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Germany needs more women in leadership positions

But by employing a few key strategies, everyone from business leaders to individual employees can help combat the gender gap and move our workforce toward greater leadership balance. Creating more opportunities for women starts with creating a more inclusive environment. Any specific efforts to recruit women to leadership roles in corporate settings are useless if companies don't encourage a work culture where they can succeed.

Each of these guidelines could build the foundation for gender equality in the workplace, thus creating an environment where women can thrive in leadership roles. The business community can also have a positive impact on female equality by investing in companies that are pioneering this change.

Barriers and Bias: The Status of Women in Leadership

According to Alemany, there are a handful of venture capitalists and private equity firms that see diversity as a priority and focus on companies with diverse executive teams as part of their investment strategy. The firm Capital, for instance, has invested in female-led tech companies , while the JumpFund focuses on female-led ventures in the southeastern U. If more firms embrace this objective, a new wave of female executives will emerge.

Improving the opportunities for female executives at your own company is one thing, but inspiring other organizations to do the same is where the real battle lies. One way to do that is by making women leaders visible. Culp raises the visibility of her entire team by encouraging them to partake in public speaking events and activities outside of work, such as serving on a board or volunteering.

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