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Given Lyra's authority in the years that followed, it. The near-suffocation of. Preus then gives an example of how Nicholas interprets. Psalm 2 literally in regard to the original historical situation, but. Nicholas, this spiritual literal sense does not always result in a. Thus, unwittingly, Nicholas set in. Paul of Burgos d. So, for instance, that the New Testament. Rather, it. Also, with this line of interpretation, Paul seeks. Thus, he faults the Jews, not for their. James Jacobus Perez of Valencia d.

For him,. His commentary on the Psalms. The last interpreter to be considered in this section is. His commentary on the Psalms was published in ,. Promise , Psalms in The only "valid" sense is the. Spirit, who speaks through him. The actual intention of the psalmist that is, David throughout ,. In fact, Faber opposes to that history David's claim. One could scarcely. As Preus states, Faber "has taken what seems to be the shortest,. In this section, we will look at Martin Luther and John Calvin. Martin Luther. Before he nailed the ninety-five theses to the church door at.

Wittenburg on October 31, , Martin Luther In August he began a. From the outset, he exegeted the Psalms as being. This can be seen by comments on various. Jaroslav Pelikan, vol. Lectures on the Psalms I: Psalms , ed. Hilton C. Herbert J. Bouman St. Louis: Concordia, , 7. Psalm he says, "Literally this refers to the raging of the Jews.

Jesus Christ. His scheme, at least in the early part of these. For the most part,. Luther's Christological exegesis is what Steinmetz has called. All Scripture is written concerning Christ. Because of the. However, during the course of the lectures, there seems to be a. Preus's explanation for this is that. Luther has turned away from the Stapulensis and Perez type of.

Preus believes that Luther's hermeneutic, whereby the Old. Testament must be interpreted by the New Testament,. David C. Steinmetz feels that this non-emphasis in individual.

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Reformation, Duke Monographs in Medieval and Renaissance. Studies 4 [Durham: Duke University Press, ], Steinmetz, "Hermeneutics and Old Testament. Testament, and then he finally "discovered that the Old. Testament faith and religion were so much like his own that. Church's self-understanding. In his first course as a professor of Bible, Luther's task was to. Although the text was. He outdid the whole. As he was. Testament but the eloquent first themes of an emerging.

Reformation theology. In essence, Preus is suggesting that Luther's. Christological interpretation of the psalms in the early part. Preus's theory has not gone unchallenged, and I do not. Yet, one thing is certainly true:. Psalterium , there is no doubt that a change did occur between this first. Notice his different. At the urging and insistence of my fine students I am. As I expound it, I do not want anyone to. It is enough to have understood some of the. The Spirit reserves much for. Himself, so that we may always remain His pupils. There is. And as Augustine has put it so clearly, if no.

Therefore I must openly admit that I do not know. For everything that blessed Augustine, Jerome, Athanasius,. Hilary, Cassiodorus, and others assembled in their expositions. For that matter, this second exposition of mine. There is no book in the. Hendrix, Ecclesia in Via:. Ecclesiological Developments in the Medieval Psalms. Exegesis and the "Dictata super Psalterium" of Martin Luther ,. Brill, , esp. Old Testament Interpretation," 26 n. Bible to which I have devoted as much labor as to the.

In essence, Luther, humbly but decisively, turns his. Now, for Luther, Psalm 1 is about the "personal. Luther had said that it must be understood literally about. Christ, is now to be understood as portraying "most clearly the. Pelikan, But the difference is that now Luther christologizes only when. Luther was not. What caused this change in Luther's approach? Some have.

When he. But during the years he studied Hebrew. However, I do not believe. Hendrix, "The Authority of Scripture at Work:. Luther's Exegesis of the Psalms," in Encounters with Luther ,. Eric W. Gritsch Gettysburg: Institute for Luther. Studies, Luther Theological Seminary, , ; see also James. Studying the Bible in Judaism and Christianity , ed. Roger Brooks. Preus, as already mentioned, attributes the. Testament saints themselves, without having to do so through. In his developing doctrine of.

Testament faithful without first having to identify with Christ. I believe there is a measure of truth here, though I would want to. That modification will. John Calvin. John Calvin has been called "the first. In his commentary on the Psalms, as far as I can. Collins, Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity 5. Authority of Scripture at Work," Fullerton, Prophecy and Authority , 81, cited in Bernard. Hermeneutics , 3d ed. All the psalms, except for.

Psalm , have their literal meaning in the life of David or. Solomon or whoever the author of the particular psalm was. Calvin believes in only one literal meaning of the text, but with. For example, Psalm 2 is applied first of all to the reign of. David, but Calvin says, "All this was typical, and contains a. Sometimes, Calvin recognizes the Christological nature of a. A good example of this is Calvin's remarks regarding the New.

Testament use of Psalm There still remains another difficulty with this passage. Apostle, in Heb. Beveridge repr. Russell "Calvin and the Messianic Interpretation. Reform , ed. Knox, , As to his restricting this. David did. But when bringing into view. It is no objection that David soon. Also, as in the case of Luther, there was, I believe, a.

I have been accustomed to call this book, I think not. Or rather, the Holy Spirit. The question that needs to be asked, however, even as in. Does Preus's theory, that this recognition by. Luther caused him to downplay his Christological exegesis,. Did the discovery of the doctrine of. Calvin's exegesis? Perhaps in one way it did, but in another. Torrance remarks:. It was this [doctrine of justification by faith] that led Calvin, as. Justification by grace alone calls a man. This is hard to understand. How did the doctrine of. And is the same thing necessary for us today?

Again, I will. Like Luther and Calvin, most of the other reformers of the. Torrance, The Hermeneutics of John Calvin ,. Press, , Gerald Hobbs, "Hebraica Veritas and Traditio. Apostolica: Saint Paul and the Interpretation of the Psalms in. Century , ed. Steinmetz, Duke Monographs in. Medieval and Renaissance Studies 11 Durham: Duke. Christological interpretation which was limited to either a. This was the trend that would.

This section will give a broad, sweeping. Historical Exegesis of the Psalms," CH 53 : ;. Rabbinic Exegesis by a Christian Hebraist," in Histoire de. Olivier Fatio and Pierre Fraenkel,. David and his son Solomon. See Jerome Friedman, "Servetus. Among Catholic scholars during this time, there was. In conservative Protestantism, allegorical became, more. Christ was present in the Old Testament in. For the psalms, this. Davidic authorship of the psalms was seen as necessary, not.

Kraeling, The Old Testament Since the. Schocken, , Along with this, of course, it was important to. Consequently, the dating of a psalm became a very. David played these roles. Thus, more sophistication was. Some scholars, such as E. Delitzsch used five main categories: typical, typico-prophetic,. Jehovic, indirectly messianic, and purely predictive only. Psalm being in this last category. Hengstenberg, Christology of the Old Testament and a.

Commentary on the Messianic Predictions London, ;. Francis Bolton repr. It should be mentioned here as well that there were many. Psalms commentaries on the more popular level which set forth. Treasury of David has been very influential on large segments of the. With all due respect to Gunkel, the truly great expositors for. Augustine, Kimchi, Luther, Calvin, the long forgotten Puritans. Donne, and the learned and pious reflections of de Muis,. Francke, and Geier. Admittedly these commentators run the. I fully recognize that "liberal" and "conservative" are loaded. I use the term "liberal" as a convenient label to broadly.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, , lxxvi-lxxxv. The original edition was published in. Childs, Introduction to the Old Testament as. Scripture Philadelphia: Fortress, , Among the various elements in the Psalms that came under. Little wonder,. Testament psalms. Messianism in the psalms, for these. Much of what has already been discussed continued into the. Conservative Protestant scholars still looked. Liberal Protestant scholars continued. But there have been. What follows is a brief. Interaction with many of these.

Comparative studies in the first part of the twentieth century. This reached an extreme in the writings of. Friedrich Delitzsch and his "pan-Babylonianism. Delitzsch, the Psalms were totally unworthy of use in. Christianity and Christian worship, and bore no relationship to. Christ or the religion of the New Testament. Hermann Gunkel's work and the subsequent work of. Hahn, The Old. Testament in Modern Research , exp. Fortress, , Form Criticism , ed. John H. Hayes San Antonio: Trinity. University Press, , ; Ronald E. Testament Interpretation Philadelphia: Westminster, ,.

Now, the key was to find the correct. Gattung for any given psalm, and then to determine the psalm's. Sitz im Leben. This had profound effects on both conservative.

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For both, there was a shift away from the. For those more liberally inclined, there. For at least. Gunkel and his followers had found that the Sitz im Leben for. For many conservatives, it was enough to. Davidic impetus to the Psalter, and they themselves began to. In other words, form criticism seemed. The liberal could practice form. It is impossible to trace in a brief survey all the developments. Leben of the psalms, in particular the so-called "enthronement". Well known are the hypotheses of Sigmund.

Mowinckel enthronement festival , Artur Weiser covenant. Again, I will be interacting with these in later chapters, but in. Kraus hypotheses into their Psalms interpretation, than that of. Mowinckel's tie-in to the akitu festival and its resemblance to. In particular, those who saw the. This holds for. Ap-Thomas New York: Abingdon, ;. Oswald Minneapolis: Augsburg,. Keith Crim Minneapolis:. Augsburg , The scholars in this school, known also as the "Scandinavian. Mowinckel had posited the centrality of the. Yahweh's part.

King and Messiah , 2d ed. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, ; S. Hooke, ed. Press, ; ed. Kingship in the Ancient Near East , 2d ed. Uppsala: Almqvist. Johnson, Sacral Kingship in. This school, which had considerable success for a while, has. Babylonian religion has largely been abandoned. For example, in the. Psalms, a work devoted to showing that most of the psalms are.

I pray that the truth may be served and not hindered by this. This line of typological exegesis will be further examined in. Among Catholic scholars, and some Protestant scholars as. Testament and the New Testament has been the sensus plenior ,. Festival: New Insights from the Cuneiform Texts and their. Leuven , , ed. Brill, ,. Naperville, IL: Alec R. Allenson, ; The Psalms Come. Mowbray, ; repr. Brown, will. The sensus plenior is that additional, deeper meaning, intended.

There are points in this definition over which there has been. For example, Brown. Again, there will be more interaction with the concept of.

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  8. For now, I would just note that. Scripture", Brown, "Hermeneutics," In Johann P. Gabler gave the famous address in. The result was that biblical. Biblical theology soon became. The practitioners. Brown, "The History and Development of the Theory of a. Biblical Interpretation," in Scripture, Tradition, and. Interpretation: Essays Presented to Everett F.

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    Harrison by His. Birthday, ed. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, , ; Douglas A. Evangelical Hermeneutics," Grace Theological Journal 9. Robinson, "Scripture and. Considerations," CBQ 26 : But the historico-critical investigation of the various. Biblical theology had, in fact, become theologically bankrupt. Karl Barth's commentary on Romans and his Church Dogmatics. Barth's particular method of theological. A passage from the Church Dogmatics shows his thinking:. And now we have only to answer the question whether the Old. Testament witnesses understood themselves in the same way,.

    This is the. Its answer is therefore in the negative. But the. Church gives an affirmative answer, as does also the New. Testament: Christ has risen from the dead, and has revealed the. In the. A religiohistorical. New Testament and of the sphere of the Church in favour of. Testament which is. Theology , ed. The biblical theology. I am referring to here is not the biblical theology developed by.

    God's progressive self-revelation in the Scriptures. Already, in. If Christ has risen from the. One adherent of Barth's Christological exegesis was Dietrich. I will be interacting with and appropriating elements of. Bonhoeffer's Christological exegesis of the psalms later, but for now an. According to the witness of the Bible, David is, as the anointed. What happens to him happens to him for the sake of the one. And he is not unaware of this, but "being therefore a. David was a witness to Christ in his office, in his life,. The New Testament says even more.

    The Holy Bible: New Testament (Audiobook) - Part 1/2

    Psalms of David the promised Christ himself already speaks. Hebrews ; or, as may also be indicated, the Holy. Spirit Hebrews These same words which David spoke,. The prayers. I would have been lost! And, because of His patience, He waits for all to come to repentance. Repent of your sins and come to Christ while you may. One night when I was in the Coast Guard, I was sitting alone in the bridge of the cutter on radio watch when the chief came up to get some paperwork.

    I was reading First Peter. You ought to read Revelations. Peter is not interested here in setting forth a detailed, chronological account of the end times, so that we can draw up prophecy charts. Rather, he is driving home one main point: This world and all that it treasures is going to burn. God is going to re-create a new heavens and new earth in which righteousness dwells. So, you need to make a basic choice: Do you want to live for everything that is certain to be destroyed, or do you want to live so that you will have an inheritance in that new heavens and earth?

    But they would be weird whether they were Christians or not. We hold to the values that the Bible teaches us to live by. We value people above things. We treasure Christ above all else Is there anything you can do to help? Make sure that your life is clean and ready for His coming! Live in holiness in light of that day! One of the benefits of reading Christian biographies is to see how great men of God from the past persevered through overwhelming trials and difficulties to finish their course 2 Tim. Seeing their faith and perseverance puts my puny trials in perspective. William Carey described himself as a plodder.

    But by plodding, this English cobbler went to India in and was able to translate the entire Bible into six languages and portions of the Bible into 29 other languages.


    He never attended high school or college, but he established the first Christian college in Asia, which continues today. He failed for two years to become ordained, because his preaching was boring. He had to overcome opposition in England to the idea of missions before he went to India. His first wife went insane after arriving in India. Both she and his second wife died, along with some of his children.

    He faced numerous other setbacks, including a fire that destroyed years of translation work. They help you to persevere in following Christ. Peter was a concerned shepherd who wanted his readers to persevere When the Lord returns, it will mean salvation not only for us, but also for all who have believed through our witness and through our efforts in world missions. Any discomfort that we have to endure through trials now will be more than worth it when we see in heaven those whom the Lord has saved because of our sacrifice.

    For my own part, I have never ceased to rejoice that God has appointed me to such an office [missionary]. People talk of the sacrifice I have made in spending so much of my life in Africa. Can that be called a sacrifice which is simply paid back as a small part of a great debt owing to our God, which we can never repay?

    Survey of Biblical Literature (REL ) Introduction A How We Got the Bible. - ppt download

    Is that a sacrifice which brings its own blest reward in healthful activity, the consciousness of doing good, peace of mind, and a bright hope of a glorious destiny hereafter? Away with the word in such a view, and with such a thought! It is emphatically no sacrifice. Say rather it is a privilege. Anxiety, sickness, suffering, or danger, now and then, with a foregoing of the common conveniences and charities of this life, may make us pause, and cause the spirit to waver, and the soul to sink; but let this only be for a moment. All these are nothing when compared with the glory which shall hereafter be revealed in and for us.

    I never made a sacrifice. If our focus is on reaching sinners with the gospel, our trials will not seem so big That fact should motivate us to diligent perseverance. To persevere, maintain the hope of His coming; maintain the holiness needed for a clear conscience; develop a heart for the lost; and, lay hold of the help that comes from understanding the Scriptures. Laypeople can find it still valuable today.

    It is Arminian in viewpoint and thus helpful, for example, in showing the reader how this approach deals with texts involving the eternal security question. The work contains much background material from many sources on all books of the Bible. His mind was evidently fascinated by the singularities of learning, and hence his commentary is rather too much of an old curiosity shop, but it is filled with valuable rarities, such as none but a great man could have collected If you have a copy of Adam Clarke, and exercise discretion in reading it, you will derive immense advantage from it, for frequently by a sort of side-light he brings out the meaning of the text in an astonishingly novel manner.

    I do not wonder that Adam Clarke still stands, notwithstanding his peculiarities, a prince among commentators. I do not find him so helpful as Gill, but still, from his side of the question, with which I have personally no sympathy, he is an important writer, and deserves to be studied by every reader of the Scriptures. He very judiciously says of Dr. Fausset and David Brown. Published - Probably best older commentary on prophetic passages as it tends to interpret more literally.

    Though terse, it provides something good on almost any passage, phrase by phrase and is to some degree critical in nature. It is evangelical Especially in its multi-volume form this is one of the old evangelical works that offers fairly solid though brief help on many verses. Things have changed greatly since this assessment! It is primarily of help to pastors and lay people looking for quick, though usually somewhat knowledgeable treatments on verses.

    We consult it continually, and with growing interest. Click below for more than devotionals, quotes, illustrations archived by chapter. Spurgeon's Expositions are also present on this page. Here are some examples of the material you will find on this page When you look at the vehicle, it looks like the same old car.

    But there is a new life source within it, a new motor. All you have to do is understand you have a whole new motor. Many of us are trying to live our Christian lives by changing spark plugs on Monday, checking connections on Tuesday, changing wires on Wednesday, working on the gas line on Friday, and replacing the belt on Saturday. But all of the work was taken care of when you got the new motor. Henrietta Mears speaks of applying all diligence 2 Peter "It is difficult to steer a parked car, so get moving. Quotes and Illustrations related to divine punishment.

    Nurmi was famous not only for his achievements, but also for running with a stopwatch in his hand to check his performance. The apostle was determined to win his own race--the Christian race--and help other believers to do the same. When reading God's Word, take special care To find the rich treasures hidden there; Give thought to each line, each precept clear, Then practice it well with godly fear. Many who have been blind to the truth have found that reading the Bible is a real eye-opener.

    Bible and Society

    It skips over these many times. It is generally conservative, but not always. Some sections are by radical liberals, for example George A. Smith on Isaiah and the Minor Prophets. Following available on this page. Important for linguistic study of the epistles. Defends Johannine authorship. The viewpoint is essentially conservative. It is considered to be one of the standard tools for exegetical study. He also wrote Body of Divinity, 3 volumes, and several other volumes. His commentary is evangelical, wrestles with texts, is often wordy and not to the point but with worthy things for the patient who follow the ponderous detail and fish out slowly what his interpretation of a text is.

    He feels the group that gathers against the holy city at the end of the thousand years is the resurrected wicked dead from the four quarters of the earth i. Ministers, as a rule, should not buy condensations, but get the works themselves. Its insight into human problems is great, but it often does not deal adequately with problems in the text. The one-volume form eliminates the Biblical text and is thus less bulky.

    It has sold very well. The late Wilbur M. Henry was born in a Welch farmhouse, studied law, and became a Presbyterian minister near London. He wrote this commentary in the last 13 years before he died at 52 in The first of six volumes was published in He completed through Acts, and the rest of the New Testament was done by 14 clergymen.

    S Lewis Johnson was a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and his sermons are highly esteemed by other expositors. A bit wordy, but always worth checking as he is soundly conservative. Reprinted from the edition. First published in , it has retained its value in spite of the passing of the years.

    Readers will soon find that Jowett possessed a remarkable grasp of the Greek text, a wide acquaintance with the literature produced up to his time, and these he blends with a skillful use of hymnody. Recommended The Minister's Library, Volume 3. Search by book You can also search by chapter like: John 1 or Gen.

    For example, here is a four part series on 2 Peter by the excellent expositor D. Edmond Hiebert Here is an excerpt to give you a sense of what you can find in these devotionals from multiple sources -. That principle applies as much to our spiritual lives as it does to plants and children. But what does that mean? Read the full devotional See also Archibald Alexander's full essay entitled 2 Peter - Growth in grace. He introduces each book with a chart giving an analysis and synthesis Morgan deals with the Bible chapter by chapter, with nearly words on each. He devotes pages to the Old Testament, to the New Testament.

    It is a stimulating broad evangelical coverage of Scripture, if the reader is looking for synthesis rather than detail. Morgan was a master expositor in the early part of this century. Some of the effort is so general it is of little help except to those looking for sketchy treatment. It is evangelical and premillennial. Morgan is better in such works as The Crises of the Christ. Note that the word or phrase based on the KJV translation links to the corresponding note on that word or phrase.

    These are indeed bold words. They are staggering. This was the fondest dream of the Ancients. They thought it a possibility only for Emperors and such exalted personages. But now "You," the common crowd, the ordinary folk! Only an original phrase for an old truth. Just another way of speaking of regeneration.

    Ministry of Wealth. Connect verse 3 with verse 4. This wealth brings blessing. The ministry of this wealth is to effect—. Isaac Watts lay dying. He observed, in conversation with a friend, that he remembered an aged minister who used to say that the most learned and knowing Christians, when they came to die, have only the same plain promise of the Gospel for their support as the common and unlearned. It is the plain promises that do not require much labor and pains to understand them, for I can do nothing now but look unto my Bible for some promise to support me, and live upon that.

    Profound and Original Conception. What a profound and original conception is this: Vital participation in His own sacred and glorious nature! It has been said that "the end of human law is to prevent the dispersion of the benefits which certain groups of men have made their own. What do you mean by saying "there is the Divine in all men? His image remains in us, though marred 1 Corinthians But not an atom of His Life. We are dead, lifeless, so far as the Life of God is concerned. No Absolute, but a Growing Participation. This participation is a growing thing.

    Therefore not absolute. Partakers of the Promises , with Ephesians Thus we have the ministry of the Word in regeneration 1 Peter By becoming—. Truly is faith the crowning grace of all, and a most costly and precious fruit of the renewed mind. From it springs every other grace of a gracious soul.

    It has been designated the 'queen' grace, because a royal train ever attends it. Faith comes not alone, nor dwells alone, nor works alone. Where faith in Jesus is, there also are love, joy, peace, long-suffering, patience, godly sorrow, and every kindred perfection of the Christian character, all blending in the sweetest harmony, all uniting to celebrate the glory of God's grace, and to crown Jesus Lord of all.

    Is it, then, surprising that this should be distinguished from all the others by the term "precious faith"? It makes the real gold more precious, and it transmutes everything else into gold. It looks to a "precious Christ" It leads to His "precious blood.

    Precious grace, that bids me look upon God in Christ as reconciled; and which, in the absence of all evidence of sight, invites me to rest upon the veracity of God! These are some of the characteristics of this royal grace. Faith makes the great atonement mine. Faith appropriates to itself all that is in Christ. It lays its hand upon the covenant of grace, and exclaims, "All things are mine. It is the duty and the privilege of every believer diligently and prayerfully to seek the sealing of the Spirit. He rests short of his great privilege, if he slights or undervalues this blessing.

    Do not be satisfied with the faint impression, which you received in conversion. In other words, rest not content with a past experience. Many are satisfied with a mere hope that they once passed from death unto life, and with this feeble and, in many cases, doubtful evidence, they are content to pass all their days, and to go down to the grave. Ah, reader, if you are really converted, and your soul is in a healthy, growing, spiritual state, you will want more than this. And especially, too, if you are led into deeper self-knowledge—a more intimate acquaintance with the roughness of the rough way, the straitness of the strait path, you will want a present Christ to lean upon, and to live upon.

    Past experience will not do for you, save only as it confirms your soul in the faithfulness of God. Rest not short of it—reach after it—press towards it: it is your duty—oh that the duty may be your privilege; then shall you exclaim with an unfaltering tongue, "Abba; Father," "my Lord my God! Oh, what a day is this! It will be "as the light of the morning, when the sun rises, even a morning without clouds.

    The way-worn "child of the day" has emerged from the shadows of his pilgrimage, and has entered that world of which it is said, "there shall be no night there. It will be a day of perfect knowledge. When it is said that there will be no night in heaven, it is equivalent to the assertion that there will be no intellectual darkness in heaven; consequently there will be perfect intellectual light.

    It is said that we shall then "know every as also we are known. The mysteries of providence, and the yet profounder mysteries of grace, which obscured much of the glory of that government, will then be unfolded to the wonder and admiration of the adoring mind. The misconceptions we had formed, the mistakes we had made, the discrepancies we had imagined, the difficulties that impeded us, the controversies that agitated us, all, all will now be cleared up—the day has broken, and the shadows have fled forever.

    Oh, blessed day of perfect knowledge, which will then give me reason to see that all the way along which my God is now leading me, through a world of shadows, is a right way; and that where I most trembled, there I had most reason to stand firm; and that where I most yielded to fear, there I had the greatest ground for confidence; and that where my heart was the most collapsed with grief, there it had the greatest reason to awaken its strings to the most joyous melody.

    It will be a day of perfect freedom from all sorrow. It must be so, since it is written, that "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away. What a collection of bright beams, throwing, in focal power, their splendor over that cloudless day!

    Child of sorrow! God will dry your tears. As the mother comforts her sorrowing one, so God will comfort His. Yes, child of grief, there will be no more weeping then; for—oh, ecstatic thought! No frustrated plans, no bitter disappointments, no withered hopes, no corroding cares, there mingle with the deep sea of bliss, now pouring its tide of joyousness over the soul. There will be no more pain racking the frame, torturing the limbs, and sending its influence through the system, until every nerve and fibre quivers with an indescribable agony. It will be a day of perfect freedom from all sins.

    The Canaanite will no more dwell in the land. Inbred corruption will be done away; the conflict within us will have ceased; no evil heart will betray into inconsistencies and sorrows; not a cloud of guilt will tarnish the unsullied purity of the soul. You holy ones of God! So far from this being the case, he has but just entered upon the work of sanctification- just started in the race, just buckled on the armor. The conflict can hardly be said to have begun in conversion; and, therefore, to rest composed with the idea that the soul has nothing more to do than to accept of Christ as his salvation- that there are no corruptions to subdue- no sinful habits to cut off no long-existing and deeply imbedded sins to mortify, root and branch- and no high and yet higher degrees in holiness to attain, is to form a most contracted view of the Christian life- such a view as, if persisted in, must necessarily prove detrimental to the spiritual advance of the believer.

    The work of sanctification, beloved, is a great and a daily work. It commences at the very moment of our translation into the kingdom of Christ on earth, and ceases not until the moment of our translation into the kingdom of God in heaven. The notion, so fondly cherished by some, of perfect sinlessness here, is as fatal to true sanctification as it is contrary to God's word. They know but little of their own heart, who do not know that sin, in the language of Owen, "not only still abides in us, but is still acting, still laboring to bring forth the deeds of the flesh;"- who do not know that in their "flesh there dwells no good thing," that "that which is born of the flesh is flesh," and will retain its fleshly nature and propensities to the very last.

    Let us not exult "as though we had already attained, or were already perfect,"- let us not be "ignorant of Satan's devices," one of which is to build us up in the belief that, in the present life, a man may cease from the work of mortification. The Lord keep the reader from cherishing so erroneous an idea. The work of sanctification is the work of a man's life. He may "through the Spirit, mortify the deeds of the body," and if he does, "he shall live;" but, as the heart is the natural and luxuriant soil of every noxious weed of sin, and as another springs up as soon as one is cut down, yes, as the same root appears again above the surface, with new life and vigor, it requires a ceaseless care and vigilance, a perpetual mortification of sin in the body, until we throw off this cumbrous clay, and go where sin is known no more.

    Most of these are older commentaries like Matthew Henry, etc. To go to the next verse simply click "2 John " in the upper right corner. John Cereghin - Fronmuller, G. Conservative Lutheran exposition. Generally, one finds a wealth of detailed commentary, background, and some critical and exegetical notes. Often, however, there is much excess verbiage that does not help particularly. On the other hand, it usually has something to assist the expositor on problems and is a good general set for pastors and serious lay people though it is old. The author was a popular evangelical Bible teacher of the first part of the century, much like H.

    Ironside in his diligent but broad, practical expositions of Bible books. Gaebelein was premillennial and dispensational, and editor for many years of Our Hope Magazine. In prophecy he is premillennial dispensational Many preachers have found that Ironside works, read along with heavier books on details of exegesis, help them see the sweep of the message and prime their spirits for practical relevance.

    John Cereghin - Ironside, Harry A. Brief devotional exposition. A practical and devotional exposition. Twenty wordy lectures by a noted Plymouth Brethren scholar of the past century. Provides an important study of the text with numerous comments and illustrations of the religious scene from a perspective of intense loyalty to the Scriptures. Commentary on 2 Peter "Heavy" on the Greek - need to be able to read it. Rosscup : Mayor, J.

    Grand Rapids: Baker, Mayor is more for serious students who know the Greek and are ready to read more technical detail on verses without being overcome. The work of a painstaking liberal scholar, the volume is a mine of information for the diligent, discerning student. He thinks that II Peter was a forgery written in the second century ff ; admits the writer called Christ God ; holds that cleansing comes through baptism They seem never to pass beyond the alphabet of the gospel.

    But if we desire the advancement of the Divine life within us, we must know more of Jesus—we must discern more beauty in our Beloved—we must see more of the glory of our Incarnate God—we must know more of the love and grace of the Father in the gift of His dear Son—we must, in a word, grow in the knowledge of God and of Christ. Thus the soul will be established. Every step within the great sanctuary of truth will confirm the believing heart in the divinity and the vastness, the riches and the glory, of its treasures.

    That no such affluence of wisdom and knowledge, and truth and holiness, could flow from any other source than Deity, would be a reflection disarming every assault upon the faith of the Christian of its virulence and power. There can be no real establishment apart from growth in spiritual knowledge. Oh seek to be rooted and grounded in the faith! Do not be always a babe in knowledge, a mere dwarf in understanding, but go forward in the use of all God's ordained means of faith, until you "come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

    The Christian is here cast upon his own endeavor. He is to rouse himself to the great task; to labor as though the achievement of that task were of a power solely his own. Let every Christian professor feel that God has given him this work to do—that he is responsible for its being done and that all grace is laid up in Jesus for its performance, and the church of God would go forth in the great work of her Head, "fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners.

    Angels whisper—persevere! Saints, bending from their thrones in glory, whisper—persevere! God bids you—persevere! The Holy Spirit earnestly speaks—"Be you steadfast, immoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord; forasmuch as you know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Treatment of the texts is sermonic. John Cereghin - Caffin, B. Homiletical expositions. It moves through one small section of Bible verses after another.

    Quite full but concisely written; a rewarding exposition by a conservative Baptist scholar. Remember that Scripture is always the best commentary on Scripture. Therefore the inclusion of specific links does not indicate that we agree with every comment. We have made a sincere effort to select only the most conservative, " bibliocentric " commentaries. Should you discover some commentary or sermon you feel may not be orthodox, please email your concern.

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    I have removed several links in response to concerns by discerning readers. I recommend that your priority be a steady intake of solid Biblical food so that with practice you will have your spiritual senses trained to discern good from evil Heb note. Sermons from one of the best known Baptist preachers of the twentieth century. Peter Are You Sure? Scroll down page for specific sermon. Book 2 Peter. Danger of False Teachers 2Pe Demise of False Teachers 2Pe Manifest Day of the Lord 2Pe Maturity in light of that Day 2Pe Peter's Primacy.

    Address and Salutation. Apostolic Faith. Divine Blessing by Human Channels. Faith and Life. Life Through the Knowledge of Christ. Like Precious Faith. Multiplied Grace Desired for Others. Precious Faith. The word 'Bible' comes from the Greek and Latin words which mean 'books' and 'the book'. This is because the Bible is a collection of books as well as a single book. Although Christians largely agree on the number of books in the Bible, the exact number varies from one Church tradition to another.

    The Bible was initially spoken and then written over about years, roughly between and AD. The books were written in what is now Israel and Palestine, Egypt and different parts of the then Roman Empire. The Bible contains many different types of documents: poetry, legal documents, songs, letters, eyewitness accounts, people stories, historical documents and advice material. Originally, some of the Bible was written in Hebrew, some in Aramaic and some in Greek. However, over 4, languages still wait for even one book of the Bible.

    The process of producing a translation of the Bible is slow, difficult and lengthy. Recently, computer-aided programmes have now reduced the time involved. The Bible is by far the best-selling book of all time. However, no one can be absolutely sure exactly how many copies have been printed, sold or distributed. With many thanks to Bible Society for these facts and figures.

    This was a document originally produced by Bible Society to help inform journalists about the Bible, but we think it is an excellent resource for a wider audience. You can download it from the Related downloads section. Christian Research. Toggle navigation. Our website uses cookies to improve your online experience. Accept Find out more. The type of Bibles people have More than half did not know which version s they had at home. The Bible and Accessibility There are clearly issues about access to the Bible in terms of language and navigation.

    I always read it. It provides me with a vision to strive for. To what uses do Church Leaders put the Bible? Which version is mostly used by leaders? To what degree is the Bible the focus of teaching in Church? How did hearing Bible read made the respondents in this sample feel? What sort of actions should the church take in society to promote appreciation of the Bible?

    What Biblical knowledge to leaders think their congregation needs? The use to which church leaders put the Bible This graph shows the incidence of all church leaders, leaders from formal traditions, and leaders from informal traditions responding that they would always use the Bible in a variety of leadership related activities. What version of the Bible is most used in Churches Church leaders were asked what the Bible used most frequently in their church was. To what degree is the Bible the focus of teaching in Church As might be expected, the overwhelming majority of Churches in England and Wales regularly teach from the Bible.

    How the bible makes leaders and congregations feel It is plain that both for leaders and congregations within formal and informal congregations reading the Bible excites mainly positive emotions. Caveat regarding weighting Research study samples of population are always at least slightly imperfect, and it is usual practice to weight the raw data so that it conforms to a known population profile — in this case the Church Census. Bible facts and figures Here are some interesting facts and figures about the Bible The books of the Bible The word 'Bible' comes from the Greek and Latin words which mean 'books' and 'the book'.

    The entire Bible is available in at least languages The New Testament is available in 1, languages However, over 4, languages still wait for even one book of the Bible. Bibles printed and sold The Bible is by far the best-selling book of all time. Another survey, for the years up to , put it closer to 6 billion. The Bible is the most shop-lifted book in the world.