain as the manipulator finds tiny ways to break us down from the inside out. In this episode, I share the sign How do you tell friends and family about the emotional abuse from the narcissist when they don't see that behavior in them at all.

In fact, they have a very different view of the abusive person to the point where they may actually feel sorry for them and think you're the crazy one. I talk about that on today's episode. Love and Abuse is the off Would you know if you were being manipulated? Do you know what the look for? Manipulative people are experts are toxic language to make you feel bad about yourself. It's time to learn just how to tell if you are being manipulated or not.

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Workbook on manipulation and emotional abuse at lovea Some people have a strange way of showing they care by sending you small messages out of the blue to get you to think about them. In reality, this is a manipulative tactic to make sure you never get them out of your mind. Breadcrumbing can happen for many reasons, but the main two reasons are: 1. The person wants to keep you as a hookup for sex Gaslighting and crazymaking are one in the same - they are both terms to describe a person that wants you to feel crazy.

They do that by causing you to distrust your own decisions and make you think that you are wrong about almost everything. They know how to turn you from a happy, assured individual with your own thoughts and ideas into a depe Have you ever sat there feeling confused, frustrated or running out of patience listening to someone talk and talk? There is actually a method manipulators use to confuse you into compliance so that they can get their way with you.

Tip: Remember, there is a big distinction between manipulation and deception! |

It is something you may not know is happening, but once you understand it, you can predict it and even get out of It takes two humble people to work at the relationship, not one that's always blaming the other. When one person is always blaming and pointing the finger at the other, and the other person tries to do the right thing, there may be a deeper issue that is unfolding that needs to be addressed sooner than later. If you've ever wondered why someone could be so cruel, it's time to accept that selfish people just don't care about you.

Selfish people will slowly disintegrate your self-worth, self-esteem, self-trust, self-love and self-compassion, which is everything that makes up your power. They want what they want and don't care if you care. When you can't see the symptoms or manipulation or emotional abuse, do either actually exist?

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  8. Is there a way to tell when you're being emotionally mistreated? This episode talks about what to look for when you don't see the signs. Do you spend all your energy defending yourself with certain people? Can you never get ahead with them because they continue to paint you into a corner where you feel you have no choice but to correct them about what you've done or who you are? It may be time to stop defending yourself and start realizing exactly what the game is so you don't f What happens when you look at your relationships and think that perhaps you are the one causing the problems and that your partner or family are right about you?

    Are you the manipulative one?