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Marco Ellmann Associate Project Manager. Florian Dennig Associate Project Manager. Vivien Kraft Associate Senior Consultant. BrainagencyMedia GmbH. Schatz Design. Far Eastern Consulting. Read the article Automarken im Image-Check: Wer cool und umweltbewusst wirkt, sitzt am Steuer eines Radiobeitrag: Das Image der Automarken Dr.

Listen to the clip Welche Beschaffungswege nutzen Deutschlands Fuhrparkmanager? Get the slides Aber ist das berechtigt? Von wegen! Klare Positionierung, deutliche Firmenvision und konsequente Umsetzung. Genau zehn Eigenschaften unterscheiden die herausragenden Familienunternehmen von den soliden, die besten von den guten.

Von den Besten profitieren, Bd. Electric cars in China Is this the growth tipping point? Mobility Revolution Zero Emission. Zero Accident. Zero Ownership. Der Status des Automobils "Do you love me? Worauf sind die Deutschen stolz? Was erwarten die Deutschen von ? On top of that, our Hotel of the Month is the Roomers Munich — a unique design hotel in the heart of Munich. Furthermore, our columnist Gregor Kleinknecht takes on the interesting topic of the inheritance of digital assets.

Discover Germany Issue 59, February Published Print Liquid Graphic Ltd. This means that, if you want to believe those figures, it should not be too long until spring finally arrives in our homes and gardens! The people of Cologne have a rather specific way to bridge the waiting time for spring this time of year: the famous Cologne Carnival. Held from 8 until 13 February, visitors can look forward to crazy street parties, fancy dress gatherings, long nights and fun parades. It truly is an event not to be missed. The festivities are then temporarily suspended over the Christmas period until the hot phase begins on Shrove Thursday, 8 February.

Carnival has been celebrated since medieval times in Cologne and normal activity simply stops in the city. Even working hours are not adhered to during this period so it is not unusual to see entire offices out partying, drinking and singing. If Carnival is not for you and you still want to bridge the waiting time until spring, we have collected some inspiring travel tips, great design ideas and much more in this issue instead.

Furthermore, we spoke to the talented actor and producer Daniel Donskoy and none other than the Austrian ski jumping ace Stefan Kraft. As a double world champion, overall World Cup winner and world record holder, we wanted to know more about his future aspirations and his fascination of flying amongst other things. Sit back, relax and thanks for reading. Material contained in this publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior permission of Scan Group — a trading name of Scan Magazine Ltd.

Industrie 4. Fashion Finds Even though we can not wait for spring to finally arrive, there is still nothing better than a nice winter walk out in the crisp, fresh air. So, spend some time outside this month to enjoy it to the fullest! Founded in , the German brand Betty Barclay stands for high-quality clothing that is modern and, at the same time, very chic — as can be seen in this outfit. This outfit by German brand Betty Barclay perfectly combines natural beiges, soft greys and stylish browns.

The coat is sure to be of the highest quality; thus, keeping you warm in colder winter months. The Berlin-based brand stands for timeless design, modern attitude and ethical desire. If you want to style your outfit with stylish beiges and browns this season, then be sure to also pick up these gorgeous shoes. They will go with any outfit and are a staple for every closet. Spice up your beige outfit with a dash of colour: this bag by German label Cinque is of great quality and definitely an eyecatcher in any situation.

Whether you love it or hate it, there are some great design items out there that will make the day that is celebrated by romantics all over the world extra special. Made of per cent cotton and available on DaWanda. Add some colour to your dining table!

And this pink vase by LSA is be the perfect storage piece for them. Thus, pick up this stylish tray by Swiss label Vitra to present your tasty cake creations. It can also be used as storage space in the bathroom, living room and more. This great cookbook concept makes for the perfect little gift. Das ist das unschlagbare und einzigartige Konzept der visuals united AG. Motto: Increase traffic — Boost sales! Seine Produkte unter 20, im Warenhaus oder Baumarkt herauszustellen ist oft nicht leicht. Damit ist genau hier die Werbung am wirksamsten.

Er probierte Teppiche, die leider nie gut aussahen und sehr schnell verschmutzten. So entstand die Idee einen Vinylboden fotorealistisch zu bedrucken. Aus dem Erfolg des Produktes ist dann die visuals united AG entstanden. Der bedruckte Vinylboden ist dabei brandschutzzertifiziert, leicht durch einfaches nass wischen zu reinigen und rutschhemmend. Er ist baurechtlich zugelassen und zudem antistatisch. Jede Idee wird qualitativ hochwertig umgesetzt und der Boden so visuell in Szene gesetzt. Eben ein echtes Erfolgsrezept. In the following special theme, we therefore take a closer look at innovative companies from Germany and their great products.

When it comes to cocoa as main ingredient, the chocolate manufacturer Ritter Sports counts on per cent sustainability and equitable trade: As the first large chocolate manufacturer Ritter Sport exclusively obtains cocoa that is certified as sustainable for the whole assortment of its square chocolate bars. Producing excellent chocolate not only needs high quality ingredients, but also the assurance that the raw produce is grown under good ecological and social conditions. This is often not the case in conventional cocoa farming and the economical situation of farmers is often difficult.

The company therefore puts emphasis on close cooperation with farmers and direct purchase. Das Unternehmen setzt daher auf eine enge Kooperation mit Bauern und auf Direktbezug. Ritter in In the early s the idea for a chocolate bar in square pocket format was born, a shape the chocolate has kept until today.

Only recently the company was awarded the German Sustainability Award. Eintauchen in zauberhafte, vergangene Zeiten und sich selbst durch Kleidung verwandeln. Das hat das Team des PowderRooms geradezu perfektioniert. Angefangen von den 20er bis hin zu den 60er Jahren ist im PowderRoom alles vertreten. Mittlerweile hat Sandra Augsburger zwei Boutiquen. Eine Reihe ver-. Die Chancen stehen im PowderRoom jedenfalls sehr gut. Embellish your life Switzerland is known for its great watchmaking know-how and tradition, as well as for beautiful jewellery creations of the highest quality.

The Biel-based watch brand Votum stands for exceptional inner beauty, elegant, timeless design and top Swiss watchmaking tradition. The price range between and euros strongly expresses this. A gold-plated watch from the 60s with fine, diagonal lines and a diameter of The replica from has a diameter of Der Nachbau von bringt es auf einen Durchmesser von Punctum Aureum stands for quality, exclusivity and perfect service. Starting with this original inspiration, new ideas develop and in the end come together to make an exceptional piece of jewellery.

When Claudia Neuburger set up her own business 25 years ago, she fulfilled a lifelong dream. Today, three goldsmiths work at Punctum Aureum. Heute arbeiten bei Punctum Aureum drei Goldschmiedinnen. But Punctum Aureum not only fulfils customer requests when it comes to wedding rings. Free, wild and of magical beauty.

Nicole Grob has always had two dream jobs: archaeologist and goldsmith. Today, she combines both. It fascinates me. From my jewellery creations I demand them to be exactly that: perfectly imperfect. Free, wild, strong and beautiful. Her creative pieces are individual, each jewellery creation is manufactured by hand and all materials get carefully chosen. Heute vereint sie beides. Es ist pure Alchemie, das Verwandeln der Elemente. Davon bin ich fasziniert. An meine Schmuckobjekte habe ich den Anspruch dass sie genauso sind: perfekt unperfekt.

Quality products from the Alpine country Austria is best associated with schnitzel and beautiful mountain sceneries, but the country has far more to offer. Smoky delights. The Broger Privatbrennerei OG distillery is a family business in the true sense of the word, as the team consists purely of family members. The love for what they do makes their whiskies and brandies unique. Especially the smoky flavoured whiskies have gained the Brogers international recognition. Single items often find their way to us through our personal contacts, directly from their country of origin.

Auf diese Weise entsteht eine interessante kreative Palette von Aromen. Classic design made in Vienna Functionality, timeless elegant style and quality leather from Tuscany, where the best leathers in the world are tanned: That is what defines the unique bags and accessories by R.

The Austrian designer confidently shows that you do not have to chase every trend in order to be very successful. Should there ever be the need to repair a bag, it will of course be done in-house as they have their own workshop. Since the designer and manufacturer for fine handmade leatherwear has relied on traditional craftsmanship and sensible designs to create outstanding travel bags, purses, briefcases and various accessories of long-lasting nature and quality.

From a beautiful suede violin case to a chest of drawers made of leather, and a leather container for a portable espresso machine, or simply an individual handbag: at R. What makes these fine leather products so unique? My products are probably most intriguing for people who value classic beauty and longevity.

It goes without saying that R. No matter if you are looking for something specific or if you just like to browse: a visit to one of the shops in Vienna or online, is always a lovely experience. Was macht diese feinen Lederprodukte so einzigartig? Reisetasche Boccara Euro. Design label DIE HANTEL stands for a path off the standard assembly line: Crafted entirely by hand and with love, their modular furniture systems mirror a convincing combination of profound carpentry skills and an individualised design language.

Hand-made in Austria, the multifunctional nature of the elements allows the pieces to be re-adjusted at any time, according to need. The designers love spotting and incorporating new discoveries. Parallel to completing her education, she continuously perfected her practical skills with design and carpentry projects, eventually realising the need to found her own label.

Design enthusiasts appre-. Ein gewonnener Kunde kommt gerne wieder, wenn er vom Produkt begeistert ist. On top of that, it spreads the relaxing fragrance of pinewood straight from the Austrian Alps. Wir alle wissen wie wichtig ein gesundes Raumklima ist. Its scent has various positive effects on our health. It can for example lower the heart rate, speed up vegetative recovery, cause better sleep and stabilise circulation.

Only perfection ensures safety In order to fully enjoy skiing, safety has to be of utmost priority, and what makes skiing safe in the first place is the ski binding. And it has done for 90 years. Safety, technical perfection and innovation are the attributes TYROLIA has always been associated with and today the Austrian company delivers ski bindings all across the globe. Every third ski binding designed, produced and sold worldwide comes from the factory in Schwechat.

From skiing tours and on- or off-piste skiing as well as the top speed sector, to daily use at, for example, hire companies, and for safe skiing fun for kids: TYROLIA offers the right ski binding for every requirement. The right fit and how to set it up correctly depends. Und das seit 90 Jahren! Jede dritte Skibindung, die weltweit designt, entwickelt, produziert und verkauft wird, stammt aus dem Werk in Schwechat. Die passende Skibindung und ihr Einstellwert bezieht sich auf Eigenschaften wie.

The designer from the Vorarlberg region, Anna Claudia Strolz and her exquisite manufactory for lamps bring the classic lampshade back into the limelight. Using exclusive materials such as fine fabrics, wood, leather or metal and thanks to her strong sense of form and function, Anna Claudia Strolz designs and produces lamps with a unique character. Customers range from hotels, restaurants and banks to private developers and architects.

The discerning selection and processing of top quality resources is highly appreciated by her customers.. Modularity allows for the single elements of the lamps to be combined and limited lamp editions are designed in cooperation with various artists. Strolz lamps create atmosphere and all pieces have a recognisable personal signature. To be creative for people who share my passion for design is a fabulous feeling.

Die einzelnen Elemente der Leuchten lassen sich nach dem Baukastenprinzip kombinieren. Alles begann Senfsorten sind vegan, glutenfrei und enthalten weder Konservierungsstoffe noch Aromen. Daraus etwas Einzigartiges zu erschaffen, ist unsere Leidenschaft. He talks to Discover Germany about the fascination of flying, his future aspirations, the love for the countryside and much more. Of course, you might have heard how the previous jumpers did and you slightly notice the fans far down below.

But then you entirely concentrate on yourself, you only have one or two important things in mind. But how did it all start? I was immediately fascinated by the flight feeling and the vastness you experience up there. Until this day, the fascination of flying is what keeps me going. Sometimes I had study materials with me during the training course but generally, the school systems were geared towards me being able to deal with sport and school equally. Of course, the first World Cup win is something very special. After all, this win shows the consistency and good performance over an entire season.

The fact that I actually achieved this is simply unbelievable and really hard to describe. I do think that working with Patrick and being part of JumpandReach is surely something that makes me stand out from others. All of these achievements are results of sweat, more sweat and very hard work. According to Kraft, the first step to success is the constant preparation in spring, summer and the autumn months. A typical day in the preparation phase usually involves heading to the training centre in Rif where Kraft works on his strength and fine-tunes his jumps, followed by active regeneration and the occasional press appointment.

On the. I simply enjoy the calm and quiet in Oberalm. Apart from that, watching football — especially FC Bayern Munich games — is an awesome pastime for me. But what I like most is driving to Croatia with the cara-. I just love the down-to-earth simplicity it involves. However, last year, I went to the Maldives with my girlfriend which was a great experience too. We want to know what other dreams and wishes he has for the future. This has been very important to me from the very start and has been my overarching aim. In an athletic sense, I want to keep developing myself further and I want to continue counting towards the world leaders in ski jumping.

And just like so many other athletes, I dream of a medal at the Olympic Games. Enjoying a fondue at the Gluenetta Restaurant in Celerina-Marguns. Moritz, swiss-image. Treat your taste buds Switzerland is famous for chocolate, cheese and an award-winning cuisine that is influenced by many different nations. In the following special theme, we take a closer look at some of the best ones. Links: Alles wird frisch zubereitet. Unten Mitte: Das Interior der Stores ist stilvoll und hell gehalten. Alle Gerichte sind nach allergenen Richtlinien gekennzeichnet und schon beim Anblick der frischen Zutaten regt sich der Appetit.

The Hasenburg is one of the last independent traditional Beizen, typical inns, in the Basel area and is especially very popular during the Basel carnival.

After that the Hasenburg had been let for 35 years, before Daniel Rieder and his wife took it over in and refurbished it from scratch. But the restaurant still has the traditional flair and style of a typical Beizen with according lamps, chairs and tables. The Hasenburg is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 11pm and offers hot meals from The bar and restaurant on the ground floor has space for 50 people at eight large tables.

Not for nothing is this part of the typical atmosphere in a traditional pub like this. Die Hasenburg ist Dienstag bis Samstag von 9. Sushi, the yummy Japanese speciality has become a staple in the European culinary landscape. Fujin Sushi Bar in Basel has brought the art of tasty rice rolls to perfection. Thus, the city still preserves a wealth of lovingly restored historical buildings that span as much as years of history. These include an open-air exhibition about failed and successful escape.

In , the. Tempelhof Field also featured as a unique filming location for the final part of the future-set Hunger Games film series. So it makes sense that Steven Spielberg chose this real life setting as one of the main filming locations for his secret agent drama Bridge of Spies. In the action film Big Game, however, the Zugspitze was supposed to be part of the icy. The snow-covered top of the Zugspitze is easily accessible by two cable cars and a rack-railway.

On a clear day, you can even see four countries at once from here: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. In , the former Cistercian monastery proved to be the ideal filming location for the monk mystery drama The Name of the Rose. In , you could see James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan rushing through the stunning hotel as the team filmed several scenes for Tomorrow Never Dies here.

Left: Villa Pury - The museum. Top middle: Salle Plumes. Below middle: Salle Ambassade. Founded in , the museum is split into two sites: One focuses on classical ethnography, displaying a vast collection of interesting objects from all over the world, while the other focuses on the exhibition project. The idea is always to reflect on issues from a transcultural perspective. In this view, we often juxtapose ethnographic material and things coming from the global, consumer society. It is an incredible destination for anyone who has an interest in critical thinking, humanities, or art in general.

The town itself is famous for its large museum scene, making it perfect for a culture-filled trip to Switzerland. An entire de-. Instead we create contexts, atmospheres and experiences. Everything changes again with each new exhibition. Alongside alternating solo shows, the thematic special exhibition Women shows the artistic depiction of the female over time, juxtaposed with groundbreaking contemporary works. The way women were perceived and depicted by male artists has dominated the art world for hundreds of years, with few exceptions.

Under its new umbrella name, Kunst Museum Winterthur strives to interlink the old and the new — with exhibitions that draw from the riches of its two major collections while putting them in context with outstanding contemporary art. Sowohl Bild als auch Sound werden dabei so stark verzerrt, dass die Performance zu einem beunruhigend abstrusen Geschehen mutiert. Everywhere in Germany, people kick off their shoes and dance the night away as the next day, 1 May, is a national holiday. Though there is no time to rest for the men in southern Germany where muscle power and stamina are required.

On this day, the maibaum May tree or maypole will be raised to welcome spring and hoisting it is a tough job that makes most men break out in a sweat. Local folklore groups dress up in their finest costumes to celebrate this important annual occasion during which the tree is carried through the village, accompanied by music. Every maypole, normally a birch tree, is uniquely. Part of the maypole tradition is that villages try to steal it from each other.

If they succeed, the safe return is negotiated with ransoms involving large quantities of beer and food. The tree theft follows strict rules: sawing or damaging the maypole is frowned upon as is a non-payment of the ransom. In the old days, single men of the village would organise parties, dances and cele-. Another traditional way of revealing a crush is to draw a line maistrich with a piece of chalk meandering all the way through the village and ending in a great big heart in which the initials of the two people involved are written.

A main ingredient, along with wine, is sweet woodruff, which gives the beverage a green colour, though fruit also takes a prominent role. Many customs and symbols are connected with May and it is possibly the month most sung about by poets and songwriters. There is even a special drink to enjoy: maibowle. But May celebrations are not just about witches, maypoles and bonfires. Rallies, marches, and demonstrations take place when people stand up for better work situations and conditions, along with safer work environments and more job securities, in an attempt to create a brighter future for their families.

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Glorious events and in-depth insights The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is a year-old institution. It has survived several wars, including the two World Wars, and the change from monarchy to republic. Rich in tradition and full of expertise, the performances and tours, as well as the morning exercise featuring the trademark Lipizzan horses, are a magnet for international riding enthusiasts and aesthetes alike.

The origins of the Lipiz-. Interested guests will gain insights into the breeding, rearing and dressage of the white stars at the Piber stud, as well as a chance to admire the lovely mares and their foals at the Fischer von Erlach riding arena. For the eighth year in a row, the number of international tourists visiting Germany has again increased in and is up by 3.

Angeletics Work in Progress

Based on data from the Federal Statistical Office for January to December , this translates into For anyone primarily associating Germany with industry and manufacturing, this might come as a surprise. In this context, it is almost as if tourism has developed in the background, slowly but surely working its way up towards becoming a major economic factor: According to the DIW German Institute for Economic Research , tourism now accounts for 3. City breaks are particularly liked, a trend that is mirrored by international travellers: The combination of urban cool with world-class culture and a certain.

Couple that with — compared on an international level — very good value for money, great hotels that do not cost the world and a top infrastructure and you have some of the most important requirements for tourism nailed. Incidentally, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are also the top three German city destinations of British travellers, followed by Frankfurt and Cologne.

From a UK perspective, Germany is still a niche destination, however, one that has steadily become more attractive, with growing visitor numbers year after year. This January, the UK moved in to second position worldwide of the most important source markets for Germany, with , overnight stays from the UK and a 7. Some tourism marketing professionals actually believe that they can pinpoint a certain event when things and the perceptions that Brits had of Germany started to change: In , the World Cup came to Germany, the country turned into one big party during one seemingly endless summer, and the world — including the UK — saw a different side to Germany.

Bruch, Laif. Then, there is the never-ending power of Berlin that, particularly in the UK, has helped enormously to put Germany on the agenda as a travel destination and also open it up to younger people. Beach holidays? Yes, absolutely. Both the North Sea and Baltic Coast have mile after mile of rather splendid fine white sand beaches plus islands and resorts that offer exactly the kind of idiosyncratic charm and off-the-beaten track vibe that travellers are after nowadays. There is, of course, the Alps and Bavaria in the south with picture perfect landscapes and ideal for families, but also very unexpected, stun-.

Yes, another two ticks. And if some of the things mentioned in this line-up are complete news to you, that is another reason why Germany is on the up with international travellers: There is still a lot to discover, away from the crowds and usual suspects — while still benefiting from all the mod cons that a highly developed country can afford to visitors.

The legendary mountain region Harz offers almost everything a visitor, and especially families, are looking for in an attractive holiday destination: cultural sites of world class, unique adventures in untouched nature and a vast range of leisure activities. With 9, kilometres of trails, this area is a true hiking paradise for nature lovers. Aside from the hiking opportunities there are various other adventurous outdoor activities on offer, such as the fast summer toboggan run, the Megazipline, wall-running, the suspension bridge TITAN RT, the challenging climbing parks and the cableways.

Whatever your preference, it certainly will not get boring. Even mountain bike fans can look forward to real adventures in the Harz region, thanks to 2, kilometres of signposted routes with various levels of difficulty. Centuries of culture up close In order to get the full picture of the Harz Mountains, visitors have to explore its culture and history.

Castles and. Knight tournaments and medieval festivals take visitors back in time. A variety of museums explore history, craftsmanship and technology in an exciting way and encourage guests to explore, discover and try out. During a trip with the traditional Harz Narrow Gauge Railway, engineering comes alive. The impressive steam engines run through the romantic Selke valley, the southern part of the Harz, or wind through the national park, Harz, up to the highest summit, the Brocken.

It is an exciting train ride experience, just like it was a hundred years ago. With the Rammelsberg. The entire ensemble is one of the biggest and oldest mining regions in Europe and measures a stunning square kilometres. The city of Quedlinburg at the northeastern edge of the Harz Mountains is over 1, years old, features over 2, timbered houses and buildings of Romanticism as well as Wilhelminian-style and Art Nouveau villas.

It takes visitors back in time to a long-gone era. Here, history and culture are as alive as ever. The city interplays beautifully with the past and the future. Sophisticated classical music. In Dr Martin Luther started the reformation of the Catholic Church when he nailed the 95 theses to the castle church in Wittenberg. Still today, this is influencing our life, our traditions and even our education system and politics - regardless of whether we are catholic, protestant or follow no religion.

Special events at remarkable locations Many events with large amounts of visitors bring the nature sites and historical buildings of the Harz to life. From ballet performances at the forest stage and cabaret in the mines, to classical concerts in. Gloger Top right: Hiking at Ilsetal. Gloger Below left: Town square of Eisleben with the Luther memorial. Left: Hay bales on the hummocky meadows. Around kilometres south of Munich, between the famous Zugspitze and the Karwendel mountain range, one can find the Alpenwelt Karwendel. Here, in the vast Bavarian high valley with breathtaking panoramic mountain views, visitors can experience unparalleled nature experiences, untouched countryside, lived traditions and regional delicacies that are best discovered on exciting hikes.

Today, young and old alike can look forward to an exceptional hike from Wallgau to Mittenwald that features a variety of landscapes, as well as a rich offering of culinary treats along the way. It combines special nature experiences, such as small creeks, sparkling lakes, colourful meadows, picturesque forests and beautiful gorges like the Geisterklamm.

Of course, distinctive peaks like the Soiernspitze also belong to the Alpenwelt Karwendel. At 2, metres, the Soiernspitze is the highest mountain in the Soiern Group and its summit can be climbed in an easy, yet breathtaking mountain hike. From there, the hike leads to the idyllically situated Maria Rast Chapel before reaching the Goasalm mountain hut which is a perfect place to stop for a bite to eat.

Or how about a special souvenir for your home, like the handmade hay cushions from the hummocky meadows? Here, the junior chef,. Experiencing the extraordinary Apart from a vast array of regional products and the distinctive natural beauty, there is far more to experience in the Alpenwelt Karwendel. For example, from this month onwards, visitors can learn. Or how about experiencing lived traditions first-hand?

Furthermore, artist Bernhard Rieger seeks to carry on this ancient tradition with modern interpretations which are definitely worth a visit. Of course, nature highlights are never scarce in the Alpenwelt Karwendel either. You can marvel at beautiful crocuses on the hummocky meadows in spring, enjoy numerous mountain lakes during the bathing season in summer or marvel at the ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountains into the valley in autumn.

In the Alpenwelt Karwendel, every season has its very own highlights and thus, it is always worth a visit!

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Left: Barn on the hummocky meadows. Auch Rothenburg ob der Tauber ist nicht. Ausgewogenheit gepaart.

Eine umfangreiche Weinkarte bietet zu jedem kulinarischen Event den passenden Begleiter. Stimmungsvolle Kronleuchter und moderne Lichtdeckenfelder tauchen den gesamten Raum sanft in die Wunschfarbe. Buchbar bis zum Eben ein echter Geheimtipp. The rooms are spacious and welcoming.

A perfect environment in which to relax. The award-winning gourmet restaurant La Malvoisie offers contemporary cuisine with a top tasting menu and for those preferring it more casual, La Brasserie is the right choice. In winter, 50 kilometres of powdery ski slopes tempt any winter-sports fan and during summer, kilometres of hiking paths offer stunning views and untouched nature. Relaxation in the mountains. Each room offers hidden details to explore and takes the guest on a journey throughout this beautiful place. Amongst a delightfully modern Alpine ambiance and a genuine feel-good atmosphere, this is where you'll find the time and space for creative conferences and workshops.

With the hotel's own cooking studio, natural bathing lake and the spectacular mountain view, your company's event will evolve into a longlasting experience for the entire team. Lively and unreservedly welcoming, the team at Hotel Oberstdorf pride themselves on offering a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere, which few can rival. Many guest activities such as live music, hiking trips and whisky tastings are offered. The show will retain its uncompromising commitment to business and leads, but will pack a heightened emotional aspect and freshness that will give it even greater impact.

With its exhibitor displays, expert conferences and prime networking opportunities, CEBIT is a triple-punch event covering everything essential to the digitisation of business, government and society. IT user industries, our aim with the new CEBIT is increasingly to reach the next generation of business decision-makers.

The innovations on display in the d! The key d! The d! And then there is the d! The company, which has been operating as a Societas Europaea SE since , is now a household name in the field of IT transformations and is well on its way to setting international standards with its smart software solutions and comprehensive service offering for software-based data transformations.

Constant change requires reliable partners Faced with globalisation, digitisation and Industry 4. More businesses are acquired or sold and in this context, tech infrastructures and business processes need to be restructured. Plus, a lot of organisations have simply realised the necessity for investing in revamping existing and out-ofdate IT structures.

As each IT systems change has an immediate effect on business processes, data transformations are highly critical operations and, as early as in the planning phase, require technology tools that guarantee a thorough analysis of the status quo to prevent mistakes in the subsequent execution of the project.

In order to also eliminate mistakes during the implementation phase, SNP works with highly automated processes. CrystalBridge works as a kind of navigation bridge that enables companies to visualise and simulate changes in IT systems and their effects prior to implementing them. A high degree of automatisation creates transparency and minimises risk, as well as reduces the cost of these complex projects — and means that businesses are ready for the future.

In the financial year , it achieved a turnover of ,3 million euros. SNP was founded in Since , the company has been operating as a Societas Europaea SE. Viele Organisationen haben aber auch einfach die Notwendigkeit erkannt, in die Erneuerung bestehender und veralteter IT-Strukturen zu investieren. Ein hoher Automatisierungsgrad schafft Transparenz und minimiert Risiko sowie Kosten dieser komplexen Projekte. So kann die Zukunft kommen. Kunden sind global agierende Konzerne aus allen Branchen.

Bereits zum 5. Mehr auf www. Ein Himmel voller … Software? Und weil Wolken ja bekanntlich so himmlisch wattig sind, passen sie eben erstklassig zu: Na? Genau: Software! Denn Software — das sagt ja schon der Name — ist soft, also auf gut Deutsch weich. Sehr weich!

Weiche ins Wattige. Das finden Sie auch? Dann fliegen Sie uns quasi direkt in die Arme! Die Ersten werden die Ersten sein. Zu wolkig? Denn die vielen Vorteile ohne jedes Risiko haben schon einige namhafte Unternehmen vor Ihnen realisiert. Nicht nur, wenn Sie aus dem Fenster schauen! Founded in , WITTE has over years of experience, uses innovative materials and shows excellent craftsmanship throughout.

Since the beginning, it has simply stood for extraordinary hand tools. For the German manufacturer of premium hand tool series, the handle is the connecting element between the tool and the user. The unique screwdriver features a patented microfibre coating. Aside from metal works, the traditional company has the perfect manufacturing expertise, which allows for processing extraordinary material for innovative added value. Dieses einzigartige Schraubwerkzeug ist mit einer patentierten Mikrofaserbeschichtung versehen.

Maximum grip even under difficult conditions. Much favoured by nature and design fans. Made in Germany. Vertrauen Sie auf Tradition.

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Profitieren Sie von Innovation. WITTE — seit And the MAXX Plus screwdriver series, with its specially developed triangular grip shape and innovative microfibre coating is no exception — in terms of ergonomic design and force transmission it is unrivalled. Have confidence in tradition. Benefit from innovation. WITTE — since Michael Divischek Senior Advisor.

Every organisation in the aviation, maritime and offshore sectors is legally obliged to implement a safety management system. Jedes Unternehmen im Luft- und Schifffahrtsektor sowie der Offshore Industrie ist gesetzlich verpflichtet, ein Sicherheitsmanagementsystem zu implementieren. Safety- and quality-management departments work with enormous amounts of safety-relevant data, which must be evaluated. Every occurrence has to be reported and analysed in order to create an effective risk-management system out of the huge amount of data received, which in turn ensures that potential risks are identified early, and accidents are avoided.

In addition to complying with legal requirements, ASQS prioritises the usability of their software. The Austrian experts at PRIME aerostructures GmbH do not just focus on the development of highly complex structural components and modules for different industrial sectors from aerospace and automotive to general mechanical engineering, material manufacturers or research. Equally as important, is their work as a consultancy for and distributor of software for virtual product development. This means real-life components like a fuselage are virtually augmented through digital elements, like 3D geometries including the simulation result from the structure calculation.

Parts like the wings can be digitally projected using the augmented reality lenses, which gives an understanding of the structure before even a prototype is built. Through topology optimisation, the existing assembly space is used in an optimum way with respect to expected loading. The resulting design will be transformed into a 3D geometry before. Right: Augmented reality cockpit design review with MS Hololens. Wo stehen wir? Wo wollen wir stehen?

Wie sind wir organisiert? Ausreichend qualifiziert? Werden Personalkosten zielgerichtet eingesetzt? Wir begleiten deren Umsetzung und machen Organisationen wirtschaftlich und am Arbeitsmarkt erfolgreich. Egal, ob bei einer Neuausrichtung oder einer Weiterentwicklung bestehender Systeme. Ebenso wird das Qualifizierungsniveau des Unternehmens im Detail aufgezeigt. Das war und ist auch gut so. Das Eine behindert eine Entwicklung, das Andere kostet richtig Geld. Vorurteils zu wenig betrachtet wird. Times of change unsettle people in an existential way, but the business psychologist offers assistance towards the resolution of pressing decisions, and also at a top decision-maker level too.

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According to Hill, globalisation is the number one topic for managers today, as it demands the highest market flexibility. Furthermore, each investment in new markets fully depends on the quality of the people behind it. First-class strategic management, the most capable employees and an inspiring working atmosphere are major components of sustainable business success, all of which are covered at HILL International.

Hill vertritt die Ansicht, dass die Globalisierung das Thema Nr. Founded in by Dr. Bewerben Sie sich umgehend und kontaktieren Sie Frau Mag. Andrea Giebhart andrea. Taking skills to the next level Looking to take your business or your personal skills to the next level?

And according to a study by the Federal association of German management consulting Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater , the German business coach and consultant industry is booming. After all, in , around , business consultants worked in Germany and that is an increase of 2. This clearly shows a booming industry, but why exactly is that? Companies, organisations and administrations are subject to a profound, digital transformation. Thereby, they increasingly look for support through management consultants in order to continue to be successful with the needed strategy, process and IT adaptations.