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I found the perfect thing for you! What is it? There were too many out-of-work adults who were willing to take anything that paid, and a lot of college students had already come back home for the summer and were also looking for jobs. I was less excited when she told me. Sewing costumes? I repeated dubiously. With Aunt Amelia? I know, I said. And you were the one who said it was a waste of my time, remember? I acted some in middle school, usually in lead roles, but right before high school Mom and Dad sat me down—presenting a united front even though they were already divorced—and told me that I had to figure out what really mattered to me and focus on that.

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Then of course they told me what really mattered to me, which according to them was maintaining a high GPA and pitching for the softball team—two things that could potentially score me a college scholarship. So I stopped acting and focused on schoolwork, which is why my GPA is currently somewhere around 4. Mom waved her hand dismissively. Anyway, the point is, this is at Mansfield College!

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Changing the world one stitch at a time. Aunt Amelia wants me to arrive at Mansfield the day before the enrolled students move in, so she can show me around before things get too crazy.

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My flight from Phoenix to Portland is short, which is too bad. Some people want that. Mansfield seems especially sleepy now, with all the students gone for the summer. She trots me quickly past some buildings. Or drink. Or do anything even worse. The tour ends at the theater building, where Amelia has her workroom. My mom taught me a long time ago.

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Mom only ever used her skill to make Halloween costumes for me and William. Your mother was like that too—more interested in finishing quickly than in the quality of the work. I decide not to argue the point and glance around the workroom. So how does this all work? I ask, resigning myself to a lot of future sweating.

What costumes will we be making? We have five weeks to design and create costumes for four different casts, she says with a weird mixture of gloom and pride. Amelia throws her hands up in the air.

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  7. Hundreds of costumes—most cast members play multiple roles—and they all have to be ready by the same time. With only one assistant, just like now. Just be prepared for a lot of long hours and hard work. Teenage girls today are either too fat or too thin. You may discover that no one feels like giving you one. Your body is fine now, but give it twenty, thirty years.

    Gravity and time do horrible things to a woman. I had your body once. She just sighs. I love to reread Austen and think about how universal so much of her writing is—how even today we feel the same ways about our families and struggle in similar ways to find our place in the world. July 28, at pm. Thank you! Catholic Bibliophagist said:. I think that the author is doing a marvelous job of translating Mansfield Park in such way that the characters can be true to themselves yet still be understood by and engage the sympathies of an average modern reader.

    Thanks very much for the link to Mrs. It must be so challenging to adapt a Jane Austen plot and put it in a contemporary setting. MrsDarwin said:. Thank you, Catholic Bibliophagist! An easier link to follow is here:. The thrill of serialization — exciting! Thanks for the invitation. Ceri said:. Please let me know if you post a review, in case I miss it.

    So exciting to hear that Claire has a new book based on Emma coming out next year! Hobbie DeHoy said:. July 30, at pm. Looking forward to reading this one, and maybe seeing if my teen daughter might like it, too. Just wanted to say that Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time and was my inspiration for trying my hand at updating Austen.

    But I bow down before Heckerling and her mastery! Hobbie DeHoy, I really like the comparison with Clueless. August 2, at pm. I requested it from my PL and read it in a day. I loved it…. Franny Pearson is a great heroine!! Claire Are you going to give Northanger a try? She moved the main action to Scotland. I was very pleased with how she treated and wrote Catherine Morland 3rd or 4th on my heroine list! Sarah — Penderwicks moment — I was in a museum store the other day.

    A dad and daughter were looking at figurine angels. I nearly dropped the book I was holding. Lol, the dad was surprised that I was a fan.