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In Purple Pills 2 , Bianca shows up in the weight room to fight the "girl" Fitz wanted her to fight. She doesn't know it's Adam, and when she learns it's him she pretty much rolls her eyes, and tells them that she should just get it over with. She then walks up to Adam and starts to get ready to fight.

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When Adam doesn't know what's going on Fitz explains that if he were really a dude, he wouldn't fight a girl. Bianca starts to tap and get ready to punch Adam, until Adam storms off angrily. Bianca is upset that she's not fighting anyone. In Nowhere to Run , Bianca is shown to be working for Drew's father as part of her plea bargain. She has become good friends with the Torres family, making Katie jealous. She and Adam were the only ones in the Torres' House to not go to the party at Jake's cabin. Then Bianca calls Clare, needing to know where Drew left the Xbox controller. Clare tells Bianca that she isn't at the cabin and then the two decide to go up there.

Bianca asks Adam to come, but he has physical therapy and can't. Bianca tells Adam that she's happy that he will be attending her and Drew's wedding.

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In Young Forever , Bianca attends Adam's funeral. Turn the ball around to spread the glue evenly and, before it dries, put the glitters in and You can choose the colours you prefer, I chose my favourite ones: gold and silver. Try and I love writing songs! Composing songs is relaxing for me and I can express my feelings, my fears, my worries and my wishes!

Then, follow these 3 rules :. Your fear of the exams? Everything can give you the right idea for a song. My favourite one? This one!

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