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At 38 years old, these volunteers had biological ages that ranged anywhere from younger than 30 to nearly 60 years old. What this means for you is that factors other than genetics can influence the rate you'll age, the study authors said on Duke's website. Many of these are within your control, so click through the slide show above to find out how to slow your pace of aging.

These senior athletes are living proof that age should never hold you back when it comes to physical activity. And in fact, the best way to slow down aging is to stay in great shape. One recent study showed that older people who exercised regularly throughout their lives had the muscle mass, cholesterol levels, and even immune system function of much younger people. Not surprisingly, exercise leads to healthy weight loss—and encourages fat loss as opposed to muscle ; this also helps control blood sugar to prevent diabetes.

Exercise has mental benefits as well. Epstein says.

Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

Staying strong, steady on your feet, and limber can also help preserve your ability to live independently longer, he says. Aim for a goal of 30 minutes of aerobic activity five days a week, with 10 minutes of strength and balance training two days a week, he says. Experts agree the best diet for preventing age-related damage and disease starts with whole, natural foods. Avoiding unhealthy sugar and fats can help prevent inflammation, diabetes, and heart disease.

Among the foods anti-aging experts eat every day—here's a list —he recommends 'whole grains, such as whole wheat and brown rice; lean meats and fish, poultry, and eggs; beans, peas, and legumes; and five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Studies reveal that eating whole foods boosts your body's supply of nutrients that keep cells healthy, reduce inflammation, and reduce the risk of major chronic diseases associated with age.

Adding more plant foods to her diet is one of Christie Brinkley's age-defying secrets to make 65 look like 34—here are the rest. Other foods like eggs, low or reduced-fat dairy, and seafood can also contribute important nutrients. The Mediterranean diet , which includes some animal products, is a great example of a plant-based diet, she says. Although research in this area is still in its infancy, it suggests that the environmental toxins we're exposed to may age us faster.

Researchers call these toxins ' gerontogens. Other research suggests BPA, a chemical found in some plastics, may accelerate the aging process, which is why it may be wise to stick to using BPA-free plastic. Jani says. As you get older, your kidneys will work less efficiently, you may not be as sensitive to thirst signals, and you may take medications that lower your body's fluids—altogether, this helps explain why the elderly are more prone to dehydration.

Ageing well

In a vicious cycle, dehydration derails the normal function of vital systems in your body and even cause dementia-like confusion. Because of these risks, 'it's especially important to stay hydrated as we age,' Sauer says. To keep these systems working better longer, drink even if you aren't thirsty, and consume foods with high water content, such as fruits, vegetables, and soups, she says.

In one recent study , the presence of certain gut bacteria actually slowed the rate of aging in worms, which may lead to anti-aging bacterial treatments for humans in the future. Exercise, fiber, and fluids can also help keep things moving through your digestive tract. Chronic stress causes a lot of problems, from wrecking your sleep to increasing your risk of heart disease. In a landmark study , stress was shown to shorten telomeres, the DNA protective caps that help keep cells thriving; people with the highest stress levels had shorter telomeres—it was as if these people were a decade older than people in the lowest stress category, say the study authors.

But the good news is that you can lengthen your telomeres by reducing your stress: In one study , women who practiced meditation had longer telomeres than those who didn't. Meditation may help focus the mind, which is also associated with better cognitive functioning.

If you cut your sleep short, you can accelerate the visible and internal signs of aging. As if bags and wrinkles under the eyes weren't enough evidence of this, studies have confirmed that poor sleep ages skin faster. In addition, poor or inadequate sleep is linked to DNA damage and age-related diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Also, talk to your doctor if you snore a lot, or think your insomnia may be due to medications or other health conditions. You can build up this reserve by staying actively engaged in learning new skills and continuing to socialize throughout your life. Following this advice could be just one of the 50 reasons why you'll age better than your parents. Tina Donvito. Some antioxidant supplements include grape seed extract, garlic pills, and fish oils, which are mostly found around other vitamins and minerals.

Green tea extract is one of the best antioxidants because it contains polyphenols and flavonols. With its concentrated mg of polyphenols, one supplement provides the body with the same amount of antioxidants that many servings of fruits and vegetables would. Lipoic acid is also a powerful antioxidant responsible for counteracting radicals found in the mitochondria , where all energy for cells is generated. The free radicals formed there play a major role in the aging processes of the body, so the use of lipoic acid is a good defense for such damage. Other antioxidants come in the form of vitamins or minerals like:.

Consumers must be wary of empty promises and outlandish claims made by those in the cosmetic industry. Often times, products are not tested or regulated by any authorities and even the FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, does not put any regulations on skin care products. While there are many that do not work, there are some skin care products out there that help reduce the appearance of age and all that comes with it, by way of antioxidants. Three products, when used together, can make up a healthy antiaging skin care regimen: Skin supplements, day cream and wrinkle or line reducers.

A skin supplement works well for those who do not get all of the proper nutrition they need to maintain healthy looking skin. They also work to improve the immune system, protect the skin from free radical causing environmental pollutants and keep skin looking fresh and young. Antioxidant antiaging creams are one of the best creams that reduce effects of aging, and works to keep skin cells fresh and wrinkle-free. Free radicals can be harmful to our bodies both internally and externally, but antioxidants are there to protect us when we need it the most.

Be sure to live an active lifestyle to reduce the chance of contracting age-related illnesses and diseases, and eat healthy and balanced meals with adequate vitamins and minerals that also contain antioxidants that could potentially save your life. Use basic nutrition knowledge to your advantage and your body will thank you for it. Course Catalog My Classes. Sign In Subscribe. Exploring Ancient Methods of Anti-Aging.

The search for everlasting youth and longevity didn't just start. As a matter of fact, the ancient Egyptians, the Chinese and other cultures around the world have long searched for secrets and tips to enhance longevity and create a younger looking appearance. This article will briefly explore some of the methods ancient cultures used to maintain their youth.

Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets. Sure, the ancient Egyptians built pyramids and elegant multi-chambered tombs, but they are also known as the first society who developed the study of cosmetology. Ancient Egyptians who could afford it did not use soap when they bathed, but a form of baking soda, known to create soft, clean and well-hydrated skin. Mixing water and natron, a by-product of sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate resulted in a cream that can very well be considered the very first night cream product. Ancient Greek Beauty Secrets. The Egyptians weren't the only ones looking for that elusive fountain of youth.

The ancient Greeks looked for the same thing. Grecian women utilized substances and oils that improved healthy skin appearance. One of the most popular ingredients in their skin care products was honey, used to moisturize their skin. Olive oil was used not only to protect the skin, but also to give it a stimulating shine.

Many Greek women, especially those belonging to higher classes, were careful to stay out of the sun, as it was known to age and wrinkle the skin. In addition to using olive oil and honey, Grecian women, and men, often took mineral baths. Ancient India.

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Ancient India was no different when it came to searching for that fountain of youth and antiaging techniques and perpetual youthfulness. Actually, ancient Indians closely guarded their methods and only passed them down generation to generation 'orally' for centuries. Want to learn more? Take an online course in Anti Aging Techniques. Men and women have been searching since the beginning of time for the secrets of anti aging and longevity.

While many of these ancient methods remain shrouded in mystery, a multitude of these antiaging techniques are still used today. The containers may be different, and the packaging doesn't look anything like it did years ago, but antiaging skin care products continue to be one of the most popular items used by men and women to enhance the appearance of youthfulness well in to the 21 st century.

Exploring Ancient Methods of Anti-Aging | UniversalClass

Many of those ingredients contained vital antioxidants that have been proven to regenerate cell growth and defy the aging process. Even though aging is a fact of life, there are many things that we can do in order to avoid illnesses and diseases and even slow down the rate at which we age. By making a few simple changes in our lifestyles and habits, we can make improvements toward happiness, longevity and our quality of life.

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In this section, we will go over a variety of ways that today's consumers use antioxidants to slow the aging process, reduce the degenerative aging process, not to mention lead a healthier lifestyle both inside and out. We will also discuss how free radicals harm the body, and what effect they have on the aging process.

Anti-Aging Foods Cheat Sheet

Free Radicals. Because pollution is at a much higher level today, the need for antioxidants is much greater than it ever has been. Combined with the poor diets and nutritional levels of the majority of the population, more damage will be done within our bodies if preventative measures are not taken to cleanse ourselves of them. Free radicals found in the environment are taken into the body through breathing or absorption in the skin, and will continue to damage healthy skin and tissue. Reducing Free Radicals. Fruits, along with their skin and seeds, contain valuable antioxidants that reduce the amount of free radicals in the body, as well as help to slow down the aging process.

Leafy green vegetables also provide antioxidants that not only help slow down the process of aging, but also reduce many risks of age related diseases caused by a lifetime of exposure to free radicals. Antioxidants and Useful Supplements. Vitamin E.